Spy on cars, fridges and TVs. Learn about the latest methods of espionage for the US intelligence service

The intelligence services mainly depend on information in their work, and relying on the trained spy to gather information has become a traditional thing that has been abandoned, in the recent period after the technological and informational advancement and the internet revolution that has swept the world witnessed Citizens, found in every home in any country of the world, just enough to be connected to the Internet, or to contain a smart system or digital applications, so that the technical espionage teams can easily infiltrate them and the place where they live and penetrate. is in the grip of foreign intelligence agencies.

WikiLeaks documents, which leaked more than a thousand classified documents about the Central Intelligence Agency, revealed that the device relied on modern spying systems and electronic viruses that could infect a number of home devices connected to the Internet intruding, or operating smart systems deployed in most. international brands, such as refrigerators and smart TVs.

Invented by the US Central Intelligence Agency, these viruses are able to decode those devices connected to the Internet, penetrate their systems and then completely control them. Sound and image rotate in the house, via the satellite, and the house becomes in front of the screens of American intelligence officers. The same applies to a number of refrigerators and digital washing machines that work on the smart system and contain display screens that have recently appeared in the market.

The documents also revealed that the US intelligence has invented new ways to penetrate the systems of modern cars equipped with an intelligent system and screens to determine the road, to infiltrate the car system via satellite and to knowing routes that the car has taken before. in addition to the ability to take full control of the car if it was fully working with the system that This allows the agency to carry out fraud and create accidents by taking full control of the vehicle.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Jundi, an information technology expert and director of the Information Security Organization, says: “Any modern electronic device that is connected to the Internet and relies on digital applications is considered vulnerable to espionage at any time. The degree of protection it includes .

Dr. “Al-Jundi” pointed out that Arab countries are more vulnerable to penetration due to the weakness of the communication and information systems in them, and noted that the Arab Gulf countries rely heavily on modern digital cars that WikiLeaks documents talk about. to the dependence of their citizens on modern home devices that work with smart systems and digital.

Modern technology in the field of espionage, after electronic devices, has reached the use of birds and insects in eavesdropping, surveillance and photography. , due to its small size and ability to penetrate the most difficult security installations with the greatest ease without being noticed or suspected.

The “mosquito” is the most prominent example of these devices, as it is a eavesdropping and imaging device controlled by some through flight and imaging control devices, and is similar in size and shape to the “mosquito” and can fly long distances and photo from above, in addition to its work with electricity through nanotechnology. Technological, which allows it to stay in the air as long as possible, and it can also penetrate the narrowest places due to its small size, and it is similar in design to the “mosquito” spy device, and in its structure and design it is similar to its previous counterpart in terms of the ability to photograph and fly and the inability to track it.

As for high-rise buildings that are difficult to penetrate, the US intelligence has designed an electronic “spider” that can enter and penetrate high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, due to its design that can climb great heights, is remotely controlled, and has the ability to shoot and eavesdrop together, while tunnels and military centers Beneath the surface of the earth, American intelligence has designed a spy cockroach that can easily enter those places and eavesdrop on everything that goes on in them, in addition to filming with the greatest accuracy, and its small weight and size allowed it to penetrate these centers without doubting it.

And the American intelligence designed those spy systems that are similar in structure and form to insects to suit some Arab societies located especially in the Middle East, because of the widespread distribution of these insects, especially in desert and urban places together, to adapt and adapt to the environment in which they are planted and are controlled by controlled remote or by satellite.

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