The government approves the decisions of the President of the Republic to establish private universities and technological colleges

– Minister of Higher Education: Private universities offer an educational level at the highest academic and practical level

– Start studies in 12 private universities at the beginning of the academic year 2022-2023 with some accredited academic programs

During his meeting today, led by dr. Mostafa Madbouly, at the government headquarters in the new city of El Alamein, the Council of Ministers approved a number of decisions related to the higher education sector, within the framework of the state’s direction to introduce different types of university education in all governorates, on a way that contributes to meeting the needs of students of educational programs, and achieves reduced alienation.

During the meeting, the Cabinet approved the decisions of the President of the Republic to establish several private universities, namely: Zagazig National University in the Knowledge City in the tenth of Ramadan in Sharkia Governorate, South Valley National University in Qena in Qena Governorate, New Ismailia National University in the new Ismailia city in Ismailia Governorate, and Beni Suef National University In the new city of Beni Suef in Beni Suef Governorate, Menoufia National University in Menoufia Governorate, Assiut National University in New Assiut City in Assiut Governorate, Alexandria National University in Alexandria Governorate, Minya National University in New Minya City in Minya Governorate, and East Port Said National University in Salam East Port Said in Port Said Governorate, so that These universities include the various required scientific disciplines, within the framework of the state’s plan to establish non-profit private univ ersities, which provide educational programs that meet the current and future needs of the labor market locally, regionally and internationally.

The Cabinet also approved the Prime Minister’s draft decision to establish a number of technology colleges in various technological universities at the level of the Republic, namely: Borg El Arab Technology, 6 October Technology, Samanoud Technology, New Assiut Technology, East Port Said Technology , and Taiba Technology, within the framework of the development of the technological education system to keep up with the needs of the labor market in accordance with the direction of the state in this regard.

The colleges that will be added to the mentioned universities include: the College of Industry and Energy Technology, the College of Health Sciences Technology, and the College of Hotel and Tourism Services Technology, according to the educational needs of each university, and in line with the requirements of the labor market.

The Council of Ministers also approved a draft Presidential Decree to amend some provisions of Presidential Decree No. 245 of 1996 to amend to establish a private university named “Mj. University of Science and Technology” in connection with the establishment of a university headquarters in the new city of Thebes, Luxor Governorate.

The draft resolution stipulates that another headquarters for the Misr University of Science and Technology will be established in the new city of Thebes, Luxor Governorate and includes the faculties of: medicine, oral and dental surgery, physiotherapy, nursing, health science technology, pharmacy. , special education, engineering, information technology, management, economics, and languages ​​and translation, media and communication arts, management of archaeological sites and museum sciences, and biotechnology.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Acting Minister of Health, reviewed the preparations currently being made to start studying in the new private universities originating from public universities for the new academic year 2022-2023, as well as technological universities.

At the beginning of his presentation, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research indicated that private universities do not aim to make a profit, but that student expenses are used to modernize laboratories, develop the education system and carry out the necessary maintenance work . emphasizes that the establishment of new private universities comes within the framework of the national project to expand the establishment of private universities with international standards, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership to develop the higher education system in Egypt, where it takes is. consider that these universities, when implemented, are smart universities and operate according to the latest international systems.

Private universities also contribute to the achievement of the state’s strategy in the field of higher education until 2050, including the provision of a high level of education at the academic and applied level, which contributes to the provision of high-quality educational opportunities in various sciences , as well as eligible graduates to be able to compete in markets Work locally, regionally and globally.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar revealed that the study at 12 universities of the new Ahlia University will begin at the beginning of the new year 2022-2023 with some approved academic programs, and these universities include: Assiut National, Mansoura National, Beni Suef National, Helwan National, Zagazig National, and Banha The National, the National Suez Canal, the National Qena, the National Menoufia, the National Minya and East Port Said National, in addition to the National Alexandria.

The study programs in private universities include various scientific disciplines in the fields of medicine, engineering and pharmacy, electronic entrepreneurship, digital marketing and electronic operations, surveying and geoinformatics programs, computer science and artificial intelligence programs, in addition to aerospace engineering programs, architectural engineering. , biomedical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, construction engineering and management, electrical engineering, petroleum engineering, as well as economics, political science, management information systems, business administration, human resource management, as well as foreign language programs, where each of these universities specializes in the teaching a number of selected accredited academic programmes.

The minister said: This comes after the issuance of the orders of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, to quickly establish 15 new private universities, and to provide the necessary financial support to establish these universities and their to equip with the latest abilities, to join the university education system in Egypt, with the focus of study there on modern sciences. And the advanced scientific disciplines that qualify young people for the current labor market, either inside or outside Egypt.

The Minister of Higher Education also confirmed the regularity of work according to the timetable set for the completion of all construction and equipment for the second phase of the establishment of 6 new technological universities, including the University of Technology in Behbeit El-Hajar in Tanta , 6 October University, Borg El Arab University, Salam University in Port Said, Assiut University and Taibah University, He explained that the new technological universities will offer study programs that serve the industry in each geographic region, including: metallurgical, wood, engineering , electronic, electrical, spinning and weaving industries, food industries, tourism and transport, noting that the purpose of establishing technological universities is to provide the internal labor market and externally with trained and qualified technicians, and the level of technical education graduates to increase.

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