The UAE rescues a “war criminal” … the Haftar family’s ploy to escape prosecution in America

home country Western press reports have revealed that the family of Libyan Major General Khalifa Haftar has begun liquidating his American real estate holdings, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This move coincided with the backlog of lawsuits filed against him, as revealed by Middle East Eye.

According to the British website, public records showed that on March 21, Oqba Haftar, who lives in the United States, sold a 678-meter house, consisting of five bedrooms and six bathrooms, in Great Falls, Virginia, for 2.55 million dollars sold.

He added that the sale came two weeks after a federal judge issued an order to consider a lawsuit accusing Khalifa Haftar of war crimes.

According to a source familiar with the affairs of the Haftar family, Oqba received an invitation from the UAE to move there amid the decline in US support for his father.

The report indicated that Khalifa Haftar’s legal situation has since deteriorated, as a federal judge issued a ruling in absentia against Haftar on July 29.

This ruling found Haftar guilty of responsibility for committing war crimes, while the court is currently determining the amount of compensation owed to the plaintiffs, as victims and lawyers target the Haftar family’s real estate for compensation.

The report quoted Mark Zaid, a lawyer representing a group of claimants, as saying, “We will now move to the compensation phase. We will implement court decisions on any real property belonging to him wherever we find it and anywhere in the world.”

The Haftar family owns a large international real estate portfolio that includes at least one palace in an upscale neighborhood in the Jordanian capital, Amman, as well as a property in the United Arab Emirates, according to one of the family’s partners.

But it is the family’s holdings in the United States that have come under the most scrutiny, and the family owns at least 17 properties in Virginia alone.

According to the UK website, nine of the properties located in Virginia have been sold, including the home in Great Falls, according to public property records.

Six properties were sold between 2019 and 2020, including two suburban homes in Bristow, at $680,000 and $715,000.

In October 2020, a four-bedroom townhouse in Ashburn, Virginia, sold for $702,000, and another property in Bristow sold for $620,000 last November, a 334-square-foot, four-bedroom colonial-style home.

Khalifa Haftar personally owns only two American properties: an apartment in the suburbs of Falls Church, Virginia, and a three-bedroom ranch in rural Virginia.

Meanwhile, the Libyan military general retains the other Virginia property in the possession of a limited company run by his son, Oqba Haftar.

And the website cited an informed source that Khalifa Haftar’s affairs could be considered a family business, as at least two of his sons, Saddam and Khaled, serve as officers in the army founded by their father.

According to the source, Saddam was his father’s chief envoy on trips to the UAE and Israel, while his other son, Belkacem, worked as a senior political adviser to his father, but Haftar’s name was not mentioned in any of his father’s cases not.

The 17 Virginia properties were initially owned by three companies: Eastfield Holdings, Alexamton Investments and Eastern Brothers Group, according to the website.

In the past two years, the entire property has been transferred to the ownership of a new limited company, Abko Investments, controlled by Oqba Haftar.

The total value of the remaining eight properties is estimated at $4,014 million, which is about half the total value of the 17 properties named in the court documents, which are valued at $8 million.

It is worth noting that a US judge in the Federal Court of Virginia ruled at the end of last July that Haftar was responsible for the crimes he was accused of committing in Libya.

Judge Leonie Brinkema said Haftar is civilly responsible for paying compensation to the plaintiffs, adding that a date will be set for the next hearing to discuss compensation for the families of the victims.

This came after Libyan families filed a lawsuit against Haftar in Virginia courts, accusing his forces of carrying out attacks that killed 6 members of those families, and the lawsuit demanded financial compensation of one billion dollars.

The Virginia civil court argued a case in which Haftar was accused of torture and war crimes during the period from 2016 to 2017, and the case includes accusations of overseeing reckless bombing campaigns, deliberate massacres of civilians and torture of prisoners.

In August 2020, the American lawyer of Arab origin, Akram Abu Sharara, filed a lawsuit with the Public Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, demanding that Haftar be tried and verified that he committed war crimes, especially after the discovery of mass graves in Libya.

US federal court: Khalifa Haftar a “war criminal”

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