Copts United – for top and outstanding students.. Scholarships in private and private universities

In implementation of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to support the costs of applying for new students to enroll in private public universities, the state contributes a percentage of these expenses while continuing to provide free scholarships to provide outstanding students, a number of private and private universities began to announce reductions in tuition fees and full scholarships for the top high school students and outstanding students of People with simple social conditions.

Galala National University:
10 full scholarships for top students in each academic department

100% discount rate for high school students

– 14 colleges and study programs offered by the university, including: “Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Applied Health Technology Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Administrative Sciences and Business.”

University of Arizona:
– 35% discount for those who achieved a minimum of 90% in high school.

– 20% to 25% reduction in fees as a partial scholarship for all students.

3 colleges and programs covered by the grants: “Engineering, Business Administration and Computer Science.”

University of Science and Technology “Zewail City”
100% full scholarships for two of the top ten students in each governorate.

50% discount on tuition fees for those who achieved 90% or higher in high school.

– 35% discount for those who achieved a total of 80% to 90% in high school.

25% discount on tuition fees for the first academic year for students admitted to the new college for this year

* Programs and specializations in Zewail City:
Data science and artificial intelligence software development, which includes specializations: application development, games, computer graphics, human-computer interaction and information technology, and it includes two specializations: security and control of networks, infrastructure and cloud computing.

Misr Informatics University:
– 20 full scholarships for high school graduates.

Faculties available for scholarships: Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Business Technology, Digital Art and Design.

– The university offers a number of partial and graded scholarships for those who excel in academics and sports, and for people of determination.

Al-Ahram Canadian University:
– 60 full scholarships for top students of high school 2022 for various faculties.

Partial scholarships for outstanding students of up to 40% of the value of tuition fees.

– Among the faculties of the university awarded scholarships: the Faculty of Languages, Translation, Business Administration and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Future university:
100% full scholarships for high school graduates are offered.

Partial scholarships with a 50% reduction in tuition fees for outstanding students, according to the high school total.

Full scholarships for outstanding students with low social status.

Faculties for which scholarships are awarded: Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Languages ​​and Translation, Business Administration, Computers and Information.

Nile National University:
10 full scholarships for the top achievers in high school.

The scholarship covers the entire study period.

– Faculties for which scholarships are available: – Business Administration, Engineering and Applied Sciences – Information Technology and Computer Science – Biotechnology.

Prerequisites: Scholarship for high school graduates in a scientific department – scientific sports – literary department.

The student must have a strong record of activities in the field of research, innovation and creativity. The student must have entrepreneurial abilities or participate in charitable activities or others.

Compliance with the conditions for admission to Nile University, including English language proficiency, granted by an institution.

Canadian Universities in Egypt:
100% scholarship for 100 high school seniors.

A full scholarship from the Education Foundation Fund of 100% for those with a total score of less than 85%.

Awards offered by the Canadian University Foundation in Egypt in collaboration with the Academy for Scientific Research.

The award of a specialization only to students from technology schools (STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and Nile schools, and it is also required to achieve a minimum of 85%.

– Majors and Faculties: – College of Sustainable Design Engineering – College of Computer Science and Mathematics – College of Business Administration – Colleges of Ryerson University, which include the following colleges: – College of Communication and Design

The French University in Egypt:
Scholarships for outstanding students.

– One of the advantages of studying at the university in Egypt is that it offers European study systems for a period of 3 years only to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a license, in addition to two years to obtain a master’s degree, in addition to the possibility of travel to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a license to complete a master’s degree study in France or Europe.

European universities in Egypt in the administrative capital:
100% full scholarships are offered to the top of the republic in high school and equivalent certificates for the duration of the study.

Partial scholarships for academically and athletically outstanding students, in addition to providing a number of financial aids.

The British University in Egypt:
100% full scholarships are offered to top high school students.

Partial scholarships for high school students who want to enroll in its faculties in the academic year 2022/2023, according to the total obtained by the student in the college in which he wants to enroll.

– Partial scholarships for students from partner schools with a discount of 10% of the value of the fees for all faculties except for the Faculty of Dentistry and Pharmacy, German University in Cairo.

– The university has provided more than one scholarship for the top students since their names were announced, represented by 10 scholarships for the first announced students, in addition to a number of full scholarships also for the top students in various governorates and a number of partial scholarships.

Badr University:
– 90% discount on the value of tuition fees for the top 30 students of high school 2022.

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