Electronic bookshelf, flash memory takes revenge on the big eyes

Bloomsbury’s, in London and New York, published a beautiful series of books with the funny title, Lessons of Things. Each book deals with a subject, or something, that no one usually thinks to discuss or write about. These are some of the addresses: door handle, remote control, glass, silence, refrigerator, password, bread, cigarette lighter, quilt…etc…

The American writer Lydia Payne, who contributed to this series with a pamphlet on “The Bookshelf”, is an intransigent researcher at the University of Texas and writes for newspapers such as “The New Page”, “The New Journal”, ” The New York Times” and others. She clings to history to go back to the first moments when someone thought of erecting a bookshelf in their home.

As the name suggests, the shelf only comes up when there is more than one book. One book does not need a shelf, it can be placed anywhere. The need for a shelf arises when books are piled up.

This happened when the gods decided to pass on their commandments, teachings and legends to humans. Priests and soothsayers took the task upon themselves: to write down prayers, supplications, stories and tales in scrolls and cylinders. multiplied and piled up. Where were these manuscripts placed?

The Pharaohs had two races. Then the Babylonians and the Assyrians followed as usual. From the houses of worship in Babylon, Sumer, Nineveh and Ebla, the shelves moved to the palaces of the sultans and kings. Letters, wills, sermons, laws and constitutions lay on the shelves for easy and quick reception. The shelf moved to the lands of the Greeks and Romans. On the other side of the globe, Buddhists and Confucians were setting up their own shelves.

Thus the bookshelf became an essential part of the body of every inhabited entity, and it became indispensable as one of the requirements of the individual, collective and human personality. Cicero, the brilliant Roman orator, said: A house without a bookshelf is like a body without a soul.

As in every house, there is always a door, windows, fireplaces and bedrooms, there is always a place for a bookshelf. Each shelf has its own look that reflects the taste and personality of the homeowner. shelves

Round, square, rectangular. Horizontal, vertical shelves. Shelves of wood or iron.

Closed shelves with glass windows.

The bookshelves contain books, of course, but within the folds of these books there are moods, tendencies, inclinations, whims, desires and lusts. It also includes behavior, values ​​and morals. And every shelf has memories of its maker, its owner: dreams, longings, moans, disappointments or successes.

A bookshelf is a special, unique piece of home decoration, any home, and therefore it varies from home to home. A glance at the bookshelf in your home can give me a complete idea of ​​your personality, thoughts, political, moral and ethical tendencies.

Bookshelf semiotics, message, individual perspective, cultural point of view.

In some homes, the shelf is part of the parade, a display of decoration. Sometimes he is a porter of things other than books: pictures of the family or the ruler. Guevara’s photo. Lenin statue. The image of Christ or the image of the Kaaba or Buddha. The porter of antiques, ornaments, vases, teddy bears and figures from the countries that the owner of the house has visited, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Brooklyn Bridge. Each shelf has a different story. A bookshelf in a bohemian cafe in Prague is not the same as a bookshelf in the US congressional office.

Children’s bookshelves reflect the ideas, whims and concerns of parents and the ideology they carry.

Sometimes a tape recorder sits between books, in the middle or at the end. Sometimes they are accompanied by tapes and CDs of male and female singers. It happens that we place the tape horizontally so that the image of the singer or singer appears to the viewer.

Someone puts a grenade, the barrel of a gun, an empty bullet with a plastic flower, a hookah, a handmade prayer beads from the Hajj, a Koran in a green cloth cover on the shelf.

But bookshelves are dangerous things in certain countries or times. Be a witness to evidence of a serious crime. The violation of security breach. In the films dealing with conditions in totalitarian regimes and crude dictatorships, the police detectives, when they break into a house, first go to the bookshelves. They scatter books, throw them on the ground.

The shelf goes with its owner. Like a pet cat. Fold it gently. He put it and the books in his car and took them to his new home. A new life begins with him. new memories. new books. going to write New books are coming. A phase ends and a new phase begins.

The new book is coming and the books are ready to receive it. The Thousand and One Nights slips away a little, Borges pulls back, slips the new book, ashamed and takes a breath, bows his head and greets everyone. They welcome it. Dust rises from their scramble to see their new companion, friend, family member.

The nights will seem to tell their stories and adventures.

It is said that one day the king of the jinn came to Al-Jahiz and said to him: I am informed, writer, that you are a wise man and have a sound opinion in the affairs of men and creatures. Al-Jahiz said, and what do I get for it? The King of the Elves said: I know that you have great difficulty in collecting your sheets, setting up your books and supporting your manuscripts, and that you are saddled under its load and you are unable to get out of it what you want Al-Jahiz said: How is it? The king of the elves said: I will give you a thin sheet of satin-like metal with a screen that lights up, then collect what you want from books and scrolls into a piece of metal that you place in the palm of your hand like a ring on your finger and in the place where you go, the metal flake enters the center of the metal plate, the screen shines and the book you want appears, thus relieving those heavy shelves that limit your legs. Al-Jahiz was not pleased with that, so the king of the jinn got angry and ordered his soldiers to go to him, while he was lying in his room, and press the bookshelves on him, so they did and the books landed on it. the poor man’s head and heaped upon him, so that he suffocated.

Of course, that didn’t happen. But if someone had appeared in the time of Al-Jahiz and made that terrible device, he would have saved him time, trouble and space, and he would not have died of suffocation under the books.

Electronic bookshelf, flash memory revenge for the big eye. Any one of us can now carry tons of books, files, manuscripts, maps and photographs in a piece of metal the size of a finger ring, and carry it wherever he wants. At home, cafe, hotel, or in the car and plane. He goes from country to country with those heavy shelves of books stuffed in his shirt pocket.

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