PECTIV is unique in the use of nanotechnology in personal care products for women

The leading women’s technology company in the Middle East relies on nanotechnology to develop its health products and raise awareness among women and an innovative way to ensure the delivery of its leading products to all women through a monthly subscription

Dubai United Arab EmiratesPACTIV, the Dubai-based female technology company specializing in the supply of hygiene products, has achieved exponential growth in the sector in recent years thanks to the development of sanitary napkins based on nanotechnology and the distinctive monthly subscription system in the region. The brand offers a first-of-its-kind digital delivery service to facilitate the online purchase of hygiene care products, which has made it attractive to many women.

Pectif’s main strengths using nanotechnology are the development of sanitary products, including regular and daily wipes and wipes, which provide complete protection and reduce the growth of bacteria, rashes, irritation, unpleasant odor and other problems caused by traditional sanitary napkins. which according to WHO reports, The main cause of up to 70% of infections suffered by women, and the cause of about 30% of infections, even if hygiene levels are taken into account. On the contrary, Activ sanitary napkins are characterized by being free of chemicals such as phthalates and plastics, as well as equipped with an anionic layer to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, reduce recurrent infections and cause no sensitivity or irritation. to the skin.

On this issue, Dr. Elias Abboud, founder of the company, said: “We decided to enter this sector when we found a comprehensive solution to all the challenges women face in relation to feminine hygiene products. During our journey, we were keen to to easily secure these products to the women of the region, especially at this stage.” In which women try to deal with health products more confidently and without shame than buying them through the usual points of sale. This prompted us to provide an electronic subscription. system to ensure that our signature products are delivered to the home with the utmost convenience.”

It is noteworthy that PECTIV has achieved continuous growth during its journey, as PECTIV sales exceeded 100,000 packages in less than two years, achieving an annual growth rate of 200% in the first half of 2022, and the customer buyback rate has almost reached 80%. PECTIV is keen to retain and gain the loyalty of its customers, enhancing the future prospects of female technology in the Middle East’s hygiene care sector, home to nearly 14 million women. The sector is expected to record a compound annual growth rate of 5.8%, equivalent to 2.28 billion dirhams, by 2026, driven by female technology innovations, growing consumer awareness and increasing internet penetration in the region.

On the Pectif side, 82% of requests are for subscribers from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which are characterized by advanced levels of digital technologies and a high consumer demand for innovative solutions. In 2021, FDA-registered PECTIV products received the Most Innovative Product Award, confirming PECTIV’s position as an innovative brand in the feminine hygiene sector.

Dr. Elias added: “Pectif’s mission is to find a solution to the problems that more than 70% of women face every month. Women in the Middle East suffer more from these challenges than other regions due to the hot and dry climate with which the levels of perspiration increase. That is why we take into account the specific conditions and needs of the region when we develop products and provide services. Through its expansion, the PECTIF brand aims to reach all women in the region.”

PECTIV is a trademark registered in more than 40 countries owned by Lineizer, which is headquartered in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The company aims to find tangible solutions by developing new products within feminine care and feminine technology. PECTIV has succeeded in providing effective solutions for women to take care of personal hygiene with great ease and improve their ability to overcome obstacles in the way of achieving optimal health and hygiene.


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Activ brand, since it started its journey in 2014, has made many efforts with a lot of research to provide women’s health products that offer the best protection for women thanks to the fact that they are free from harmful chemicals or fragrances that increase the likelihood of

Infection and skin irritation in women. The brand aims to consolidate its leadership position in the field of women’s health care by offering carefully designed products from innovative materials that offer effective solutions to all menstrual problems. The brand offers a series of sanitary napkins recommended by leading gynecologists and equipped with anion strips to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause infections and unpleasant odors. The brand enables the monthly subscription service, which includes a free home delivery service for menstrual requirements, so that women can have a comfortable experience that respects their privacy.

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