Sadat chose Mubarak and Putin made the war decision… Tales from the secret chambers of world leaders

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Sadat chose Mubarak and Putin made the war decision in it. Stories from the secret chambers of world leaders, today, Thursday 11 August 2022 20:24

A king, a prince or a president is, in the end, only human, going through psychological and nervous pressures that can exceed the capacity of ordinary people. Boundaries, influence, etc. is a vortex that makes him lose the ability to sleep or make fatal decisions in the midst of the noise.

All of the above prompted the regimes of ancient times to design a secret chamber to which the leader could escape in time of need. It doesn’t have to be a room in the traditional sense. It can be a palace, a small toilet, or even a modest apartment that no one knows anything about, but in the end it is a fortified silo that cannot be penetrated. The means of communication have been cut off from her, and he warns the court department to convey what is going on in the outside world to the leader, as he is there to rest, study and think before announcing a fateful decision or recovering from pressure before he returns to perform his duties vigorously in order to preserve the brainwashing of the biggest head in the state.

Ukraine war room

The beginning of this report will be from Russia, not because it is distinguished, but because it was the latest secret chamber in which the decision to go to war in Ukraine was made, which changed the shape of the world and made it at all serious caused damage. levels.

Putin’s secret room was personally revealed by him in 2020 during an exclusive interview with the official channel “Russia Today”, and during the arrangement of the meeting with the Russian channel, President Vladimir Putin invited the camera crew to his break room at his headquarters. Novo Ogarevo near Moscow, where they have always been seen going out, and this was the first time they were spotted.

Rocket Man’s Heaven

The world used to describe the North Korean leader as a “rocket man”, and some imagine that he lives inside a military compound studying war plans year-round, but Kim Jong Un’s life has another side, and he is eager to relax and have a special break, which the western media has described as a “dictator’s paradise”.

Korean leader’s paradise

In 2017, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” published a report titled “North Korea’s Dictator’s Paradise”, which was accompanied by aerial photos of a resort it said was the place of Kim’s entertainment and reception of world-famous visitors.

She said the resort, or Kim’s Palace, is equipped with all amenities and entertainment, and includes theme parks, soccer fields and swimming pools, noting that there is a $7 million yacht.

Rest the mind of the world

The resident of the White House has a special place in the American administration. He is the mastermind of world leadership and not just a head of state. Therefore, Washington was eager to provide a safe haven for his psychological comfort, and this is achieved in Camp David, a quiet rural location near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Maryland.

Camp David Resort

It was first used by President Roosevelt, who admired the area and named it “Shangri La,” the literary name of the Tibetan Committee, but later President Eisenhower renamed it “David R.” after his grandson.

Camp David gives the President of the United States a set of cabins around a picturesque mountainside; So that the first family can enjoy life away from guards, cameras and pressure.

The name of the resort is associated with many important agreements, both internal and external, and bears witness to historical moments known to the Egyptians, including the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel during the era of the late President Anwar Sadat.

Quiet Buckinghamshire Village

Speaking of America, one has to go straight to Britain because of the historic alliance between the two countries in the most difficult decisions, and there the United Kingdom works to offer comfort to the Prime Ministers, in a country house since 1921, located in the quiet Buckinghamshire village, set in an area of ​​natural beauty at the foot of the Chiltern Hills.

Checkers Court

This house was given to the English nation by Arthur Hamilton Lee, but it became a retreat for 18 British Prime Ministers. Boris Johnson is reported to love the place, and used it during his isolation after contracting the Corona virus.

Fort Four Breganson


Possibly the most secretive presidential shrine in the country since 1968, Fort Bérigançon, on a small island off the French Riviera, is connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge, an ideal place to avoid prying eyes and paparazzi cameras.

The fortress is located 35 meters above sea level. The current fortress dates from 1483, but the island itself provided a safe haven for the inhabitants long before that, and it is quite easy to defend and secure thanks to its military defenses.

Al Qanatir rest

The presentation of secret rooms or a safe haven for leaders will not stop there, because there are many secrets about this parallel world of leaders around the earth, and because we are not in the business of listing the list, we have the most important monitored. internationally, and we are satisfied here with an interruption that carries a special history for Egypt and perhaps the Arabs, which is the arch that is President Sadat, chose her breathtaking escape from war and crises.

Relaxing outdoor arches

The presidential residence was built during the era of the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, on an area of ​​5 hectares, and the residents of the area called it “Mubarak’s Secret Castle” during his reign, when the former president surrounded it with ‘ a high wall that prevented seeing what was inside, unlike it was in the era of the two former presidents Nasser and pillowcases.

The late writer Muhammad Hassanein Heikal recounted in one of his books that the pope had a conversation between him and the late president Anwar Sadat, before he announced the choice of Hosni Mubarak as his deputy. The ancient city in the middle of the Qanater rest. garden, about who is suitable for the position of vice president, and he listed that one of the reasons Mubarak favored Sadat is his origin belonging to the Menoufia governor.

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