Who said that right or left Israel would give up one iota of the 1967 borders?

An indigestible truth: Israel is a society that normalizes lies in favor of an alternative and instantaneous truth, and everything is relative, and I swear to you by my mother’s grave. The problem is that this is not a proven pattern of behavior, but rather a creeping and destructive process. The result is that blatant lying is not shameful, but rather boastful. See how it impaled and impaled the entire system.

The problem is that a state that is not modeled on speaking the truth, but is drowning in lies, ceases to carry out its duties literally. Eventually the tap water will run out, and if it is pumped it will be toxic, and if officials mislead the public about the water, it will be scandalous.

Instead of the 2022 election, today we have (almost) 2022 elections that confirm our lives. This is not about political nonsense. With a ridiculous swagger, a cynical Muslim, and Miri Regev, hmm… so much so that the audience knows he’s watching a circus. But, unlike the shameless lies, when talking about the facts that are the foundations of existence, there is a fear about existence itself. No need to dig a lot.

The source of the diseases of the state of those who throw ashes in the eyes and steal minds is the Jewish-Palestinian conflict from 1948 to today, and the war crimes that accompany it. There is no way for us to successfully pass this obstacle course without managing to jump over the first hurdle, which is the War of Independence and its appurtenances.

Beyond the struggle (just, calm down) for the state and the independence of the Jewish people, a bleeding wound remains to this day, and with it an opportunity to heal. If this is not a complete cure, thrombosis is also an option. The tendency to repress and forget past traumas is “natural” to the victor, and less natural to the vanquished. Especially when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at its height and it is opening the wounds of the past. The only way to make the trauma of the Nakba a lever for a settlement is for the Jewish community to recognize its causes and circumstances. But no one will judge anyone. The problem is admitting the facts and even apologizing for them, which is the luxury of the victors.

In the last period, two attempts were made to tell the truth in the case of al-Tantura (48) and Kafr Qassem (56). Alon Schwartz’s film about the events of Tantura, and the Kafr Qassem documents revealed by Adam Raz prove that war crimes were committed in light of the war to occupy the country and establish its security. The events of Tantoura took place in the 48th and in the war that was either us or them. As for the massacre in Kafr Qassem in 1956, it was committed in the context of a rule of law, and Israel was then still struggling for its life, and after the massacre it carried out judicial procedures, albeit a distortion.

Without going into the issue of a massacre in Tantoura or evading punishment in Kafr Qassem, it is clear that the Israeli public is not ready to face the truth, even when slapped in the face receive. In 2016, 60 years after the Kafr Qasem massacre, Yariv Levin explained in the Knesset that “the Kafr Qasem massacre is a lie.” I tend to agree with the claim that an Arab victory would have ended in a Jewish afterlife, and still we are supposed to recognize the feelings of the other side and the actions themselves. Not only because we won, but mainly after the clear security superiority today. This is not about a test of courage, but rather about designing a political awareness tool that will allow us to break out of the magic circle of an unceasing bleeding oppression.

To calm the lost souls: No government in Israel, not even the government of the extreme left, will give up an iota of dust within the borders of 1967. The problems of mutual Jewish and Palestinian trauma within the Green Line are supposed to to be addressed by a number of means, mainly economic, political and cultural. The basis is to stop living a lie.

Five fronts

The most dangerous lie of all is the state’s claim that the Palestinians reject every settlement. The truth: Those who reject the set of excuses are the governments of Israel, for the simple reason that compromise means a concession (withdrawal). Except for the governments of Peres, who designed a bypass (Oslo), Rabin (who was shot) and Olmert (who was convicted). By disengagement, Sharon offered another break for settlement, and Barak – who also tried to play the wedding of blood and the wedding of peace at the same time – closed his way with the most pernicious lie: There is no partner . Ehud Barak wanted to temporarily get out of the political pit he had fallen into after the failure of the talks at Camp David, but the army and the security apparatus bought this excuse (enthusiastically) as an excuse to continue the small and useless wars that have been going on since then. conducted today, and it came to the battles between battles on all fronts. .

Benjamin Netanyahu as an agent of chaos, who thrives on security insecurity, both personal and national, raised the level of non-partners to the level of being both non-negotiators and terrorists, and he bought calm for the settlers, who see negotiations as a betrayal. The system’s technology is fighting terrorism through provocations and maximizing every event to the level of an existential threat. The talk is that all security forces are participating in the war on terrorism on all fronts because that is the nature of attack dogs. It is good to have an attacking army, and it is less good when it indirectly serves an ideological and political goal on which there is no consensus.

To prove that we are dealing with all terrorists, from the authorities to the “jihad”, Netanyahu turned the entire region into a permanent focus of tension on five fronts (Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and , from, of course, Iran, which is behind every operation). Political conclusion: There is a process or threat of an operation, and there are no negotiations. The “Shin Bet” recently picked up Ahmed, who said he would kill a hundred Jews? Hamas is building a monitoring tower overlooking the bedrooms of the residents of “Netiv Ha’asara” – woah!!! And now they want to negotiate with blood on their hands? This is Netanyahu’s policy of lying and hiding the truth, and in essence it is no different from the tax masking technique. A policy cleverly rooted by subsidiary companies jumping from one tax haven (lie) to another. Americans have an expression for actions like this: geeslighting (I can’t find a Hebrew equivalent for it, it could be a blind eye or a wink). And there is a supporting thread of destructive lying no less, and that is the judiciary. A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that “the outpost of Mitzpe Kerim, which was built on private Palestinian land, will not be abandoned because it was innocently established after a mistake.” I suppose and hope that every other body of the Most High would have judged differently. It is said that there are judges in Jerusalem. It seems that we are left with a pretense of gullibility on the level of the false pretense of a petty criminal. And a precedent, of course: In the West Bank, around 3,000 other illegal buildings were “innocently” built on private Palestinian land due to the state’s “error”. The lie of the Supreme Court supports the lie of the settlements so that it can be whitewashed in the future. Anyone in the neighborhood know of a more truth-friendly Supreme Court?

by: Ran Adelist

March 12/8/2022

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