Yama under Al-Sawahi Doahi .. A bride screams loudly on the wedding night and the groom accidentally discovers the scandal that broke his back

Haitham is an Egyptian young man, in his twenties, who dreamed, like other young people, of finding the girl of his dreams with whom he would complete the text of his religion, and with her in the world of happiness and family life would fly, but he did not know that fate had written him an unexpected surprise.

One night, “Haytham” sat next to his mother to look with her at the pictures of the girls she met in the last period, to choose his life partner, and he turned his attention to a girl with calm features what between the folds of her rational and respectful features, so he asked his mother to get to know her, so I made an appointment to meet her.

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Yama under Al-Sawahi Doahi .. A bride screams loudly on the wedding night and the groom accidentally discovers the scandal that broke his back

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