Higher Education: Support 8 projects for public universities at a cost of 100 million pounds

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reviewed a report prepared by Dr. Hisham Farouk, Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation, and Executive Director of the Higher Education Development Projects Management Unit submitted about the performance and activities of the unit’s projects during the financial year 2021/2022.

The report stated that the unit provided support for eight projects in public universities, amounting to approximately 100 million pounds, distributed as follows: (58.5 million pounds for quality, 13 million pounds for qualification for accreditation, 135 thousand pounds for new programs , 170 thousand pounds for strategic planning and the Observatory of Higher Education and the Labor Market, 11 One million pounds to develop technological colleges, 13 million pounds to develop information systems and technology, 6 million pounds to support excellence, 7 million pounds for measurement and evaluation, 10 million pounds to qualify laboratories for international accreditation), in addition to providing technical support for 30 new academic programs in universities.

The report indicated that the development and qualification for accreditation for 11 colleges was completed during the year 2021/2022, with financial support estimated during the current year at 9 million pounds, which is in addition to the total support provided to these projects about 22 million pounds. to the technical support provided through periodic visits. For these projects, which contributed to the number of accredited colleges reaching 153 colleges, and the number of accredited programs for 57 programs.

The report pointed out that financial and technical support is provided to qualify educational programs for international accreditation for 12 colleges in 5 public universities, with a total funding of 31 million pounds from the unit and 15 million pounds from universities. It is scheduled to start international accreditation visits to these institutions during the second quarter of the next financial year.

The report noted that the unit has developed the digital infrastructure for technology colleges at an estimated cost of 34 million pounds, and has drawn up study regulations for 14 new programs in new technological universities, and 5 other programs are being completed, in addition to completing the preparation of the reference guide for 7 colleges of technology, and study plans. For each of the industrial sector, the tourism sector, the hotel sector and the health sector, in addition to cooperating with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces to establish and equip the new technological universities that are established, as well as launching a new cycle of competitive projects for technological universities, as well as equipping 44 electronic correction units in institutes at the level of the Republic.

The report indicated that the unit provided financial and technical support for the development and establishment of 12 centers of research, education and service excellence in public universities with a total amount of 17.5 million pounds, including: the Reproductive Sciences Research Centre, the Graphic Design and Design Consulting Unit, and the Al-Oskey Laboratory to develop the skills of clinical nursing students and others, as well as the Support and financing of 22 innovative ideas of innovative projects for students of higher education in 9 universities with a total funding of 1.5 million pounds, including: a model of a concentrated solar power plant, a hybrid solar heater for aquaculture farms, the maximization of the use of available water resources and the production of nanoemulsions from medicinal plants, in addition to This is the fifth cycle of competitive projects for excellence in higher education institutions of was launched; To support and finance the establishment of 5 research, educational and service centers of excellence with a total funding of 7.5 million pounds, as well as the fourth cycle of innovative projects for higher education students; To support and finance 12 innovative ideas with a total funding of 900 thousand pounds, as well as the launch of the first cycle of innovative projects for students of technological universities; To support and finance 9 innovative ideas, with a total funding of 700 thousand pounds.

The report reviewed the harvest of the measurement and evaluation project, where the training matrix for evaluation methods, the preparation of the test item, question banks and electronic tests were held with (16) training programs for (2000) faculty members from various Egyptian universities, in addition to the reception of (9) measurement centers. And evaluation in universities is one of the projects of the fifth cycle Two projects in the field of measurement and evaluation and 11 projects in the field of establishing question banks in the first session were accepted, in addition to providing technical and advisory support for the preparation of electronic examination buildings in universities, the formation of committees for study needs and field visits, and consider the submitted presentations and choose the most suitable Opening of educational platforms (MS viva, MS education) for Microsoft affiliates in Egyptian universities, as well as to expand in the area of ​​data protection and securing networks for served universities, and support and guide universities to take advantage of Hyper Converged Infrastructure units; To replace traditional servers and storage units, as well as to support universities that want to use artificial intelligence and Internet of Things mechanisms with the necessary equipment, such as artificial intelligence application laboratories and Internet of things laboratories.

The report pointed out that the unit had implemented a central location; To provide technological services through artificial intelligence technology to Egyptian universities, through a unified mechanism that enables the establishment of sites and services, in a way that contributes to the distribution of advanced technological services in an accessible and secure manner for all workers in the higher education and scientific research sector.

The report added that the unit prepared the government’s work program for the Ministry of Higher Education, budgeted programs and performance, completed the models of the national system for monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry of Higher Education for the fiscal year 2022/2023 and participated in updating Egypt’s plan for sustainable development in relation to higher education, and preparing budgets for targeted programs and performance for the fiscal year 2022/2023, as well as updating the map of activities and operations for the program and performance system, as well as the development of information systems and technology (ICTP), work on the development of many digital transformation files at the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as the development of the infrastructure for many axes, including: renewal of protection licenses Data and network security (Firewall) is 100 % of the universities’ needs, and univer sites are financed by 25% of the total contracting percentage, in addition to the development of the infrastructure of the technological institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education, and the follow-up of electronic correction systems.

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