Samsung Z fold 4 The latest technology for Samsung phones | The main specifications of the phone

Samsung Z fold 4 A new generation and a newer version joins the Samsung line of foldable phones. Two days ago, Samsung announced the launch of a new series of its phones within the family The Z-fold And it’s a phone Samsung Z fold 4. Which expresses Samsung’s view of the future of smartphones. The phone offers the latest phone technology available so far, whether in cameras or processors, as well as in the design language. Where the phone comes with the most powerful and latest new processors, which are snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 from Qualcomm. Which is found in other leading phones like: Xiaomi 12s ultra, Xiaomi 12s pro, Xiaomi 12s, Oneplus 10T, and also the Asus Zenfone 9 phone. The phone also comes with a foldable screen with the development of screen technology and the motor to fold the phone for the best experience, reducing the difference between the two screens when the phone is folded. Also, my phone screen is of a type AMOLED reload rate 120 Hertz. The phone also comes with a large battery 4400 mAh and fast charging 25 Watt to provide continuous performance of the phone. Below we get to know Samsung Z fold 4 mobile specifications and price New from Samsung.

Samsung Z Fold 4 Specifications:

  • The phone has a weight of approx 263 gram.
  • It also comes with all-glass manufacturing material on the back of the phone, in addition to an aluminum frame around the phone body
  • The back of the phone also comes with a layer of protection Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ To provide protection against scratches and breakage
  • In addition to support Armor aluminum ‌, to provide more protection for the phone against water or scratches
  • The phone also supports the installation of two SIM cards Nano Sim With support for communication networks up to and including the fifth generation 5G.
  • The phone also comes with water resistance certification IPX8 Where the phone can be placed under water at a depth 1.5 meter for 30 minute
  • The phone has an internal screen of 7.6 inches when the phone is opened Foldable dynamic AMOLED 2X Also available in precision 1812×2716 pixel.
  • The screen also comes with a pixel density rate of approx 373 Pixels per inch.
  • The phone screen also comes with a high brightness rate of approx 1200 Candle, to provide sufficient illumination for the screen, even in sunlight.
  • In addition to supporting a new refresh rate 120 Hertz, to provide speed and smooth movement on the screen
  • It also comes with feature support HDR10+ which provides a higher degree of clarity for the contents of the screen
  • As for the external display that is present when the phone is closed, it comes in size 6.2 inch and type Dynamic AMOLED 2X with accuracy 904×2316 pixel.
  • Also available with measurements 23:9 which is a bit thinner than usual on regular phone screens
  • The external display also comes with the same refresh rate support 120 Hertz, which provides smoothness and speed in movement and mobility.
  • The phone screen also comes with a layer of protection of the type Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ To protect the screen from breaking or scratching
  • Finally, the screen also comes with stylus support The S Pen For Samsung, to perform many tasks with ease.

Phone Performance:

  • The phone comes with an operating system Android 12L Google’s own, with Samsung’s new and special user interface One UI 4.1.1.
  • The phone also features the latest version of Qualcomm processors, which are Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 which is available with 4 nanometer manufacturing technology
  • The phone processor comes with eight cores, the first and most powerful of its kind Cortex-X2 and operates at a frequency of up to 3.19 gigahertz.
  • In addition to the presence of three cores also of the type Cortex-A710 and operates at a frequency of up to 2.75 gigahertz.
  • As for the last and remaining four cores, they are of type Cortex-A510 and it comes at a lower frequency, up to approx 1.80 gigahertz.
  • The phone also has a graphics processor from Qualcomm and is available in the form of Adreno 730.
  • The phone is available in three versions of the available storage capacity and they are as follows: 256 giga with 12 giga ram, 512 giga with 12 1 giga ram, or 1 terabyte with 12 Giga ram too.
  • The internal storage memory of the phone is also of a fast type UV 3.1 to provide speed in reading and displaying data.

Samsung Z fold 4 camera:

phone cameras
  • The phone comes with a front selfie camera in the internal phone screen, 4 mega pixels with a lens slot F/1.8 It is located at the bottom of the screen
  • As for the front camera on the external phone screen, it comes with precision 10 Mega pixels with aperture F/2.2 available with feature support HDR With quality video recording 4K.
  • There are also three cameras on the back of the phone: the main one has 50 megapixels with a lens slot F/1.8 Also available with feature support Dual Pixel PDAF With OIS optical stabilization.
  • As for the second camera, it is a lens Telephoto come accurate 10 Mega pixels with aperture F/2.4 Also available with feature support PDAF and OIS Zoom in to 3x optical zoom.
  • The third camera comes for wide photography Ultra wide accurate 12 Mega pixels with aperture F/2.2 It comes with a wide shooting angle 123°.
  • Phone cameras are available with feature HDR and photography The Panorama In addition to the presence of an LED flash under the cameras
  • The phone also has the ability to shoot videos in high quality 4K with precision 2160 pixels, at a recording rate 60 frames per second.
  • Also high quality photography FHD with precision 1080 Pixels with recording rate 60/240 frames per second.
  • The phone is also available with electronic installation support Gyro-EIS and HDR10+ while shooting videos.

Other specifications of the phone:

  • come call Samsung Z fold 4 Dual external speakers Stereo Speakers in partnership with the company AKG To provide a clear audio experience.
  • But the phone is not available with the support of the 3.5 mm input for installing the earphone
  • The phone is also available with .-function NFC.
  • However, it does not come with the support of radio networks FM.
  • Also available with voice assistant support Bixby ‌, to give voice commands and implement them through the artificial intelligence of the phone.‌
  • It also comes with feature support Samsung Dex which an interface similar to Desktop for computers.
  • The phone’s fingerprint on the side also comes with the power button.
  • In addition to the possibility of unlocking the phone with a fingerprint through the function face lock.
  • The phone also contains a large battery 4400 mAh lithium polymer.
  • Also available with fast charging support 25 Watt where the phone can be charged by 50% Within 30 one minute
  • In addition to supporting the wireless charging function 15th Watts, and reverse wireless charging capacity 4.5 what.
  • The phone is available in four choices of available colors as follows: beige, black, green and grey.
  • In addition to the presence of a special copy through the company’s website in dark red or burgundy.
Samsung Z fold 4 colors
phone colors

Samsung Z Fold 4 Price:

  • Phone price starts for 1800 A dollar for the lowest version of the 256GB phone with 12GB of RAM, or equivalent 34 440 Egyptian pound approx

Samsung has not yet announced the prices of the rest of the available copies of the phone, and the phone is available for pre-booking through the official Samsung website. The phone is expected to be officially released in the market this month.

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