He calls us to end the categorical and personal trenches

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Eleven from London: A quarter of a century after the departure of the greatest Arab poet from our world, Al-Kazemi opened the “Jawahri’s House” in Baghdad to document his cultural and struggle heritage, both Iraqi and Arab.
Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi inaugurated the “House of the Greatest Arab Poet Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri” in the Al-Qadisiyah district, in the southwestern outskirts of the capital, Baghdad, after its rehabilitation, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, the mayor of Baghdad and the poet’s family (1899-1997).

A statue of the jeweler in his home library in Baghdad after its rehabilitation and opening on August 13, 2022 (Facebook)

Intellectual exploitation of Iraq’s creators
Al-Kazemi emphasized in his speech: “The government’s zeal to sponsor culture, and to evoke the bright biographies of Iraq’s creators, and their intellectual and cultural exploits,” as his media office told him on Saturday night at the opening of the cited home. followed by “Eleven.”
He pointed to the importance of opening Al-Jawahiri’s house, “because he is one of the poetic and journalistic figures that Iraq is proud of,” and praised “all the efforts that contributed to the reconstruction of Al-Jawahiri ‘s house, showing it in a way that reflects the symbolism of a poet who chronicled the struggle of the Iraqi and Arab people, until he became the greatest Arab poet and not The Poet of Iraq alone.
Al-Kazemi added that “Al-Jawahiri’s poetry, which is full of patriotism, humanity, openness and dialogue, calls us today to come out of factional and personal trenches and go to the wide and comprehensive patriotism of all Iraqis.” referring to the political crisis caught in its repercussions in the country.

Al-Kazemi among members of the Al-Jawahiri family and his followers at the opening of his house in Baghdad on August 13, 2022 after his rehabilitation (his office)

Then Al-Kazemi wrote in the record of Al-Jawahiri’s home visits and said: “Behind you, the great jeweler, flowing with the Tigris River… We still sing (The generation of the desperate, stubborn, stubborn despair will rise from the depths of despair). Al-Jawahiri’s legacy is the legacy of Iraq.”
Together with you, the house has become a place for displaying the poet’s most important photographs, collectibles and books, and a permanent exhibition of Al-Jawahiri’s video recordings.

Rehabilitation after neglect and forgetfulness
The rehabilitation and opening of the poet’s house came as a result of demands by his family and intellectuals to transform the house in which Al-Jawahiri lived between 1971 and 1980, after it had been neglected and forgotten.
In response to these repeated appeals, the Baghdad Municipality announced in 2013 that it owned the house and began its restoration phases in preparation for making it a museum of the poet and a national cultural center.

Facade of the poet Al-Jawahiri’s house in Baghdad after its rehabilitation and opening on August 13, 2022 (Facebook)

A teacher who witnessed political and cultural events
In her statements to Elaph, the granddaughter of the poet Ban Furat Al-Jawahiri said that “the importance of Al-Jawahiri’s house is that it is a landmark that saw the memory of many Iraqi events for ten years in the seventies, as it were. an advice to all intellectuals and politicians of different political tendencies and their poetic and literary schools.” She considered the opening of this house and its transformation into a cultural center that will open a new door to enrich the cultural reality with literary councils and art exhibitions that add a new channel for culture and art.
It is worth noting that the Jawahiri House was built in 1971 on an area of ​​540 square meters, on land distributed by the state to journalists and writers at the time. Literary until he left in 1980.

The best Arabic poets of the modern era
Al-Jawahiri, who was born on July 26, 1899 in the Iraqi city of Najaf and died on July 27, 1997 in Damascus, is considered one of the best Arab poets of the modern era.
Al-Jawahiri grew up in Najaf in a family whose men were most interested in science and literature. He studied Arabic sciences and memorized much ancient and modern poetry, especially the poetry of Al-Mutanabbi.

What the hand of Al-Kazemi wrote about the poet Al-Jawahiri at the opening of his house in Baghdad after his rehabilitation on August 13, 2022 (Official Agency)

Al-Jawahiri worked at times in the field of education and at other times in the press. He published the newspapers “Al-Furat”, “Al-Inqlab” and “Al-Rai Al-Amam”… and his first poetry collection, “The Literature Arena” in 1923, which is a group of opposition to famous poets of his time such as Ahmed Shawqi, Elia Abu Madi and some The previous ones, such as Kalassan Al-Din bin Al-Khatib and Ibn Al-Ta’awedhi, then appeared for him in his book “Between feeling and emotion” in 1928, and “Diwan Al-Jawahiri” in three parts in 1935, 1949 and 1953.
Al-Jawahiri’s poetry is characterized by the text of the weaving in an abundance and clarity, especially when it addresses the masses and does not appear to have been influenced by any of the European literary currents.

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