Athletes: Technology is present and absent in the sector in Egypt… and the cost hinders implementation

◗❙ Fadlallah: “The German” and “The Portuguese” are getting ready to wear smart shirts. Falcons are a new technology in the Qatar World Cup

A number of workers in the sports sector agreed on the importance of applying technology at the Egyptian sports level, due to its positive results in increasing the efficiency of the system and improving the results of Egyptian athletes in international forums, provided it muscular and physical compatibility between the players and the electronic devices used in performance measurements.

They unanimously agreed that the expansion of technology application in Egyptian sports faces several challenges, especially the high cost, and the degree of adaptation of the Egyptian player to the use of modern technology.

And the British newspaper “The Guardian” earlier reported that Manchester City, in collaboration with the “Cisco” technology solutions company, is developing a smart scarf that is used as a sensor, which measures heart rate, body temperature and emotional reactions, and provides information on how fans feel in various matches.

And Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool and the Egyptian national football team, appeared during the team’s training in his last camp in Austria, wearing a device on his head, equipped with a pair of electrodes, a modern technology that helps footballers to improve their performance by relying on neuroscience.

Mohammed Fadlallah, adviser to the UAE National Olympic Committee, said that sports technology has become a global trend in light of the proliferation of various digital platforms, which has made major European and Arab football clubs to shift their investments to the “digital fans” or to direct “virtual”. fans” system.

“Fadlallah” explained that the clubs’ investment in the “digital supporters” system has enabled fans of international European clubs such as Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid, Liverpool and the Saudi Al Hilal to expand their fan bases around the world. to increase, which was reflected in the high value of television broadcasting rights for the leagues represented by these clubs, thereby increasing their profits from broadcasting rights.

He expected that artificial intelligence technology will also play a major role in the development of various sports, especially that the world will soon witness an arbitration system dependent on the presence of a referee and an automated coach, indicating that the next phase will witness transactions. with the digital archive system in the different sports sectors, especially since the reliance on the paper system has ended in the light of Relying on smart systems in the sports sector around the world.

He pointed out that smart systems are currently used in the development processes and increase the efficiency of the performance of the sports sector, such as the VAR system, which currently has more confidence in football, since the failure of some sports to apply digital systems prevented them from being represented in the Olympic Games like karate.

“Fadlallah” added that the International Football Association “FIFA” will provide modern advanced technology for the first time during the FIFA World Cup “Qatar 2022”, including the “hawk eye” technology, which is a camera used to determine whether the ball cross goal line or not. He noted the willingness of the German and Portuguese national teams to wear “smart shirts” manufactured by European companies specializing in sports technology used to measure temperatures, blood pressure rates and other vital measurements for players as well measure. as smart devices and shirts that measure the player’s willingness to pay penalties or not.

He believed that digital systems will be at the top of the sports sector’s investments for the next 30 years, especially in the area of ​​digital infrastructure that contributes to the automation of the network of the sports system to each other, whether at the level of clubs. and youth centers or at the level of sports federations and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, considering that the development of digital infrastructure is one of The most prominent challenges facing the application of technology in the Egyptian sports system.

Fadlallah stated that there are Arab countries that have completely digitized the transactions within the sports sector between the various game federations and clubs, or between government agencies and the Olympic Committee, such as the Emirates.

He emphasized the need to implement the digital supporter system and carry out promotional campaigns for the league matches, in addition to using prominent Egyptian sports symbols on the international scene in these campaigns, such as the star of Liverpool club and the national team, Mohamed Salah, which will contribute to attract 70 to 80% of football fans worldwide – he said.

He added that the Football Association is able to attract this segment of the digital audience by attracting professional players with a high degree of fame, to compete for titles, to close partnerships with big clubs and to have a website on the highest level for the league championship, citing the experience of the Saudi league, which improved the quality of broadcast photography. The TV broadcaster of matches and attracted professionals from Europe and Latin America, which contributed to its thirteenth place in the world.

And he added: The application of the latest technology contributes to increasing the returns and profits of the clubs, which motivates them to open official electronic stores for the Egyptian clubs through which the official shirts of the clubs are sold and delivery services provided to them. , highlights the need to implement the smart management system to regulate the access of supporters to the stadiums in the Egyptian League matches By sending the match ticket to the supporter in the form of a barcode received by any smart device such as phones and smart phone become clocks.

Fadlallah pointed out that there are other games, such as football, that have applied advanced technological systems, such as the shutter weapon, which has a smart link between the player’s suit and the field, in addition to this, there are many sports that use digital systems to control the temperature Air and humidity level indoors.

He noted that the development of a smart system for swimming is used in the rotation process used to determine the contacts and winners, in addition to the sprint competitions that use smart devices to determine the final order of the races.

In a related context, dr. Tarek Soliman, the former head of the medical staff of the Egyptian football team, explains that technological technologies have been present on the Egyptian sports scene for not a short time through performance analysis devices used by the medical staff of the team for almost 7 years, but there is a shortage of The presence of qualified human cadres to analyze the data and readings of these devices.

Suleiman pointed out that electronic devices currently measure the vital functions of athletes, which include rates of oxygen consumption and measurement of running distance and time, in addition to measuring heart rate in the event of maximum effort and during rest, adding that the sports load coach and team doctor is responsible for monitoring performance and analyzing data. To ensure you get the most out of your workouts.

He pointed out that first-class football clubs such as Zamalek and Al-Ahly are the only ones that have advanced technological technologies because they have sufficient financial solvency to buy them, especially since the cost of one device can reach 50 thousand dollars, an amount that ‘ represents a big burden on medium and small clubs.

For his part, the Egyptian national team player for the hammer, Mostafa El-Gamal, said that the technology has multiple applications in the sports field, especially in the field of “kinesiology” and “Biometrics”, adding that hammer players use devices around the foot and hand to measure the kinetic orbit of each player and the special angles Throw the hammer.

Al-Gamal added that the application of technology in sports faces several challenges, the most important of which are the high cost and the presence of an independent system behind each player, including sponsors and administrators, adding that the cost of the rental of equipment for hammer sports for two hours ranges from 5 to 7 thousand pounds.

He stressed that modern devices require an integrated sponsorship care system, pointing to the need to implement it to improve the performance of players in international forums, especially the Olympic Games.

Hani Fikry, managing director of the Egyptian volleyball team, said that the Egyptian Federation constantly strives to bring modern measuring devices that measure muscle movement during jumping and heart rate, as well as other vital indicators of the body.

Fikri pointed out that there is new equipment introduced by the Wildlife Association, such as the radar to measure the speed of the ball when hitting and the cannon for training on receiving strikes, and noted that one of the main challenges which faces the application of technology. Egyptian stadiums are the players’ adaptation and their muscular and nervous compatibility with the devices used in the exercises.

He attributed the reason behind the high standards and numbers for different games, such as volleyball, whose maximum acceptable hit speed has reached 120 kilometers per hour, to technology, especially since the time it takes to adjust to those numbers is from one player to another difference, according to the reaction and muscle strength of each player.

He emphasized that the technological development of sports infrastructure in Egypt will bring about a significant improvement in the results and performance of Egyptian teams in various sports.

While Salah Oqda, president of Damanhour club, emphasized that during the last period, most of the coaches of Egyptian clubs were isolated from the technological development in sports, especially football, which prompted a large number of them to quit the job to step in, unlike the current generation of young technical managers who currently depend on it.Total.

He stressed that technical analysts must be present within the technical equipment teams to analyze signals and data that, for example, measure the player’s ability to run for 90 continuous minutes in ball games, noting that the price of a shirt equipped with sensors to measure players’ vital indicators costs more than 5 thousand pounds per shirt. .

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