Designer Ahmed Al-Baik: Vibrant colors are essential in my designs

Arranging the house was his hobby from childhood, until it became his passion, and when he chose the path of interior design, he worked as a designer in the Emirates and then returned to Jordan to build his own interior design company. His works tell details, styles and different schools, in terms of materials, materials, colors and space coordination… He is the Jordanian designer Ahmad Al-Baik, whose elegance and modernity caught our attention in the following dialogue.

low light

He seems calm in nature, and always strives to achieve inner comfort between himself and himself

He seems calm by nature, always seeks inner comfort between himself and himself, spends most of his time with himself, travels with his imagination to unknown places, is sad most of the time, he says, always tries to find people on the best way to see , even if they are different, to keep His mind is clear, and his heart is kind and tolerant, he continues and says: “Despite my sadness, but I am solid and self-medicated, away from the strong atmosphere. I like the dim light, classical music, poems and old songs.”

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Don’t break anything!

Ahmed finds that self-discovery is very difficult, and the designer, or any artist for that matter, needs time and effort to achieve the first thing that catches the attention of those around him. With the passing of time and years, from a young age , I felt a pleasure to arrange accessories, and to invent simple ideas for the pieces and all kinds in the house, and when my mother feels it, and although she asking me to help her, she warned me not to move anything from the place. not to break it.”
Children usually gravitate towards cars, or dinosaur toys, and things related to their future ambitions, but Ahmed was not inclined to any kind of games, and he says: “When I tried to play, I was always the loser, and in in all honesty my pleasure was the pen, the sketchbook and the colors.”

my own brand

Jordanian interior designer Ahmad Al-Beik

Design and engineering is a very big world, containing accurate and different details and information. Each school or model differs from the others in terms of foundations, principles, materials and colors. Ahmed continues: “Discovering and creating my own imprint was difficult, but over the years and designing a set of projects and models that set me apart, people around me knew that I combined classic style with modern style, which is called neo-classical, and I have also been known to use vibrant colors, such as royal green in some of my projects.”

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The difficulty of persuasion

Ahmed believes that he is not skilled in traditional designs, and believes that specialization and focus on the style and type of specific projects makes him more distinguished, as he is bold in the choice of colors, and although many Jordanians adhere to a somewhat traditional society belongs, the first step is to gain the trust of the other party. He added, “This is a very difficult matter, and it requires skills and a method of persuasion after studying and gathering information about the person, the nature of his work and his special interests. , start with a hobby and others until I reach a satisfactory result.”

Activate the senses

Photos of a villa designed by Ahmed Al-Baik, where he excelled in the art of (new classics)

Ahmed worked for a while in the Emirates, and he finds this period an opportunity in his life, and the most important part of developing his vision for the better, he continues and says: “I always told myself that no one would hold your hand and say you know! Or he will teach you himself, I believe that whoever wants to learn or develop in a specific field should start by asking, and work on all his senses to get as much information and experiences as possible around him.
Until the end of 2019, the number of projects completed by Ahmed in the UAE exceeded 30, the most important of which is One More Coffee in Ras Al Khaimah.
Materials and materials are the most important part of any project, and the ways to apply them in accordance with the requirements and needs of the client is a matter that requires precision. “I like to use marble, wood and a few mirrors in black or bronze, and I am more inclined to create quiet corners in every room; Because home is the shelter and stability after a day full of fatigue, problems and chaos outside. “

Ease of cleaning is most important!

What a woman likes today, she rejects tomorrow

The differences cannot be limited to the choice of designs, only between women and men, but also from one person to another, or from family to family, says Ahmed: “But the Jordanian woman is the one who requests, cares , follow up and choose the special designer for her home; Because she regards her home as her own world, she therefore pays attention to small details, and is keen that everything be practical and easy to clean, and at the same time beautiful and distinct from anything she has seen, while the man interferes with the material aspect and the quality of materials and raw materials, quality, methods of implementation and installation. Therefore, most of the people I deal with in my field are women, and the problem some of them have is hesitation. Today she likes a design, tomorrow she rejects it or modifies it completely. Moreover, some customers believe that the designer is the magic lantern, which will fulfill all their requests in the fastest time and lowest cost and with the push of a button.”
Ahmed believes that there is always a distraction for women when choosing designs; Where she transfers her frequency to the designer himself, and about these options, he says: “They compare the pictures and designs in their homes, with what is found on the Internet, without realizing the models that suit their personalities, and it affects the design and implementation budget, and they take the opinion of those around them a lot, This in itself is a distraction; Where the house does not end in the best way.”
The house that Ahmed dreams of will be of the French style, full of details and decorations, with its high ceiling and long windows. He says: “I will use classic materials and fabrics in modern colors.”

Taste first!

All projects take time to achieve the best results due to different requirements and needs

The designers derive their ideas from a woman, as they say, and this is confirmed by Ahmed, who continues: “God is beautiful and loves beauty, and women are charming, and I compare my designs to a white woman, with blond hair, with blue eyes, tall, with a beautiful smile.” And his insistence on choosing the material he wants may lead him to the problem of choosing the design of the villa, which he will share with the bride-to-be, about this, he says: “In principle, I will give her opinion , requirements and taste, but frankly, since I specialize in this field, which is my passion, my percentage will It is too big for my taste, since it is the home of a lifetime.”
In the end, interior designer Ahmed Al-Baik finds that all projects take time to achieve the best results due to the different requirements and needs from one client to another.

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