Genesis wins Red Dot Design Awards

Genesis, the global luxury car brand, announced last Thursday that it has won four top awards in the brand and communication design category at the 2022 Red Dot Design competition.

The Genesis Showroom “Suji”, the Genesis Showroom “Inseong” and the Genesis “House New York” won the “Red Dot Design” awards in the category of designing commercial halls in a creative and innovative way that keeps pace with the development and progress of the company’s models, and the technical advisory devices inspired by the electric car GV60, won. In the “Spatial Connections” category, the win is a global recognition of Genesis’ position, which is clearly pioneering for the brand’s identity in various respects, and its ability to provide its commercial spaces and halls to enhance the experience of its customers from around the world.

The Genesis jury awarded SOGI the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award for its pioneering and avant-garde design, one of the highest and most prestigious awards at the Red Dot Design Awards.

Genesis showrooms offer ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind experiences on a wide range of its modern and all-new products, allowing showgoers to learn about new products through an exploratory journey that depicts the luxury, heritage and story of the brand since its inception. Genesis showrooms follow a unifying principle of “customer first”, which is how they design all of their brand experiences.

The Genesis showroom “Suji” embodies the splendor of design in all its details to add more pioneering experiences to the experience of its customers, taking advantage of its materials, space and programs. It is the first hall of its kind in Korea that combines presentation and presentation of a world-leading service program.

The showroom offers customers the opportunity to test drive their favorite cars, while new owners can collect their new cars in a private hall with a “private car handover” ceremony, equipped with technologies such as robotic arms and a special video screen that captures that amazing. moments.

Genesis demonstrates through its Inseong showroom that flagship brands do not need to be a stand-alone organization to make an impression. The 663 square meter Genesis Inseong showroom is located in a mall that boldly showcases the brand’s latest technology and driving vehicles with a futuristic vision of design, sound and light, while welcoming customers to experience the latest new models and explore a proactive view of engineering. and design creativity. .

Genesis House New York is a landmark environment that embodies New York’s soccer culture, and has been referred to as an “evolving oasis in the heart of a thriving city.” There is so much to explore, from artistic decor and design to tasting fresh and traditional Korean cuisine, as well as getting up close and personal with the latest models and groundbreaking designs from the Genesis fleet. Lounge patrons can partake in a Korean tea party and enjoy panoramic views of the Hudson River and High Line Park.

On this occasion, Kim Young In, head of engineering at Suh Architects, said: “We were really lucky that the client, the site, the cultural program and partners like Ongium Genesis New York were eager to work with us and working to create a unique design oasis that embodies contemporary traditions worth working and creating. ».

He added: The idea of ​​designing a multi-storey project impressed us, to create a kind of creativity in design in a pioneering and famous city like New York. While the upper floor and the second floor depicted the culture of the Korean people, inside different areas for eating, reading and resting with open-air windows designed in the form of safe slopes, in addition to the outside balcony for scenes of the most beautiful areas and views that the city enjoys.

Architecturally, Genesis House embodies the brand’s design identity, reflecting the minimalist elegance for which Genesis is known, manifested in the use of decorative elements, with an emphasis on basic materials such as exposed concrete, weather-resistant steel and solid wood. Culturally, the lounge offers a special Hudson area to attract everyone who wants to experience authentic Korean design and hospitality. As the first center for the Genesis brand, Genesis House engages New Yorkers in conversations about design and mobility, inviting customers and brand enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.

campaign for spatial communication

Genesis connects with the world through its distinctive and ground-breaking store designs, but it also stands out for its unique way of telling stories around design concepts. When the Genesis GV60 launched in September last year, the brand’s first electric vehicle based on a dedicated EV platform, it was praised for its innovative design. One of the most notable features of the model was the “crystal ball”, which is actually an electronic gearbox, which intuitively informs drivers when the car is ready to drive, and when the car is switched off, the crystal ball provides ambient lighting, contributing to the aesthetics of the car. And when the car is ready to drive, the ball spins and creates an interior atmosphere of futuristic mobility. Genesis created the GV60 campaign that focused on that “crystal ball”. Accompanying art installations included 400 x 400 x 80 units made of double-sided dichroic film that can transform any terrain it occupies with iridescent reflections that create its own changing spaces. The “Mobile Assembly” was first displayed at the Genesis Gallery “Hannam” before being moved to the Genesis Gallery “Suji”. And recently this innovative feature of the GV60 model was shown for the first time in America at the Genesis “House of New York”.

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