Presidential directives to localize the latest military and civilian manufacturing technology

Monday 15 August 2022 – 14:08

After the engineer Mohamed Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, today took the constitutional oath before the President of the Republic, he expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the leader of the national march, President Abdel Fattah El- Sisi, pronounced. for this precious trust, promising to do everything to serve the country under his wise guidance.

He pointed out that the President, during his meeting with the new ministers, emphasized the need to be impartial, objective and committed, and to drop everything to advance the interests of the country in the first place, in recognition of the great responsibility they assume in light of the recent international changes that have affected the countries of the world, including Egypt internally, and have imposed many challenges that It requires continuous diligent work with a strong and tireless will.

The Minister of State for Military Production expressed his appreciation for the fruitful efforts made by the former Minister, Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Morsi, to promote the sector as he spared no effort to boost military production and the state as a whole from its vibrant to promote meaning. of responsibility, patriotism and loyalty to the homeland. He held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Military Production Authority, and wishes him continued success and pay in his career during the coming period, noting that he represents a great national value and was a unique model in the administration and contributed to the development and modernization of the ministry, which will help to complete the march in the future so that it will testify All sectors of the ministry are constantly developing and modernizing.

The minister explained that there are presidential directives to follow the plans set for the ministry and to constantly develop them and work to increase the local component and localize the latest manufacturing technologies around the world in all directions, whether military or civilian, and declare that the system of work in military production is an integrated and unique system, and that it represents the main pillar of industrialization The army in Egypt and meets the demands of the armed forces of various ammunition, weapons and equipment with the highest accuracy and efficiency, in addition to its important civil role as one of the most important industrial arms in the country, which contributes to the achievement of an added value to the Egyptian economy by taking advantage of the surplus production capacities of its companies and subsidiaries to participate in the implementation of many projects Nationalism, which to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development in the state and build the Egyptian person, emphasizing the diligence that this is done in integration with the various authorities in the state.

Mohamed Salah stressed that “military production” is rich in technological, industrial, technical, infrastructure and human cadres that qualify them to participate in various major national projects, emphasizing the acumen of the Ministry of Military Production to implement the directives of President To implement Abdel Fattah El -Sisi, President of the Republic to deepen local industrialization and transfer and localize digital transformation technology. And the techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in accordance with international quality standards, and note that the ministry makes the most of the surplus energy that is in national projects, as it participates in the implementation of many national projects and presidential initiatives such as (a decent life, lining canals, a system for the treatment and recycling of municipal solid waste, the establishment, operation and maintenance of water desalination and treatment plants, establishment and development of milk collection centers, transformation into a digital society and other projects).

The minister confirmed that his past experiences in the “military production” sector qualifies him for immediate action to complete the construction and development process in the sector to serve the Egyptian citizen, given his familiarity and close knowledge of the various files of the ministry’s work and its strong belief in the need to work on the speedy implementation of the projects participating in its implementation with the highest efficiency is required.

The Minister of State for Military Production added that the ministry is a giant national industrial building that participates in the construction of the new republic, since in just one year “from June 2021 to June 2022” it managed to complete (118) projects for the benefit of various ministries and bodies, adding that during the coming period the ministry will pay more attention to the development and marketing of its various civil products that meet the needs of many groups and classes in Egyptian society, and will ensure to keep up with the technological development used in these civil industries through the latest equipment and systems that help to develop and increase production with high quality and competitive prices.

On the other hand, the minister indicated that the Ministry of Military Production plays an important role in the preparation for Egypt’s presentation of the 27th session of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change “COP27” , emphasizing that the conference will culminate the efforts that the state has made in recent years to consolidate the principles of climate action. With a view to that in the context of preparation for the conference, the ministry is collaborating with the South Sinai governor to implement the central park works project. Sharm El-Sheikh, and the implementation position is monitored periodically to speed up the completion and delivery of the project. The Ministry has worked during the past period to collaborate with the local and international private sector in several important projects, such as the project to to produce the first Egyptian electric bus “SETIBUS”, which will participate in the transportation of the guests of the “COP27” conference, and the project to convert a number of public transport buses To run on natural gas instead of diesel, in addition the ministry’s collaboration with an Emirati company to produce petrol-powered vans. Double d (natural gas / gasoline), and all these efforts contribute to the production of vehicles that are more environmentally friendly and contribute to the reduction of pollution rates and harmful emissions that have a negative impact on citizens, the economy and the environment.

The Minister of State for Military Production also indicated that Egypt has recently witnessed an unprecedented development in the field of national defense industries, which was evident during the Egypt International Exhibition for Defense and Military Industries “EDEX” in its two versions in 2018 and 2021, and preparations are currently being made for the third version, which will be at the end of next year, adding that to contribute to strengthening the ministry’s role as a main source of armaments for our brave armed forces, the ministry a number of military projects, including the Sina 200 armored and armored steel project, which is a 100% Egyptian industry, as well as the production of ST-500 armored vehicles, the development of cartridge production lines in the company (Factory 10 Military) and the production of nitropenta In the company (Factory 81 Military) one of the most important projects is also the project of joint management and grounding of the howitzer system (K9A1 EGY) locally in the companies and factories of the National Military Production Authority in cooperation with the South Korean “Hanwha” company, who added that a lot of research is aimed at developing technologies that are in production be used is approved. He pointed out that the research carried out in military production is based on 3 axes: the first is the introduction of new products, and the second is the development of military production. products, and the third is to convert what we import into a local product.

Regarding workers in military production, the minister explained that the ministry always seeks to empower young people and form a second line of promising cadres capable of occupying various leadership positions, stressing that the human energy used in military production work, the most important force and cornerstone in achieving the ministry’s vision and goals, therefore it is ensured that all workers in the respective affiliated agencies are qualified and trained, believing in the importance of the human element on which the production process is based. During the coming period, efforts are being made to implement a development plan based on commitment to the basic values ​​on which work in military production is based, such as teamwork, knowledge transfer, sharing of information and ideas, and commitment to innovation and improvement. Continuous pursuit of the highest levels of quality, fulfillment of obligations, and the preservation of assets, services and resources, which shows the ministry’s zeal to contribute to the rehabilitation of engineers, especially young people, on the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital transformation.

Mohamed Salah said that the Egyptian market is rich in many possibilities and elements that attract investments, which are factors that allow Egypt to possess many preferential advantages in the framework of a promising economy, despite the challenges that the country faces in face, like the rest of the world. , whether due to the Corona pandemic, which has been one of the most complex global challenges. Its repercussions have been reflected in negative effects on global economic activity, as well as a threat to development efforts in several countries, and have led to waves of inflation, high prices of goods and services, disrupting the movement of work in production centers and supply chains around the world, or the (Russian-Ukrainian) war and its negative effects on the economies of the world, but thanks to the vision from the wise political leadership for economic reform, the development of state institutions, the launch of mega-projects and the encouragement of the private sector to invest, the Egyptian economy has largely succeeded in meeting these challenges.

He noted the Ministry of Military Production’s belief in the importance of integration with the private sector in the various fields of manufacturing, which is reflected in the existence of great cooperation between the ministry and international and local private sector companies to many large national projects in a way that supports sustainable development strategies in the country and increases the dependence on local manufacturing capabilities with Egyptian hands and minds and at the highest quality standards, continuous work and cooperation with the Egyptian private sector, and we are working to deepened around the national economy.

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