Rishi Sunak… the story of the rise of a “conservative” liberal millionaire

British Conservative Party leadership and prime ministerial candidate Rishi Sunak (Getty)

Britain’s sexiest MP was tipped to one day succeed Boris Johnson, but outgoing finance minister Rishi Sunak’s steps to party leadership and Downing Street appear to be faltering, according to the latest polls.

It is not enough for his fellow party members to overlook the “sting” he dealt their leader by resigning on July 5, nor is it enough for the British electorate to see the economy in its darkest state. to boost millions of Britons.

Middle class and elite school

Sonak was born in Southampton, South West England, into a middle-class and ambitious family, which at first glance resembles that of his rival Liz Terrace, with some differences related to race and involvement in politics and public affairs.

While Teras says she grew up in a left-wing home, and that her father, a maths professor, and mother, a nurse, were closer to the Labor Party, Sunak tells how politics was absent from their home, since he wasn’t really. knows which party his father, a doctor, and his mother, a pharmacist, vote for.

Unlike his rival, who never misses an opportunity to talk about the simple education she received in poor public schools, Sunak was educated at the very expensive private boarding college Winchester, known for its hidden ability to prepare its students for Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Terrace’s persistence in remembering the vast difference between her school and a competitor’s school is just further proof that social class in terms of wealth and education sometimes trumps race and color.

And that’s exactly what Sunak caught at a young age, when he was at a fast food restaurant with his two-year-old brother and five-year-old sister, and Sunak says it’s the only time the worst word ever has been uttered in British anti-racist culture: “bucky” – an acronym for For a Pakistani, white racists call it all other races like Indians, Pakistanis and Middle Easterners, and today it has become a forbidden word in the dictionaries of justice and righteousness – like this Word of one of those who sat near them disappointed him.

However, the amount of frustration was apparently not enough to deter him, after many years of embracing the controversial “Rwanda” plan and vowing to continue with it as a broad headline in his election campaign.

Sunak failed to consider that a similar scheme would have prevented his Indian-origin immigrant parents from settling in the UK, thereby preventing him from finding a new life and limitless dreams.

He is the one who later cheers the English team when they play against the Indian team in cricket matches, and he is also the one who chose to be “conservative” in a government that does not tolerate his “racism” towards the other, the refugee, not hiding. and refugee from hell.

He is also the one who strongly supported Britain’s exit from the European Union in the 2016 referendum, saying: “This move will make Britain freer, fairer and more prosperous,” speaking of the need to control borders in the face of of “irregular” immigrants in order to maintain security and peace.

The referendum was not the first occasion at which Sunak expressed his position on the European Union. As a teenager, he wrote an article in the school magazine, in which he tinkered with the idea of ​​Europe and criticized Tony Blair’s “plans” to “break up the United Kingdom”.

He also reminded his opponent of his superiority over her in loyalty to his beliefs and in not backing down from his “conservative” ideas, as Terass initially strongly opposed Britain’s exit before backtracking after the referendum and to the jumped right into her ideas.

Sunak was not the first at school or at university, where, according to his colleagues, he spent most of his free time in the investment club on stocks, but according to his teachers, he was stubborn, solid, confident, polite, tactful and laughing.

Sunak is also not educated, his strongest thing is loyalty and also unlimited class and leadership ambition.

“Conservative” liberal and millionaire

Sunak joined the famous bank Goldman after graduating from Oxford University in economics, politics and philosophy, and from Stanford in the United States of America in business administration.

According to people close to him, he became a millionaire in the mid-twenties, and here again Sunak’s biography emerges as the success story of a certain class and a specific educational center called “Oxbridge”, where graduates of this medium wash. educated in one of the oldest universities in Britain, Oxford or Cambridge, and this elite They are usually the ones who historically run the country.

He was conservative since his adolescence, for example he was not attracted by the “fashion” of ripped trousers, and he was not part of the university “paralysis” who went to bars every last day of the week, he rarely drank alcohol, never once in his life did he eat beef, he never gave up. About the red thread on his wrist, a practicing Hindu, addicted to Coca-Cola.

However, early in his career, Sunak charmed investors with his tact and fluidity of ideas, as he was said to be adept at persuading investors to part with their money.

He was first elected as a Conservative MP in 2015 from the Conservative stronghold of Richmond, North Yorkshire. Money and politics, power granted by one to the other.

Sunak is the richest member of the British House of Commons, and his fortune is estimated at 200 million pounds, while his wife’s fortune is estimated at 700 million dollars, making him richer than Queen Elizabeth, whose personal fortune was estimated this year, according to the “Sandy Times”, at 441 million dollars.

Murthy’s fortune in her home country of India was kept out of sight until recently, costing her no tax in the UK as she retained “non-resident” status, but the leak of this information regarding tax evasion came at a time when millions of Britons were suffering from the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, prompting her to announce that she had started paying tax as a UK resident.

Loyalty government

Sunak was appointed Minister of Finance, and this position would be a dilemma due to the pandemic and the economic collapse seen in most sectors around the world, many doubting his ability to face an unprecedented economic crisis offer, rush

It is his wealth that may prevent him from understanding the reality of poverty in Britain and providing the help needed by millions to meet their expenses, but on March 11 that year he had a budget of 30 billion pounds presented additional spending, which allocated 12 billion. of them to mitigate the economic impact of the epidemic.

On March 17, he presented an emergency budget of 330 billion pounds to support companies and employees affected by the pandemic, and he expanded this plan several times during the epidemic, and his popularity flourished with the plan he presented to support owners of restaurants and cafes whose businesses have been affected by the closure on the one hand, and due to a decrease in On the other hand, the purchasing power of customers. The “Eat out, Help out” scheme, in which the government met 50 per cent of the bill with a minimum expenditure of ten pounds per person, took the total support provided in the form of meals to nearly £849 million brought to stand.

It was remarkable that Sunak’s progress in the government career ladder did not play a major role, as loyalty at one stage facilitated his ambitions, and it was “betrayal” that hindered his progress at another.

Two days before the official start of the leadership campaign in the Conservative Party in June 2019, Sunak is reported to have written an article with Oliver Dowden and Robert Jenrick entitled: The Conservatives are in danger .. Only Boris Johnson can save us , and the three men were rewarded with government positions. Dun, and Sunak became the first secretary of the treasury.

Adding to his loyalty is his enormous ability to please the powerful people around him, from his parents to the hedge fund managers where he worked or was later a partner, to his billionaire father-in-law to former adviser to the Prime Minister Dominic Cummings, as well as anyone who look to the “party of Conservatives” for a “champion” to come.

And if Sunak emerged unscathed from the issue of his wife’s tax evasion and then the issue of leading the British economy during the epidemic and lockdown, which is the biggest challenge any minister has faced since the Second World War, but the few months that followed and the accompanying crises were not in his favour, starting with the financial fine. , his wife and others in illegal gatherings to the high cost of living and high energy and fuel bills, to his abandoning tax cuts as a priority in his election campaign, making inflation the first task he will succeed. And voters may not forget the cost of the trip Sunak took on a private jet, which took him to the Conservative Party dinner in Wales six months ago and according to the Mirror newspaper, was valued at £10,000.

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