SeptemberNet – The Prime Minister opens postgraduate programs at the University of 21 September

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, praised the development path that the September 21 University of Medical and Applied Sciences has seen, in the scientific and academic aspects.

This took place during the Prime Minister’s participation in the ceremony organized by the university on the occasion of the inauguration of the postgraduate programs “Masters” and the inauguration of the university year 1444 AH, and the opening of the Computer and Information Technology Center at the Deanship of Environment and Community Service of the university.
He said: “Thank you to the leadership of the University of September 21 and the deans of its faculties and heads of departments, which we celebrate every year with a new scientific achievement that is added to the university’s outstanding scientific activity and the multiple challenges that it faced, overcome. with the support of the government represented by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its leadership.”
Dr. Bin Habtoor was of the opinion that any success achieved for any institution is due to its affiliations and the supervisory authority, indicating that the real performance of the university is in scientific research and in the degree of the qualified payment, which is what seen in universities under difficult conditions due to the aggression and siege.
He added, “On the other hand, we find that universities in the occupied territories, including the University of Aden, which achieved a qualitative development during the period of aggression and occupation, today live in tragic conditions due to the occupation and security chaos and the loss of a number of their cadres, some of whom died and others were killed.”
The Prime Minister referred to the successes achieved in Yemeni universities in the free part, which are managed by the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government. He said: “Others are surprised and ask how this besieged part of the country, whose basic components are hit daily by the planes of the American aggression. The Saudi Emirati lives in a state of institutional stability and in various daily activities.
He addressed the university’s leadership and academics by saying: “Today you are inaugurating a new center and new specializations, and this is something that everyone honors, whether in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or the Council of Ministers, and even the whole country.”
Dr. Bin Habtoor thanked the parties who encourage and support institutional work and its development paths, including the effort undertaken by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to support higher education institutions, which serve scientific and cumulative development work and are constantly developing.
He congratulated the students of the university, its leadership, professors, deanship and presidency on the success of the entire academic process and the inauguration of the university year along with the beginning of the new Hijri year.
Hussein Hazeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, for his part, announced the development steps of the University of Medical and Applied Sciences on September 21, the opening of the Computer and Information Technology Center at the Deanship of Environment and Community Service, Haddah Branch, and the introduction of postgraduate programs in conjunction with the inauguration of the new university year 1444 AH and the work of the Hijri calendar.
He referred to the challenges the university has faced since its establishment and the role of the current leadership to overcome problems and challenges and move towards reforming its legal, academic and administrative conditions to place it in its rightful place. to place
Minister Hazeb emphasized that today the university has become a scientific building that provides the society with qualified and quality medical cadres. the process of construction and development.
In turn, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Misfer Al-Numeir, blessed the opening of the Computer and Information Technology Center at the Deanship of Environment and Community Service, which contributed to equip the Ministry with computers in the context of strengthening cooperation and partnership between the Ministry and the University.
He emphasized that the future of Yemen depends on the outputs of qualified Yemeni universities capable of achieving achievements and defining development paths in various fields. He emphasized that the development and progress of societies depend on qualified human cadres, available financial and administrative resources, and structures, regulations and organizational and administrative linking of the components of the state.
At the inauguration, in the presence of the Minister of Works, Eng. Ghaleb Mutlaq and the State for Parliament and Shura Affairs Ali Abu Haliqa, and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ali Sharaf El-Din, the President of the University – President of the Supreme Medical Council, Dr. Mujahid Maasar, the developments that the university has seen during the last three years, and the qualitative leap that has been achieved academically, educationally, administratively, in terms of networking and automation of all university activities and services.
He emphasized that the university was able to overcome the problems and move towards development processes, graduating two groups of medical specialties, completing the description of academic programs, which led to the opening of postgraduate programs in clinical pharmacy and respiratory care , and the opening of the College of Medical Information Technology as the first qualitative college in this field.
At the end of the ceremony, in the presence of the CEO of Yemen Mobile, Issam Al-Hamali, the CEO of the International Telecommunications Company, Dr. Ali Naji Nassari, the Director of the Information Technology Center, Dr. Fouad Hassan Abdel Razzaq, the President of the University of Science and Technology, Dr. Adel Al-Mutawakil, the university’s vice presidents and deans of colleges, the Prime Minister and my ministers were honored Higher education and communication under the university’s shields.
The Director of the Computer Center Samira Al-Najashi and the Director of Public Relations at the university, Muhammad Al-Risha, were also honored with two certificates of appreciation in recognition of their role and active contribution in various fields at the university.

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