Samsung launches Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro watches with smart features and advanced features to improve users’ daily healthy habits

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Cairo – Samia Sayed – Samsung Electronics has announced the new generation of Galaxy watches, Look 5 And the Watch5 Pro to promote the healthy habits of users, as the Galaxy Watch works Look 5 To improve the features that users rely on on a daily basis, while the Galaxy Watch Watch5 Pro The latest addition to the Galaxy Watch series, Samsung’s most durable and feature-rich watch to date.

These new products reflect the company’s commitment to users, helping them achieve their goals and the levels they aspire to achieve, in light of the increasing desire of individuals to better understand and work toward health goals. to achieve this, as Samsung has worked to provide optimal ways to access in-depth monitoring and practical data to progress through. Users have the information they need to help them throughout their journeys to ensure the health of its users.

In this context, Dr. TM Roh, Chief Executive Officer of the Mobile Business Unit at Samsung Electronics, said: “We would like to reaffirm our commitment to providing Galaxy Watch users with the tools, data and resources needed to better understand their health. supporting their exercise journey Using the Activity Sensor Samsung’s flagship bio, we empower users with a complete picture of their health data“.

Sophisticated sensor technology that understands you better and the Galaxy Watch series is equipped Look 5 with a sensor called BioActive He is pioneering the next era of digital health monitoring efforts. The company introduced this sensor for the first time in the Galaxy Watch series Look 4It uses a single unique chip that combines three powerful health sensors to measure optical heart rate, electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis..

Comprehensive readings can therefore be obtained that include heart rate, blood oxygen level and even stress levels. Users can also gain a deeper understanding of heart health by monitoring blood pressure and EKG directly through the watch. Since 2020, Samsung has expanded and deployed these capabilities in 63 markets, including five new ones: Bolivia, Nicaragua, Reunion Island, Turkey and Venezuela, to enable everyone to pursue better heart health every day..

With a larger surface and direct contact range, the Galaxy Watch can Look 5 Track health measurements with a higher level of accuracy compared to the previous version Look 4Combined with the powerful 3-sensor in one biosensor, it works together with other sensors in the same range, including the newly introduced temperature sensor to give users a deeper understanding of their health.

The temperature sensor uses infrared technology to get more accurate readings, even if the temperature in the user’s environment changes. This feature opens up new possibilities for developers to expand their health options and for users to benefit from completely new experiences..

Comprehensive health insights for everyone

The Galaxy Watch is designed Look 5 To achieve many daily benefits, especially since it offers a comprehensive experience that is not limited to fitness activities, but extends further to the stage of post-workout and rest. The watch is a tool to measure body composition, to provide a complete overview of the user’s overall health, to offer them a personalized approach to setting goals, guiding them through customized exercises and tracking progress ..

Activate Galaxy Watch Series Look 5 Users can retrieve post-exercise data, including heart rate after intense exercise, with water consumption recommendations based on the amount of fluid lost during exercise..

Samsung is also keen to help users sleep better during the night hours, which is important for maintaining health, and sleep patterns can be understood through sleep phase monitoring points, in addition to detecting blood oxygen levels. Improved sleep habits can be achieved through advanced sleep training based on a month-long guided program.

The Galaxy Watch Look 5 Automatically adjust the level of lights, air conditioners and connected TVs according to preset settings via platform integration Smart thingsTo provide an ideal sleeping environment. With improved bed fall detection, users can sleep safely and ensure that the relevant authority is notified in emergency situations if the user or a family member stumbles at home..

The user does not have to worry about the watch running out of power or getting damaged as the Galaxy Watch comes Look 5 With a 13% larger battery, it also offers eight hours of sleep tracking after just eight minutes of charging, which is 30% faster than the Galaxy Watch. Look 4. Samsung has added an extra layer of durability to protect sleek watches Look 5It also features the first smartwatch screen to use a sapphire crystal material, and this outer layer offers 60% higher hardness, so the watch remains safe during daily use.

And by using the Google Assistant, the user can create his favorite song through the application Spotify With his voice, and in the near future the user will be able to discover the road using Google Maps via the watch without connecting to the smartphone, and updates that include new applications, such as e.g. SoundCloud And the Deezer For music lovers. In addition, the program offers One UI Watch4.5 A more complete typing experience, an easier way to make calls, and a host of other new features that make using the Galaxy Watch so easy..

Galaxy clock Watch5 Pro.. More features and stronger durability for outdoor adventure enthusiasts

The Galaxy Watch is designed Watch5 Pro This is the latest addition to the Galaxy Watch series, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. From walking to cycling and other activities, it’s an hour Watch5 Pro Ready to take on challenges thanks to premium materials in its manufacture, including a sapphire crystal that can resist any corrosion, and a durable titanium case to protect the screen with a prominent edge design, the Galaxy Watch comes Watch5 Pro Also equipped with a belt D-buckle The brand new sporty, tough and stylish all in one.

Due to its strength and design in a way that ensures its use for a long time, the Galaxy Watch contains Watch5 Pro It has the largest battery among the Galaxy Watch series, which is 60% larger than a watch Look 4which is essential to provide support to the user in new activities, and can also benefit from the theme GPX Available for the first time on Galaxy Watches.

It is worth noting that the application Samsung Health The user can record and share his outing with his colleagues using the .-function Route workout. It can also include hiking trails, cycling while training for races, or doing a mix of regular activities. The user will also be able to follow the path step by step while walking or cycling, and when the user wants to return home, the Galaxy Watch will guide him Watch5 Pro by feature Track Back which helps to explore the route taken by the user on the outbound journey.

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Samsung launches Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro watches (4)

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