The middle of the wedding night.. The bride’s strong cry reveals her shocking secret, and the groom divorces her after 5 hours of marriage! (interesting details)

“Haitham” sat next to his mother to look with her at the pictures of the girls he had met in the last period to choose his life partner from, and he turned his attention to a quiet girl hiding among the folds of her rational and respectful features. He liked the general topics and asked his mother to introduce her.

After a few days he proposed to her, and her family agreed with great welcome, and they decided to get married after a few months until they had finished buying the supplies for the marriage nest. On a joyous evening, the family and friends celebrated their marriage and went to their happy nest at the end of the day, and “Haitham” noticed strange things about his wife on the night of the wedding, as she was scared. To a great extent and not ashamed, as shown by her behavior, she went into her room and replaced her clothes with pajamas, and sat as if they had been married for several months and not for about two hours.

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The middle of the wedding night.. The bride’s strong cry reveals her shocking secret, and the groom divorces her after 5 hours of marriage! (interesting details)

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