“Financial efficiency” … the main concern of professional clubs

“Financial efficiency” … the main concern of professional clubs

We are racing to complete the requirements before August 21st

Thursday – 20 Muharram 1444 AH – 18 August 2022 AD Issue No. [

The Kno case deprived Al Hilal of registration despite the completion of the competency certificate (Al Hilal Club Media Center)

Riyadh: Faris Al-Fazi

The Saudi Professional League clubs are racing against time to obtain a certificate of financial efficiency, with the start of the countdown to the deadline set earlier by the Ministry of Sports ending on August 21, a few days before the start of the new sports season competitions. 2022 – 2023.
The Saudi Committee for Financial Efficiency announced last June the financial obligations due until March 31, 2022 for the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League clubs; Where it set 21 August 2022 AD as the last date for its fulfillment. The Ministry of Sports has confirmed that the liabilities of professional league clubs have decreased by 51.46 percent in just one year.
The official account of the Al-Shabab club confirmed on Wednesday that the club’s management has completed all the requirements for financial efficiency according to its terms and requirements, after the club met all the financial and administrative obligations due until the end of March. 2022, and the file has been fully uploaded and supported by the required documents, pending the acquisition of the competency certificate Finance after study of the file by the committee.
Al-Shabab recently signed a contract with South Korean goalkeeper Kim Seong, Gabonese Aaron Salem Bubendza, in addition to Polish Grigors Krychoyak, so all new players can participate at the start of the Pro League Championship, if the club ‘ obtain a certificate of competence after submitting the file confirming his success in meeting all obligations and debts until March 31, 2022.
The management of the newly promoted Golf Club to the professional league competitions has succeeded in obtaining a certificate of financial efficiency, having fulfilled its contractual and financial obligations to the specified extent, so that the club joined 6 other clubs that obtained the certificate earlier, namely: Al Hilal, Al Fateh, Al Tai, Abha and Al Adalah. And Al-Fayha, bringing the total to 7 clubs so far.
With a few days left until the deadline of the Ministry of Sports, the rest of the professional league clubs are trying hard to fulfill all debts and obligations on time, to obtain a certificate of financial competence and to be able to register their new players, e.g. as Al-Nasr Club, which contracted with a number of professionals, notably David Ospina, Ghislan Konan and Luis Gustavo, but they could not participate in official matches until they were legally registered after obtaining a certificate of financial competence not.
The same will happen with other teams such as Al-Ittifaq Club, which signed the Turkish Berat Ozdemir and the Brazilian Paulo Victor and others, in addition to Al-Raed, which included the Romanian Silvio Long and his compatriot Alexandru Mitrita, the Croatian Damian. Jokovic and Cape Verde’s Julio Tavares, so they must first succeed in obtaining a certificate of competence before all new professionals without exception register.
Al Ittihad Club represents a special and different cause; His administration is also working to complete a certificate of financial competence to record the team’s deals this summer, led by Portuguese Helder Costa, Egyptian Tarek Hamed and others.
Earlier, the professional committee of the Saudi Football Association announced its decision on Al-Nasr Club’s complaint against Al-Ittihad Club and its Moroccan player Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, while it was known in the media about the recording issue. Renewed for one registration period starting from the next registration period, which is the next winter transfer period, with a fine of 500,000 riyals, so the club must register all its new players this summer, rather than waiting a whole year in the event of failure to obtain a certificate of financial competence over the next few days.
The case is somewhat different for the Al Hilal team, which obtained a certificate of financial efficiency, but it will not be able to register any new player, due to the decision of the Dispute Resolution Chamber Committee of the Saudi Football Association, to stop Al. Hilal for two registration periods, obliging him together with the player Muhammad Kanoo to jointly pay an amount of 27 million riyals (about $7.2 million) to Al-Nasr Club due to the case Al-Nasr brought against Al-Hilal and the player earlier after signing the two clubs.
Al Hilal’s administration tried to rectify the situation after it submitted a request for temporary measures to suspend the penalty of ban on registration, signed by the club due to the renewal of the contract of its player Mohamed Kno , but the Sports Arbitration Center refused the request for temporary measures submitted by the club, so the administration rushed to renew the contracts of its professional players due to the lack of His ability to include any new player during the current and upcoming transfer periods in January 2023.

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