Golfblom – 5 technologies that will change the future of people


Forbes journalist Bernard Marr, in his book “Technological Trends in Practice”, believes that the following five technological trends will have the most profound impact on human societies as a whole, and can completely change the lifestyle of mankind:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Many know artificial intelligence as the ability of machines to learn and act intelligently, make decisions and carry out tasks, and the level of this intelligence can reach the point of predicting future results based on what it receives and stores from data.

This intelligence plays a decisive role in changing the lifestyle, which can be much bigger than some people think, and Bernard Marr points out in his book the availability of many products driven by artificial intelligence, starting with “Amazon “products, such as: “Alexa” and “Siri”, and the recommendations of the network Netflix, personalized Spotify, everything we do on Google, security checks for fraudulent credit card purchases, dating apps, fitness trackers, and more.

Bernard shows in his book that artificial intelligence will without exception revolutionize all aspects of life, and that it is the greatest event in human history, but Stephen Hawking fears that this intelligence will also be the last event in humanity, and the danger of artificial intelligence is represented by those weapons supported by this intelligence, for which countries compete.

In other aspects, without artificial intelligence, the world would not have seen these amazing advances in the Internet and the world of virtual reality, for example, modern water technologies, self-driving cars and many others.

This intelligence will change the concept of employment and can lead to the abolition of many jobs due to automation, and robots will become a real alternative to people in the labor market, and can occupy all jobs without exception.

But the author believes that this is good and will improve the lives of people who are able to find new jobs.

2. Gene technology

This technology focuses on understanding and manipulating the DNA and genome of living organisms. Gene editing is a set of techniques that enable genetic engineering to change the DNA and genetic makeup of living organisms.

This biotechnology is developing to the point where the DNA encoded within the cell can be changed, and this will affect the traits or characteristics that will characterize the rest of the lineage, be it plants, animals and even humans.

This technology has advanced the ability of humans to do a lot of gene editing research in the healthcare field. One of the most interesting is the project to correct DNA mutations that can lead to serious diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

A large number of scientists and people raise ethical and legal concerns about this technology, far more than others, and ask, “What if?” when it comes to genetic manipulation and editing? This is why most countries in the world have banned gene editing, including almost all European countries.

3. Human with computer interface

These are devices and technologies that people wear that help them improve their physical and mental performance and lead a better and healthier life. The most popular of these are fitness tracker wristbands and smartwatches, which are small, easy-to-wear devices that monitor our physical activities and provide insights that help us live healthier and more luxurious lives and productivity.

These devices also include smart clothing, such as running shoes that can measure your steps and work performance, and advanced technologies such as robotic prosthetics and wearable robotic technology used in industrial fields.

These technological advances lead many to believe that humans and machines will eventually merge to create so-called “augmented humans,” transhumans, or Digital Humans 2.0, in which the human body is augmented with technologies just like a sports car to enhance both physically and mentally performance.. This will change the world of medicine, and may ultimately challenge our understanding of what it means to be human.

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4. Augmented reality

This term includes virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, and this reality gives people exciting and completely new ways to experience the world around them, for example, it allows us to try products before they buy them, as well as more exciting digital experiences, and this reality is expected to holistically change the way we interact with technology.

Augmented reality technologies are an idea of ​​a virtual world in which we can be whatever we want while exploring the digital world for games, gatherings, going to events or anything else, just like in the movie “Ready Player One”.

Although the technologies of this reality are very expensive, it is expected that it will not remain so for long, and after a few years will become accessible to all, and will pose challenges to humanity, including: the right to privacy and the potential mental and physical effects of many immersive technologies.

5. 3D printing

Intended to create a 3D object from a digital file, 3D printing presents problems for intellectual property owners as it allows counterfeiters to cheaply and easily produce fake licensed goods, in addition to the problem of weapons which can be easily 3D printed.

The author believes that the only exciting thing about this printing is the possibility it offers for extensive personalization of products, as products and designs can be customized to fit one-off orders, which can cover any product, starting with shoes, food, and more.

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The author believes that it is necessary to monitor these technologies, which will greatly affect human life and society in the future.

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