What are the passports Trump is accusing the FBI of seizing?

Former US President Donald Trump has not stopped raising dust on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice over the raid on his Florida home, as he accused the FBI of stealing three of his passports stole during his recent raid. This raises questions about what the three passports are, why does a former president have them, and to what extent does Trump benefit from expanding the talk of his impeachment?

Questions and speculation

In the context of his public battle with the FBI and the Justice Department, Trump appeared eager to keep the news of the raid and its accurate details at the forefront of the news that controls the US media, which is still busy with the search for everything new related to this unprecedented event in American history.

But Trump’s latest revelation through his social networking platform “Truth Social,” in which he accused the FBI of confiscating three passports he owned during a raid last week, has raised questions and speculation about the nature of the three passports, and whether they are normal or exceptional from a former president, and whether the FBI does not want the former president to leave American soil during the investigation process that is now underway.

While Trump in his post described the confiscation of his passports as an “assault on a political opponent on an unprecedented scale”, people on Twitter wondered why the former president was concerned, and why he had multiple passports, while others speculate that Trump may be planning to travel and flee to another country. A foreigner who has not signed an extradition treaty with the United States, especially since passports can sometimes be confiscated during investigations to prevent ‘ a person leaves the country if charges are expected to be brought against him.

Possible imminent travel

Since the Aug. 8 search of Trump’s home has been linked to possible violations of the Presidential Records Act or the Espionage Act, some have speculated that the FBI is confiscating Trump’s three passports as a formality in the investigation.

While the former president’s office has not announced any upcoming trips to any of his golf resorts in the United Kingdom and Ireland, US website “Politico” cited a number of people familiar with Trump’s future plans as saying that he actively preparing to visit Britain soon despite Final details have not been specified, but local officials have stepped up security measures in anticipation of the visit.

Although one of the passports expired with Trump’s admission on his social platform, it is not unusual for presidents and some government officials to have more than one. What passports are issued by the United States that Trump may have?

Three passports and records

The United States issues several types of passports, including diplomatic passports, which are given to a person traveling abroad to perform duties on behalf of the federal government.

While diplomatic passports cannot be used for leisure or tourist travel, presidents are allowed to keep diplomatic passports after leaving office, but since these black-colored passports are only valid for five years, it is likely Trump’s expired passport . Talk about it, according to Newsweek.

Because the former type of passport is only valid for diplomatic purposes, its holders are encouraged to have the regular dark blue tourist passport that most Americans own, which will likely serve as Trump’s second passport.

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As for the third passport that Trump mentions, it could be the “official” dark red color (maroon) granted to US government officials, and it could also be a foreign passport, knowing that it is unclear whether the former president two citizenship for another country, especially That there are no legal requirements preventing the US president from having dual citizenship.

Official passports are usually issued to Americans who are traveling on missions abroad to serve the US government but are not in the diplomatic service, such as members of the military and their families while on active duty.

In response to Trump’s harsh criticism of the “FBI” for stealing his passports during the confiscation of boxes of documents and documents, the office announced hours after its publication on “Truth Social” that it had returned them, and a Trump’s spokesman revealed an email in which government officials confirmed they had returned the passports and that Trump was wrong in his message because two of the three passports had expired, not just one, like the former president.

The noise continues

However, the outcry over Trump’s passports was not the only one during the past two days, as the Department of Justice announced that it was opposing the request by members of the US media to release the affidavit used by prosecutors to obtain the approval of a federal judge. to search Trump’s house in Florida, and the ministry explained its opposition that the ongoing investigation It refers to top secret material, which is the highest classified classification in the United States, and the document contains sensitive information about witnesses.

Trump also warned in an interview with “Fox News Digital” that terrible things will happen if frustration and anger are not alleviated, noting that the United States is in a very dangerous situation because of what he described as fraud and political pursuit of him.

During the raid, FBI agents recovered more than 20 boxes of items, some described as “top secret,” and a search warrant for Trump’s home showed they found a bundle of papers not only classified as “top secret.” are not marked, but also because they This includes fragmented sensitive information, a special category intended to protect the country’s most important secrets.

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