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NYSE: POLY, today published a new study titled Restructuring Back-to-Office Strategies, in collaboration with WorkTech Research Academy. This study revolves around the race companies face to ensure their teams have equal work experience, whether in the workplace or outside, and the difficulty facing the idea of ​​returning to the office for the majority of employees.

The study highlights the need to think from a broader angle and the most important challenges and opportunities that may arise from the hybrid business model. The desired results of the research aim to achieve the optimal formula for the back-to-office scenario, as it revealed that the majority of organizations are still struggling to find the ideal balance, which in turn their overall productivity will improve regardless of the location of their teams.

Commenting on the matter, Mr. Bob Aoun, Regional Sales Director for the Middle East and North Africa at Poly Company, said: ‘Our study highlights the leading trend that calls for consideration of the benefits of hybrid work. The primary aim of this research was to identify these challenges to overcome later and provide ideas for organizations to help them create a smoother return to the workplace experience as part of their journey towards the optimal hybrid business scenario.’

The study calls on the administrative bodies of the various institutions to work together and pay attention to the demographics, the different behaviors of the workforce and the culture that pushes companies forward.

This research follows another Polley survey which revealed that an effective hybrid strategy is critical to retaining talent, enabling greater productivity and ensuring workers are able to come together and achieve success.

Emerging challenges

The research highlights challenges that can prevent a smooth back-to-office experience, including shifting employee expectations, a lack of equity among workers in remote areas and within the building, meeting rooms inadequately equipped for video conferencing, and increased complexity in information technology management.

Firms with closed structures have also been shown to be ill-equipped with the interdisciplinary thinking and decision-making strategies that would create a more attractive landscape for the back-to-office system. This has led to organizations deploying “guerrilla tactics” to overcome some of these barriers.

Roadmap to hybrid work

According to the new study, which included a meeting with senior leaders in technology and design in London, the focus now shifts to the urgent implementation of agile technology solutions in the workplace as part of the hybrid strategy.

Much of the back-to-office effort by organizations around the world must now focus on redesigning and reallocating workspaces in a hybrid style. It’s a simple recognition that the traditional office no longer meets the workforce’s demands for lower densities, better amenities and more opportunities for face-to-face interaction as well as video calling and remote collaboration technologies.

Technology-based methodology

To facilitate a smooth transition back to the office, technology has played a critical role in reshaping the workplace and stimulating its interactions. According to the study, this role extends from the use of workplace applications, which work to bring together the right people in the right place at the right time, to the use of advanced audio and video systems for effective communication between company brands and cultures.

According to another research by Polly and WorkTech Academy, entitled The Journey to Hybrid Business, 6 out of 10 companies believe they will lose new and existing talent if they do not take real steps towards hybrid business, and less than half of organizations are fully prepared to develop an effective hybrid business strategy, but only 37% of it is prepared in the short term.

The new research suggests that technology is preparing the office for the new era of becoming an advanced hub for remote work as well as face-to-face work. A successful back-to-office experience requires a responsive work environment that uses sensors to provide real-time feedback on building usage patterns. In addition to ensuring that corporate meeting rooms are properly equipped for video conferencing.

‘Implementing a successful IT strategy depends on three key achievements which include: a new culture that drives the organization and not just an IT infrastructure or design plan; A new corporate mindset with separate IT, HR and utilities business units working together in a more holistic way; and a new, more accurate and complex way of looking at the workforce beyond basic staffing calculations.

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