“Al-Ahly” offers the forensic accounting and financial technology programs with a master’s degree

With the beginning of the new academic year, Ahlia University introduces its expansion plan in postgraduate studies and scientific research programs by offering 8 master’s and doctoral degree programs, in addition to the master’s programs in forensic accounting and the master’s degree in financial technology (Fintech). university is one of the leading students who are looking for education of the highest quality and with international standards.

On this occasion, the founding president and chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Abdullah Al-Hawaj, explained the university’s zeal to achieve more achievements in terms of graduating scientific and professional skills that achieve a qualitative addition in the labor market, or in terms of improving the role and prestige played by Ahlia University and the Kingdom of Bahrain in general in the field Research and scientific at the level of the Arab region and the world.

Professor Al-Hawaj noted that the university opened its doors to receive the first two groups to study the Master of Forensic Accounting and the Master of Financial Technology (Fintech), which were introduced by the university after realizing an urgent need felt like presenting these two. majors and graduates financial and economic leaders specialized in serving government and civil institutions related to financial issues, customs affairs, economic crimes, banking and credit hedging, and other financial and economic fields in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region in the common, especially with their modernity not only in the region, but also in the world, as new developments and challenges in the fields of technology, finance and business have imposed the need for them.

For his part, the president of Al-Ahlia University, Professor Mansour Al-Aali, confirmed the university’s intention to expand the provision of postgraduate programs; In order to bridge the gap between the economic and development boom in the region and the need for specialized professional cadres.

The President of the University has confirmed the opening of admission for applications for admission to all postgraduate programs in the first semester 2022/2023, six of them with a master’s degree and two with a doctoral degree.

Professor Al-Aali explained that the postgraduate programs with master’s and doctorate degrees are one of the pillars of the university’s scientific research system, as it aims to refine scientific skills and develop the leadership abilities of its affiliates, as well as its importance in improving the scientific research process.

And he indicated that the university offers 8 graduate programs in which holders of bachelor’s degree qualifications from various disciplines and fields can enroll, the most recent of which is the Master’s Program in Financial Technology “Fintech”, a modern program at the university that aims to meet the needs of the financial and banking sectors for qualified expertise and competences to keep up with technological developments in the field of money and business.

The other program is the Master in Forensic Accounting, as it is one of the most prominent branches of accounting science on which it is based to provide very specialized financial studies and practices in the field of judicial support, as this field helps with audit and analysis of many judicial departments for companies and institutions to take appropriate decisions, or issue General provisions related to accounting operations, as well as the field of criminal accounting helps in the detection of many financial and economic crimes, through a set of accounting rules, principles and foundations that are followed.

The president of the university stated that the university has many other programs with master’s and doctoral degrees, including the master’s degree program in information technology, which is a program open to those interested in technological and administrative fields related to information systems, as well as as a master’s degree program. program in media and public relations, and a master’s degree program in business administration.

Professor Al-Aali referred to 3 other programs offered by the university in partnership with world-renowned universities, which is the master’s degree program in engineering management offered by the university in partnership with George Washington University, and the student receives his degree after graduated from George. Washington University itself. As for the doctoral programs, they are a doctorate in administrative sciences and a doctorate in information technology, both of which are offered by the university in partnership with the UK’s Brunel University. From Brunel University, UK.

The president of the university emphasized that the citizens enrolled in the doctoral programs and their Gulf and Arab brothers have shown high scientific ability in their studies, which has achieved a great success story, since the doctoral program over the past years ‘ attracted a large number of researchers. , academics and owners of prestigious sites.

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