Decor .. 20 bathroom renovation ideas on a budget

An old bathroom might need a few fixtures and a touch of renovation, so how can you achieve this at an affordable price that doesn’t put a strain on your budget? In a recent report, lovePROPERTY offered simple and useful ideas for updating the bathroom at the lowest cost, including:

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1- Make the bathroom door a painting

Why not turn it into a work of art? Painting on wood is wonderful and adds touches of beauty and elegance to the place, and it does not require many lines or colors, a small drawing can do the job, and completely change the door into a different shape, and it doesn’t require a lot of cost, you can do it yourself if you are one of the paint enthusiasts or a handyman, and to complement the look, hang beautifully patterned towels from decorative hooks above the door.

2- Choose a new “shower” or renew some “water mixers”

Dull old mixers or old “shower heads” cause an unpleasant look to the eye, and may be one of the main reasons for your discomfort in your bathroom. You can get faucets and mixers at reasonable prices at well-known wholesale markets in Egypt. downtown, and at this moment you will feel a big difference in the shape of the bathroom. Shower fixtures are an aesthetically pleasing way to update a bathroom on a budget. The update will add instant elegance to the place.

3- A characteristic tiled wall

Do not think that your commitment to a limited budget means that the appearance of the bathroom in the house will remain unsatisfactory for you, one of the simple touches that change its shape at the lowest cost, for example, you can use colored decorative tiles for just one wall, and you will be surprised by the wonderful result, wait for there are discounts in the market, or go down to buy it from the markets that sell at lower prices for lower costs.

4- Put a new mirror

It’s no secret in interior design that mirrors can increase the lightness and sense of space. So it makes sense to add a mirror to one of the smallest rooms in the house, and to spruce it up is very cool, but you don’t have to spend big on a luxury version with automatic lights, the simple circular design of the mirror leaning against the wall can provide the same effect with a sense of psychological calm. It is important to choose the appropriate shape of the bathroom in your home.

5 – Yes… use wallpaper!

Many people ignore wallpaper as impractical in the bathroom, but this is a misconception, as there are types that are moisture resistant, tolerate exposure to water and can really make your space shine when wallpaper is used on one of the walls, choose bright textured wallpaper for a splash of color or try a Budget or brick design to add the illusion of texture.

6 Make use of the roof

The bathroom ceiling is often overlooked. Paint the ceiling in elegant bright or calm colors according to the bathroom design and your taste, or create a modern look by using wooden panels.

7- Clear the existing tiles

Because it is a damp space, bathroom tiles and grout can easily change color and grout. A toothbrush, white vinegar and a little liquid cleaner can make existing tiles look like new again. If stains persist, get a handy grout pen to brighten up the faded tile borders.

8. Create calm with indirect lighting

There is nothing like a harsh bathroom light to spoil the relaxation in the bath. Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with indirect lighting units or bring in very large candles. Amber lighting on the edge of the bathroom will cast soothing pools of light. To keep your space safe, choose realistic LED designs. Under this dim or indirect lighting, you will feel as if you are in a health club.

9 Get rid of everything!

Instead of letting bottles of all shapes and sizes clutter your sink, opt for ‘dispensers’ or small, elegant storage units for a streamlined look. For bonus points, do the same in the bath with smart wall-mounted bottles for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturizer.

10 small locker

It is often best to keep all your products hidden behind cupboard doors. There are many elegant little cabinets that you can put in your bathroom. Whether it’s brown, white or cheerful colors.

11 Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you’ve preferred classic, safe choices in all the other rooms in your home, the bathroom is the place to be brave and try something new. Whether it’s installing decorative floor tiles, adding eye-catching paint effects, or adding some unusual accessories.

12 fun decorations

There are a few everyday essentials that every bathroom needs, from soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to towels. Elevate these essential elements into a part of your bathroom decor on their own by choosing a fun idea and good choices. Choose fun items with animal shapes or cartoon characters, especially if it expresses your love of fun or if you have children.

13 Reward yourself with fresh towels

The easiest way to make your bathroom feel fresh is by using a fresh set of towels. Whether you’re looking for a fresh vibrant color or classic white or brown, a fresh set of towels is sure to set the hotel vibe and freshen up the entire space. Instead of hiding your new purchases in the closet, try hanging your towels on hooks or neatly folded over a chair or the area around the sink.

14- Make wooden panels

Wood paneling is an excellent and often cheaper alternative to wall tiles, but be sure to coat the wood with a protective, water-resistant oil-based paint and only install it in areas that are unlikely to absorb water.

15 goes green

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to create a peaceful space. Turn your bathroom into a peaceful haven by buying some indoor plants and placing them on the windowsill or on the marble around the sink. You can play with levels and hang a plant or two from the ceiling.

16- Choose multifunctional shelves

If space is tight in your bathroom, installing a multitasking shelving unit is a great way to save space. This unit has an arm for hanging towels, while a handy shelf over the bumper provides an extra valuable place to store bathroom essentials.

17. Bring your laundry basket to life

If you have an old, traditional plastic laundry container, it’s time to replace it with an attractive laundry basket that will increase the style factor in your bathroom rather than just serving a purpose. Choose a basket made from natural materials for a modern and tactile look and add matching accessories such as small storage boxes for a coordinated look.

18 Get the vinyl

Vinyl flooring is heavy-duty, waterproof and budget-friendly, making it an ideal solution for low-cost bathrooms. Vinyl now comes in a range of vibrant colors, patterns and finishes. Choose a rich design to create a beautiful floor in a stylish and modern bathroom.

19 – Coordination of accessories

To create a streamlined, coordinated look without clutter, bring in matching bathroom accessories in a contrasting color to your existing decor. Look for soap holders, toothbrush holders and storage containers and match them with towels in the same shade. You can find bathroom accessories at reasonable prices in specialty markets or in most large supermarkets.

20 bath curtains

Don’t underestimate the role that changing small items like the shower curtain can play. Getting rid of your old, faded or bored curtain and getting a new curtain with different colors and patterns can do a lot and touches of adding beauty and joy to your bathroom, for less budget.

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