Morning Bulletin | Al-Azhar reacts to Al-Hilali’s deceptions and massive floods in Yemen, and national security defends Trump

Al-Fateh published a set of local and international news throughout the day as it kept track of events as they unfolded, chief among them Al-Azhar responding to Al-Hilali’s deceptions and massive floods in Yemen , and national security defending Trump, in addition to a number of special reports and statements.

Here are the details..

In response to Al-Hilali.. Overseer of the corridors of Al-Azhar: Any alternative to marriage is an explicit call for distortion and corruption of society by false scholars

Fouad: We seek refuge with God from the one who takes his desires as his god, deceives him with knowledge, seals his hearing and his heart and puts a veil over his face.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Fouad, the scientific supervisor of the corridors of Al-Azhar, the professor of faith and philosophy, and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif followed the statements of the so-called Saad Al-Sharif. Din Al-Hilali regarding the jurists who find solutions to empty the sexual issue of young people, and says: The call of the jurists to find alternative solutions to marriage for young people and on the air directly from this who speaks in the language of scholars, and covering their clothes, is an express invitation to perversion, corruption of society and distance from our values, for illicit relationships, and to follow the tracks of Satan!

And Fuad in his post on his Facebook pointed to the Almighty’s saying: “Have you seen him who accepts his desires as his god, and God leads him astray with knowledge, and seals his hearing and his heart, and sits a veil over his sight? And he put a veil over the face and followed the whims, so that the one described by it does not see the light of God, does not listen to guidance, nor is led to it , rather he trusts himself to himself and submits to his desires and whims.

And the preacher continued: “I hoped that this enlightened jurist would provide the treatment prescribed in the noble prophetic prescription, which was recorded in the books of Sunan on the authority of the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him. He could not, then he must fast, because it is for him and he has come) i.e. whoever is able to provide for marriage, let him marry, otherwise fasting is the solution for him until God makes the matter easy, as long as there is chastity, piety and fear of the Almighty.

Fouad explained that this facilitation was proclaimed by the Holy Qur’an to the chaste young man who fears the forbidden for fear of his Lord. The Almighty said: (And let those who cannot marry be chaste until God gives them from His bounty enriched. ), and adds that God’s enlightenment is always near and that God is kind to his servants as long as they seek chastity and chastity.

Al-Azhar Corridors Supervisor: Al-Hilali For Hours Promoted Temporary Marriage Violating Islamic Law

Fouad Al-Hilali: Do you accept that your son or daughter handles their sexual affairs outside the framework of legal marriage?

Dr. Abdel Moneim Fouad, the scientific supervisor of the corridors of Al-Azhar, the professor of faith and philosophy and the dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, followed the statements of the so-called Saad Al-Sharif. Din Al-Hilali about the jurists who find solutions to download the sexual issue of young people, saying: “What are the jurists doing, O strange space jurists, around the train of marriage that God made A verse from his signs and a reason for stopping. to build the universe and make it a solemn covenant?

The scientific supervisor of the corridors of Al-Azhar posed successive questions to Al-Hilali and said: You have modern genius solutions other than marriage for the difficulties of youth or the need that he stirred from the Lord of the Worlds by to bring, and added: Do they legislate for young people an alternative, which is temporary temporary marriage for a few hours, for example, emphasizing that it is unfortunately what Al-Hilali promotes before a strange jurisprudential infiltration.

Fouad continued in his speech to Al-Hilali: “Do you accept such a solution as a home for your son or daughter, since you are a juris of enlightenment in this era, as your followers claim?!”

Professor Al-Hilali continued: “Why don’t you ask to reduce dowry and not to be excessive in the requirements of marriage, and to abandon the strange customs and traditions that have come to us, such as ( hairdressing and its high expenses, expensive club parties, towels and multiple screens, bedrooms and multiple children, which incapacitates young people and shortens their steps.) On the rising for marriage!

In response to Al-Hilali..Abu Basisa: Underestimating obscenity in the minds and eyes of young people is a crime, an evil and widespread corruption

Solutions to drain the energy of youth exist and are known to every person who has conscience, religion and modesty

After Rajab Abu Basisa, the writer and Islamic preacher, about what the so-called Saad Al-Din Al-Hilali said: “The jurists must find solutions for young people to empty the sexual matter outside the framework of marriage,” and said : ” Glory be to God, this verse responds to Al-Hilali with clarity and candor, as if addressing him personally, and points to the words God Almighty “And God desires to turn to You, and those who follow lusts desire that You prone to a powerful tendency.”

In a post on Facebook, Abu Basisa stressed that the trivialization of indecency in the minds and eyes of young people is a crime, an evil and widespread corruption.

The author pointed out that the solutions exist and are known to every person who has a conscience, religion and modesty, and pointed to the words of God Almighty: “It is not the eyes that are blinded, but the hearts that are in the chest. .”

The author emphasized that the real concern for young people is to show them the truth and guide them to keep sharia, religion and common sense.

Bolton is demanding that the Justice Department release more evidence to justify the search of Trump’s home

Former US national security adviser John Bolton on Thursday demanded that the US Department of Justice release more evidence to justify the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump’s home.

“The Justice Department’s policy of staying quiet about the search of Trump’s home may not be acceptable,” Bolton said, adding that “the department is very reluctant to do so for good reasons, but I think they should be more creative here given the storm.” The political fire they face.”

On August 8, FBI agents obtained a set of classified documents at Trump’s home under a search warrant that US Attorney General Merrick Garland asked the court to disclose last week, in an unusual move.

Bolton spoke a day before U.S. Magistrate Bruce Reinhart heard arguments in federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida, from media seeking the Justice Department to release additional confidential records linked to the search warrant, including those notarized testimony.

Saudi Arabia opposes the IMF’s recommendations to abolish the local petrol price ceiling

The International Monetary Fund report confirmed Saudi Arabia’s opposition to the recommendations to abolish the local gasoline price ceiling, noting that the Saudi government emphasized the importance of maintaining social cohesion.

The IMF report indicated the Kingdom’s emphasis on the importance of ensuring that industries continue to bear the costs of production, and “maintaining social cohesion and ensuring the ability of industries to bear costs while the Kingdom seeks to promote the development of the private sector.”

According to the report published by Al Arabiya channel, the directors welcomed the government’s commitment to financial discipline and budget ceilings for 2022 despite the rise in oil prices.

Dozens of deaths in Yemen.. Floods and torrential rains hit the cities of the happy country

Yemen is undergoing severe climate changes that threaten human life and infrastructure, causing dozens of deaths in the governorates of Al-Bayda, Amran, Dhamar, Hajjah, Ma’rib and Sana’a, according to a statement issued by the World Health. Organization on Wednesday, in which it said that heavy seasonal rains and the resulting massive floods have swept away several governorates in Yemen. Since mid-July, it has caused the deaths of at least 77 people, including children.

The World Health Organization indicated in its statement that the rains and floods also affected more than 35,000 families in 85 districts in 16 governorates, and according to local authorities badly damaged displacement sites and infrastructure, including water supply, public services and property.

The statement indicated that the organization responded quickly to the needs of communities affected by the floods in Yemen, providing health needs and laboratory supplies, and supporting specialized emergency teams and joint field missions with national health authorities and partners in the field of humanitarian work.

It also operated 4 specialized emergency teams and 6 field ambulances, and established 34 points for early detection of epidemics in Ma’rib governorate, in addition to sending more basic emergency health supplies to rapid response teams and emergency medical teams in the governorates of Hajjah, Al Mahwit and Raymah.

A Palestinian was shot dead by the occupation in Nablus

A Palestinian youth was shot dead by the Zionist occupation in pre-dawn clashes Thursday in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian medics said.

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that at least 30 Palestinians were wounded, 4 of whom were shot, and 3 of whom were in critical condition.

Palestinian paramedics reported that the dead young man was Wassim Khalifa (18 years old), from the Balata camp, the largest refugee camp in the West Bank.

Witnesses said the clashes broke out when Israeli forces arrived to protect Jewish worshipers visiting the area of ​​Joseph’s Tomb, a site of tension.

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