Phone calls away from the prying eyes of others and paying for purchases with the palm of your hand

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In the “Digital Bulletin”, Nayla Al-Salibi touches on future technological innovations for a connected person as a silent mask helmet for telephoning in public places away from the curiosity of others, developed by a French startup, Skyted. Amazon introduces an innovative way to pay in its grocery stores with the palm of the hand.

Phone calls in public, away from the prying eyes of others

I think many of the technical followers of Monte Carlo International have experienced prying ears trying to follow their conversation when they make a phone call in a public place.

Everyone has their own way of trying to protect the privacy of their calls, such as putting your hand over your mouth, getting out of the office into an open space if your workplace is an open space, using your car as a using an isolated room, or using a recording studio, as in our radio, to be an open space.

It seems that the solution to this problem may have been found by the French startup Skyted. After two years of research, researchers at the startup Skyted developed,helmet maskCapable of containing the user’s voice to make audio and video calls without being overheard to maintain the confidentiality of the call.


Stéphane Hersen, CEO of startup Skyted, says that “a billion calls are made every day in the world, and voice is the only element that is not secure today.”

The startup targets people who work outside their offices as roving employees as well as senior government officials and diplomats, “who travel and work all over the world.” According to Stéphane Hersen, who conducted a study before launching his design, 30 percent of the world’s population is this type of caller, including 92 million people in the United States.

The new venture is also looking to establish partnerships with airlines that offer wireless connections on their passenger flights.

Innovation will be presented Silent mask helmet officially in Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas early next year 2023.

The Skyted startup is also gearing up for a fundraising campaign to raise investments to develop its R&D department and increase its workforce from 3 to 20 employees within a year.

Will paying with a payment card and a smartphone or smart watch become a thing of the past, after Amazon has rolled out a new payment system?

Imagine that you will soon be able to pay for your purchases without using banknotes, bank cards, smartwatches or smartphones, but simply the palm of your hand to pay.

Remember that during Corona pandemic Go through the company announcement Amazon About a new Amazon Go grocery checkout system that uses the hassle-free palm of the hand.

This innovative payment method was then available in two grocery stores “Amazon Go” in Seattle, then the company placed it in several grocery stores AmazonI mention that here amazon I opened my first store “Amazon Go” In Seattle in 2016, this is a grocery store where customers log in with their smartphone account. The store does not have checkout counters where purchases are recorded with sensors and cameras. When customers leave the store, they receive a message informing them that the price of their purchases has been paid from their bank account.

Customers can today when they enter stores “Amazon Go” And also the “Whole Foods Market” group of stores specializing in the distribution of food for organic products, which she bought Amazon 2017, set up Amazon One payment method by registering their palm with a dedicated device at participating stores, and with the registration of palm identification Biometrics Enter a payment card and phone number before accepting the Terms of Service Amazon.

© Amazon One

It seems that this method of payment by palm will also be adopted by third-party customers, so that the customer buys his needs from these stores And the payment by waving his hand on a special device ends the transaction.

Of course, all these technologies that use fingerprint or hand identification or recognition by the retina of the eye; This raises many questions about data security The unique physicality of each person. And the question is, how do you save and how do you invest? scandals Facebook And other companies confuse us about the use of information technology. Note that the company Amazon Indicates that the images recorded by the device are not stored locally in stores. it is done encode itand forward it cloud server Dedicated to payment technology – Amazon One, where Biological signature It can be recognized from the palm of the user’s hand. And if the user no longer wants to use this payment service, he can delete his data at any time, from the Amazon One device or directly through the services of Amazon on the internet.

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