The Minister of Communications sees the launch of “electronic signature” services in cooperation between “Orange” and “Egypt Trust”

Writing: Wael Al-Toukhi

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, today, Thursday, witnessed the launch of “electronic signature and stamp” services in collaboration between Orange Egypt and Egypt Trust to facilitate the agreement signed between them , to activate. the publication of companies’ and individuals’ contracts on electronic signature services by outlets and branches of Orange.

This comes within the framework of the state’s efforts to expand the provision of digital services to companies, institutions and individuals to support the digital transformation strategy in Egypt, accelerate its implementation and spread its applications to all sectors and fields .

The electronic signature and seal is the legal alternative to signature and is used to sign and certify all types of transactions, documents, requests, electronic correspondence and by e-mail. The electronic seal is the modern equivalent of the company’s seal and represents an electronic signature that enables companies to secure data, transactions and documents.

The minister emphasized that this event represents a steady step in the process of building a digital Egypt, during which large packages of services are provided to citizens based on communication and information technology, as around 150 services are known so far on the digital Egypt platform is set. in collaboration with the sectors that provide these services.

The minister explained that the provision of e-signature services comes within the framework of the second generation of services provided on the platform, which is based on this technology, and therefore it is possible to verify the identity of the citizen and services are available to state to him without requiring his presence at the headquarters of the service delivery.

The Minister emphasized that in 2019 a strategy was started to prepare a strategy to activate the electronic signature system through the amendment to the law issued in 2004 in accordance with modern technologies for the new administrative capital.

He pointed out that the second phase is related to transactions between the government, companies and authorities, including the electronic invoice in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. The electronic receipt system is currently being prepared; Note that the Information Technology Industry Development Agency has prepared an information infrastructure that can accommodate the increasing loads of e-signature verification requests.

The minister added that the third phase is related to cooperation with the private sector to provide electronic signature services to citizens across the republic. He praised the close cooperation between e-signature service providers and telecommunications companies to achieve this.

The minister noted the importance of collaboration between the government and private sectors and civil society organizations to spread societal awareness about the uses of electronic signature technology, especially as the coming period will see the introduction of more services that depend on it.

Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), said that the expansion and distribution of the electronic signature system at the level of the Republic facilitates the acquisition of this important service.

Mahfouz pointed out that the authority injected investments estimated at 55 million pounds in the last 3 years to develop and modernize the operational systems of the Supreme Authority for electronic certification and to improve the capabilities of the human element based on this system. develop. He explained that the authority has also allocated about 75 million pounds for the purpose of establishing an exchange site for the highest root authority for electronic signature in the new administrative capital, in order to meet the increasing demand for electronic signature services and the speed of response. completed. of the system and increases the speed of response to requests for immediate verification of the validity of electronic signature certificates.

Ing Yasser Shaker, CEO of Orange Egypt, indicated that the introduction of electronic signature services comes in partnership with Egypt Trust to spread the uses of electronic signature and stamp on a large scale to include all electronic transactions, as the electronic signature is one of the most important catalysts to accelerate the digital transformation in Egypt. He added that Orange Egypt is always consolidating its position in the Egyptian market as a major provider of all digital transformation technologies and applications and smart solutions through various partnerships and agreements with professional entities specialized in their digital fields.

Engineer Mohamed Kiwan, CEO of Egypt Trust, said about the company’s efforts to develop its effective role in the distribution of electronic signature and electronic stamp services by introducing our services in Orange branches.

Egypt Trust is the first company to issue electronic signatures and seals in Egypt, highlighting Egypt Trust’s capability and accumulated experience in providing its services over the past 15 years, serving companies and individuals through service delivery outlets enabled by the Information Technology -industry approved. Development Authority.

He continued, “The introduction of electronic signature and stamp services in Orange branches is a new success station of the success stations of Egypt Trust, through which we will further expand to reach the largest user base for electronic signature in Egypt to facilitate our services and our customers.”

The two parties announced during the service launch ceremony that the first phase of operation will begin at the Orange branches in Abbas El Akkad Street in Nasr City and the Orange branch in Al Mesaha Square in Dokki, and that the two branches are currently fully prepared is to receive citizens, financiers and companies to complete the procedures for obtaining signature and electronic stamp certificates, and then continue to operate the service in the rest of the country. Branches in Alexandria, Mansoura, Ismailia and Assiut governorates as a second phase, then the interim operation process continues to include all governorates at the level of the Republic.

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