Emirates Palace.. a tourist attraction titled luxury and luxury

Abu Dhabi: Adnan Najm

The Emirates Palace is a prominent tourist landmark in the capital, Abu Dhabi, with its unique location with a unique view of the Arabian Gulf, its magnificent design, multiple facilities and quality services, which have made it the ideal destination for tourists and visitors. what’s coming to Abu Dhabi, and urged them to stay there, to record unforgettable memories.

Emirates Palace is 3 km from the center of the capital, about 40 km from Abu Dhabi International Airport, and 180 km from Dubai International Airport. It provides a luxury transport service to its visitors and guests, using a fleet of luxury cars.

The Emirates Palace has attracted the attention of various authorities, companies and institutions to organize the most important events and occasions of a local, regional and global character. It has also been a destination for individuals and families, from the Emirates, the countries of the Arabian Gulf region, and the rest of the world, to hold weddings and happy occasions, in an atmosphere that exceeds expectations, all around this pleasant and important events in this global tourist landmark.

The Emirates Palace has won a large number of international tourism awards as it is a luxury destination for those looking for accommodation in an atmosphere of luxury and luxury. It also topped the list of the most popular luxury hotels, with its various amenities and services for guests and guests. It organizes many celebrations and fireworks, in conjunction with the national events of the UAE.

Organizing events

The Emirates Palace is the preferred destination for companies and institutions to organize local, regional and international events and conferences, due to the presence of halls and conference centers that accommodate large numbers of participants, in addition to the availability of the latest devices and equipment for lighting, sound and others, making it the ideal place to organize events.

The Emirates Palace Hotel was opened in February 2005 to be an important addition to the tourism sector in Abu Dhabi as it helped to meet the increasing demand for hotel rooms in view of the high number of visitors and tourists coming to the capital city, Abu Dhabi, and the need to establish a tourist attraction of a global nature. .

This important tourist attraction has attracted the attention of everyone from the world, as it has witnessed presidential and government delegations, senior officials, personalities and businessmen, to live there, organize meetings and meetings and discuss opportunities for cooperation and partnerships, which made it the ideal. destination to discuss business and investments and strengthen relationships.

the main building

The main building of the palace extends over a distance of 1,000 meters, and includes a number of gardens and spacious grounds on an area of ​​100 hectares. It also includes 114 domes, the most prominent of which is the central one, which is 73 meters high, and includes 1002 chandeliers, the largest of which weighs 2.5 tons, in addition to two handmade tapestries with a photo of the hotel itself, each weighing 1,000 kg.

In the Emirates Palace, there are a number of shops with international brands, displaying the latest jewelry, jewelry, luxury watches and clothing. There is also a branch of one of the most important banks in the country, and a number of cash withdrawal machines, providing a range of international restaurants, important facilities and quality services, giving visitors a luxurious and pleasant stay that will not be forgotten become

Rooms and suites

The palace suites and rooms are characterized by high levels of luxury, to provide the absolute luxury for guests and guests, and it includes 302 luxury rooms and 70 suites, including 40 luxury suites, 4 presidential suites and 16 royal suites, and each of them has three bedrooms, and these suites can be divided into 48 independent suites, each one bedroom.

The luxury rooms and suites are regularly distributed in the hotel’s west and east wings, each with its own reception area, and both have access to the beach, pool and fitness center.

The rooms and suites are designed and equipped with the highest levels of royal luxury, and include modern and technical entertainment, and include wireless touch control panels, and guests and guests can fully control all existing appliances and systems, such as lighting, central air . conditioning, and entertainment and entertainment systems of all kinds.

International Conference Center

The palace’s conference center is considered one of the most luxurious centers in the UAE and the Arab Gulf States, as it is equipped with the latest technologies and facilities, including a hall for lectures and meetings, and a banquet hall that can accommodate a large number of guests varying between 1,100 and 2,400 people. It also includes 40 meeting rooms and shops for international luxury brands.

The palace contains 6 large balconies, and a large number of corners for toilets, receptions and others, where individuals and visitors can enjoy the breaks, and these facilities host celebrations and meetings.

The Emirates Palace offers the ideal and appropriate capabilities for individuals, families and companies to organize outdoor events, events, dinners and receptions, and to enjoy organizing these activities in the palace’s large and spacious gardens, where greenery spaces are distributed. out, and beautiful trees are spread among them.

Relaxation times

The palace receives tourists and visitors daily, as delegations coming to the capital visit this landmark, as well as residents and visitors of the capital who like to visit the Emirates Palace and spend time looking at its various sections and the facilities available to enjoy Guests and guests can spend enjoyable times of relaxation in a number of health and leisure facilities, and practice various sports activities.

It includes a spa offering body care treatments.

beautiful beach

Emirates Palace includes a beautiful 1.3 km long beach, as well as two luxurious swimming pools; On the east side of the hotel there is a separate Jacuzzi and a children’s pool. As for the western side, it includes the adventure pool, which includes water games, waterfalls and a children’s pool as well.

The palace includes tennis courts to practice this important sport, and offers a private trainer to teach guests and guests to practice it. It also includes a dive center with an official license. It also offers a variety of water sports.

There are also many fun activities on the beach that children can enjoy, such as swings, face painting, and more.

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