Prices of private universities 2022 .. Medicine is 175 thousand pounds .. Dentistry is 170 thousand .. Pharmacy starts from 78 thousand to 160 thousand .. Engineering reaches 108 thousand .. Economics, political science and business administration are at 93,500.

The British University includes 11 colleges, which are the Colleges of Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Dentistry, Nursing, Law, Communication and Media, Art and Design, Pharmacy, Computer Science and Information Systems, Economics and Political Science and Business Administration, Arts. and Humanities..

The following is a list of programs and study prices in the faculties of the British University, except the rates of discounts and grants determined by the university for high school students according to the total, and excluding administrative fees.

Faculty of Economics, Political Science and Business Administration, the college enrollment price is 93,500 pounds, and it includes 3 main departments::

Political science, economics, business administration.

The Department of Business Administration includes the following majors (Accounting and Finance – Marketing – Human Resource Management – International Business – Entrepreneurship and Sustainability).

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems 78,500 thousand pounds, and includes the following specializations :

Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence.

The Faculty of Engineering is 108,500 thousand pounds, and it includes the following specializations :

“Electrical and Communication Engineering – Mechanical Engineering – Architectural Engineering – Civil Engineering – Computer Engineering – Chemical Engineering – Construction Engineering and Management – Mechatronics and Robotics”.

College of Dentistry 170,000, which includes the specialization of oral and dental medicine and surgery .

College of Communication and Media 88500 and includes the following specializations :

“Press and New Media – Radio and Television – Integrated Marketing Communications – Film and Media Studies”.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has the following specializations :

Psychology 63500 _ English language and literature 50500 _ Chinese language 50500 thousand pounds.

College of Energy and Environmental Engineering 78500 and includes the following majors :

Renewable mechanical energy engineering _ renewable electrical energy engineering _ biochemical engineering _ petroleum engineering and gas technology _ sustainable environmental architecture.

College of Art and Design 108500 and includes the following majors :

“Fine Arts – Painting and Media – Fashion and Textiles – Architectural Design”.

The College of Pharmacy includes the following specializations :

“Pharm D Pharmacy 105 thousand pounds _ Pharmacy Pharm D clinical 115 thousand pounds”.

The Faculty of Law is 53,500 thousand pounds and grants a bachelor’s degree in law

The College of Nursing is 25,250 thousand pounds, and it awards a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The following is published about the faculties of Al-Nahda University in Beni Suef and their prices, as the university includes 9 faculties, specializations and study programs .

Faculty of Human Medicine 87500 thousand pounds per semester

Faculty of Oral and Dental Sciences 64500 per semester

Faculty of Physiotherapy 44500 per semester

College of Pharmacy 49500 per semester

College of Computer Science 24000 per semester

College of Media and Public Relations 22500 per semester

College of Business English 22500 per semester

Arab College of Business Administration 13500 per semester

College of Engineering 34100 per semester .

The seventh day publishes the list of faculties and study programs at Heliopolis University, where the university includes 5 faculties, namely engineering, pharmacy, physical therapy, bio-agriculture, business administration and economics..

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Heliopolis University £ 105 thousand The faculty includes the following departments and specializations:-

Medicines and medicinal plants

pharmaceutical chemistry

Biochemistry and biotechnology

Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Technology

pharmacy practice

Medicines and poisons

Microbiology and public health

Faculty of Bio-Agriculture, the fees are estimated at around 43 thousand pounds, in addition to the administrative fees, and this includes departments:-

Organic crop production

food processing technology

Faculty of Engineering 64,500 thousand pounds and includes the following disciplines

basic sciences

civil engineering


green architecture


Faculty of Physiotherapy, the expenses are estimated at around 90 thousand pounds, and it includes the following specializations:-

Basic sciences and biomechanics

Natural treatment for internal and nervous diseases

A natural remedy for women’s and children’s health

Natural treatment for orthopedic diseases and general surgery

Faculty of Business and Economics, the expenses are estimated at around 54 thousand pounds, and this includes the following specializations :-

Business management


Heliopolis University also offers a graduate program at the Faculty of Pharmacy, which is a master’s degree program in pharmacology 12000 and a diploma in pharmacology at £15,000..

Sinai University, under the leadership of dr. Hatem Al-Balk, announced the faculties and specializations for admission to the new academic year 2022/2023 in its two branches in Arish and Qantara in Ismailia for high school students and the equivalent of Arabic and foreign equivalent certificates.

Sinai University offers its faculties through the two branches of Al-Arish and Al-Qantara, which include the faculties of pharmacy, medicine and oral and dental surgery, and the Faculty of Engineering, which includes specializations: civil and architectural engineering in the specializations of interior design, architecture and planning, and electrical and computer engineering in the disciplines of: electronic and communication engineering, power engineering, electrical machines, computer engineering and control and communication and information engineering, in addition to mechanical engineering in the disciplines: design and production engineering, mechanical power engineering , mechatronics engineering, as well as biomedical engineering.

It also includes the College of Information Technology, which includes computer science programs, software engineering, information systems, decision support and information technology, the College of Media, which includes radio, television, print and electronic journalism, and marketing communications, and the College of Business Administration, which manages , accounting, marketing, finance and investment..

The university indicated that to facilitate the students, they can apply through the official website of the university or through the administrative headquarters in Cairo, or apply at the university campus in the two branches of Al-Arish and Ismailia..

Regarding the prices of the faculties of the Arish branch,

108 045 faculty of Pharmacy

155 710 Faculty of Dentistry

62 206 College of Engineering

Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science 41490

As for the faculties of the Qantara branch,

120 499 faculty of Pharmacy

162,595 Faculty of Dentistry

117 195 School of Physiotherapy

69,030 College of Engineering

53,730 College of Information Technology and Computer Science

50 441 English College of Mass Communication

45 162 College of Media Arabic

51 652 College of Business Administration

The following is the list of faculties at the Egyptian Chinese University, which includes the faculties of physical therapy, pharmacy and drug technology, engineering and technology, and international economics and trade..

The price list of the Egyptian Chinese University faculties is coming :

Physiotherapy 98 thousand pounds.

Pharmacy and drug technology 78 thousand pounds.

Engineering and technology 56 thousand pounds.

Economics and International Trade 44 thousand pounds.

It is worth noting that these prices are in addition to the percentages of grants and discounts decided by the university for high school students..

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