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today’s events – With the announcement of the results of the Tawjihi in Jordan for high school students 2022, in this article we review for our dear students the acceptance rates in official Jordanian universities for the undergraduate and bridging levels.

We first start by reviewing the expectations of the minimum limits for universities in Jordan for the new academic year, which students and parents can see now, and we will update the data as soon as additional updates on the rates are issued. Here are the minimum competitive averages for the bachelor’s degree of the Jordanian Tawjihi for the academic year 2021-2022, according to the university and specialization:

Minimum limits for competitive rates at the University of Jordan:

Civil Engineering: 87.30

Electrical Engineering: 88.40

Mechanical Engineering: 87.70

Chemical Engineering: 90.45

Business Information Technology: 83.55

Data Science: 87.55

AI: 65.00

Mathematics: 83.30

Life Sciences: 84.30

Environmental and Applied Geology: 73.7 5 Horticulture and Crops: 76.80

Plant protection: 74.70

Landscaping and flower production: 77.70

Animal production: 77.30

Land, Water and Environment: 75.50

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management: 77.75

Funding: 90.05

Marketing: 91.25

MISS: 90.45

Public administration: 89.25

Business Economics: 88.80

English language and literature: 94.15

Applied English: 96.40

French language and literature86.95

Date: 85.45

Geography: 85.30

Philosophy: 82.85

Sociology: 86.75

Social work: 84.75

Library and Information Science: 84.85

Islamic banks: 87.35

Bonds: 83.50

Heritage Resource Management: 81.65

Tourism Administration: 85.95

Physical Education: 88.35

Minimum limits for competitive rates at Yarmouk University:

Electronics Engineering: 80.65

Communication Engineering: 81.45

Electrical Power Engineering: 80.15

Biomedical Systems Engineering: 84.85

Biomedical Informatics Engineering: 82.50

Mechanical Engineering/Design Technology: 80.10

Computer Science: 81.80

Computer Information Systems: 79.60

Mathematics: 80,40

Physics: 77.80

Medical and Biophysics: 81.60

Chemistry: 80,30

Life Sciences: 79.70

Earth and Environmental Sciences: 73.35

Statistics: 72.75

General Administration: 77.90

Accounting: 84.75

Finance and Banking: 81.10

Marketing: 80.45

Business and Finance Economics: 77.95

Economy: 79.15

English language and literature: 88.80

Modern languages ​​- French: 81.00

Translation: 87.45

Hebrew: 76,75

Turkish: 77.70

Date: 81.55

Political Science: 78.85

Sociology and Social Work: 78.60

Class teacher/woman: 85.65

Psychological counseling: 83.25

Child education/female: 81.40

Origin of debt: 77.55

Islamic Studies / Islamic Education: 79.50

Islamic Studies / Family Studies: 77.65

Islamic Studies / Dawah and Islamic Media: 76,80

Economics and Islamic Banking: 78.05

Bonds: 76.35

Anthropology: 75.85

Conservation and management of heritage resources: 68.45

Tourism Administration: 76.65

Tour guide: 75.45

Hotel Management: 76.10

Public Relations and Advertising: 79.85

Pressure: 82.15

Physical Education: 81.95

Minimum limits for competitive rates at Mutah University:

Cosmetology and cosmetics: 82.50

Architecture: 86.07

Civil Engineering: 80.20

Computer Engineering: 80.25

Computer Engineering / Computer and Network Security: 80.00

Mechanical Engineering: 80.00

Chemical Engineering: 80.00

Electrical Engineering – Communication: 80.30

Electrical Engineering – Power and Control: 80.05

Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Powers and Energy: 80.10

Civil Engineering – Water and Environment: 80.75

Laboratory Medical Sciences: 82.75

Physics: 71.90

Chemistry: 74.15

Industrial Chemistry: 75.70

Life Sciences: 73.80

Mathematics: 74.40

Computer Science: 76.55

Computer Information Systems: 74.20

Software Engineering: 78.40

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: 77.90

Security of information and digital evidence: 75.70

Plant production: 67.85

Livestock production: 65.75

Nutrition and food industry: 81.05

Integrated prevention and control: 66.30

Business Administration: 76.40

General Administration: 74.25

Accounting: 76.90

Marketing: 75.00

Management Information Systems: 73.90

Business and Financial Economics: 72.50

Finance and Banking: 74.05

Crisis management: 76.10

Arabic language and literature: 78.40

English language and literature: 81.90

European languages: 73.95

Translation: 78.75

Rights: 89.25

Class teacher / female: 78.15

Counseling and mental health: 74.50

Psychology: 79.45

Special Education: 72.55

Fiqh and its foundations: 76,90

Debt origination: 75.10

Physical Education: 74.80

Sports qualification: 76.45

Athletic Training: 74.75

Sociology: 72.00

Geography: 76.20

Political Science: 72.95

Archeology and Tourism: 72.05

Date: 74.50

Minimum limits for competitive rates at the Hashemite University:

Computer Engineering87.50

Mechatronics Engineering83.85

Medical Engineering87.90

Industrial Engineering85.85

Mechanical Engineering80,90

Civil Engineering80.25

Electrical Engineering80.00

Computer science and its applications81.70

Software Engineering83.05

Computer Information Systems80.70

Business Information Technology78.25

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence83.00

Life Sciences80,90


Geology and Environment69.65

Land and Water Management66.50

Business Administration83.75


Hotel Management79,80


Financial Economics72.47

Financial and Banking Sciences83.60

International Relations and Strategic Studies80.85

English Language and Literature89.95

Early Childhood Education/Female 80.05

Psychological counseling 83.40

Class teacher / female 83.30

Art Education Teacher78,40

Management of heritage resources and museums65.80

Conservation Science65.00

Tourist Administration 79.40

Minimum limits for competitive rates at the University of Science and Technology:


Civil Engineering84.60

Electrical Engineering82.15

Mechanical Engineering83.15

Chemical Engineering87.65

Industrial Engineering88.20

Health administration and policies 80.05

Computer Science87.00

Computer Information Systems83.10

Software Engineering85.65




Biotechnology and genetic engineering87.30

Plant production81.30

Animal production81.45

Land and Irrigation78.05

Minimum limits for competitive rates at Al al-Bayt University:

Civil Engineering80.10

Surveying Engineering80.15

Renewable and sustainable energy engineering83.20

Computer Information Systems76.05

Management Information Systems77.45

Computer Science78.35

Systems and information security74.20

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence78.50




Life Sciences75.30

Applied Earth and Environmental Sciences66.65

GIS and remote sensing68.70

Business Administration77.10

Finance and Banking74.95


Accounting Information Systems76.95

Political Science75.50

Arabic language and literature 82.10

English language and literature82.65

Language and literature / French-English 78.55


Spanish – English81.65

Law 87.15

Child education / female 75.45

Class teacher / female77.05

Special Education75.35

Fiqh and its foundations75.95

Debt Origination75.40

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