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Misr Informatics University has announced the opening of the door for application and direct admission to high school students and equivalent certificates or foreign certificates who wish to enroll in it from the university’s website, in accordance with the policies for the development of mechanisms for the student admission system in universities, to in order to secure the interest of students and facilitate them to achieve their desires.

Admission to the four faculties of Misr Informatics University (engineering, computer and information sciences, business technology, digital art and design) and the 16 academic programs it offers depends on the rules and conditions set by the Supreme Council of Private Universities.

In accordance with the state’s directives in upgrading the academic education system through a twinning contract with major international universities, the Misr Informatics University has concluded agreements and partnerships with prestigious universities with high international ratings to grant students double degrees, so that successful students a scientific degree from Misr Informatics University in addition to other foreign universities. The successful candidates will spend their final year at the partner’s campus abroad, with some of the integrated courses offered by the partner university during the first years of their studies at the Misr Informatics University premises.

During the last academic year, Misr University of Informatics signed an agreement with the American University of Minnesota Twin Cities (which ranks twenty-ninth in computer science according to the (US News) classification for 2021, and it was agreed to a double degree from Misr University of Informatics and Purdue West University The American Lafayette, which according to the (US News) classification for the year 2022 is fourth in engineering, in the computer engineering program, as well as electrical engineering (electronics and communications).

Misr Informatics University has a prestigious university system, as it relies on theoretical and applied study in its advanced laboratories, which are designed with the standards and specifications of the largest international advanced universities, major international classifications in their specializations. The university also organizes an intensive summer training program for its students, to tax their research and practical skills through practical training, either in colleges or international companies operating in Egypt to qualify them in an optimal way for the labor market.

Fees of the faculties of Misr Informatics University

– Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, and the value of the college fees for Egyptian students is 103,440, after a reduction of 40%, in addition to the scholarships decided by the university and according to the total obtained by students, from which they can choose the following programs:

Computer system security and cyber security

Graphic and electronic games

– Artificial intelligence

Data science and engineering

– Software engineering

The College of Engineering, the value of the study is 108,360 after a 40% discount, in addition to the scholarships determined by the university College students are allowed to choose from the following courses:

– Electronics and communication

– Computer Engineering

– the industrial engineering

Mechatronics and robotics engineering

– College of Business Technology, and the expenses in the college are estimated after a reduction of 45 percent, 90,110 pounds, for Egyptian students, and besides the percentage of grants and discounts decided by the university. College students are allowed to choose from the following tracks:

Business management analysis

Business Technology Management

E-commerce and digital marketing

Entrepreneurship and creativity


– Accounting

– Faculty of Digital Art and Design, the expenses are estimated after a reduction of 45% from 104,060 pounds, in addition to the percentage of scholarships determined by the university. College students are allowed to choose from the following tracks:

Interactive design

– animation

Electronic Game Design

Modern media art

– graphic design

User Experience Design

It is worth noting that the mentioned tuition fees for Egyptian high school students are not the same as tuition fees for foreign students

The Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Informatics University last month approved the expenses of the academic year 2022-2023 and grants to new students for the next academic year 22-23, since the percentage of 40% for all new students in the faculties of engineering and computer and information sciences, and 45% in the faculties of business technology This discount will continue for the duration of the study, digital art and design. This is in addition to graded scholarships based on the student’s academic excellence in the General Secondary Certificate and equivalent certificates, up to 60% for students enrolling in the Faculties of Engineering or Computer and Information Sciences, and 65% for those enrolling in the College of Business Technology or the College of Digital Art and Design

It is noteworthy that Misr Informatics University is the first university in the Middle East and Africa specialized in the field of communication and information technology and the areas affected by it. The fields of information and communication technology, located in the Knowledge City in the New Administrative capital

Misr Informatics University includes 4 faculties: (computer and information sciences, engineering, business technology, digital art and design) and offers 16 specialized educational programs to meet the labor market’s need for specialists in the latest fields of information and communication technology, such as: artificial intelligence and data engineering, the fourth industrial revolution and industry Electronic and communication sciences, financial technology and e-marketing, animation art, user experience and electronic game design

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