After repeated fires, safety measures should be followed to avoid electrical accidents

Basant El Sharkawy:

Posted on: Sunday 21 August 2022 – 21:18 | Last update: Sunday 21 August 2022 – 21:18

Over the past few days, there have been repeated incidents of fires affecting public facilities, the most recent of which was the fire that broke out in Carrefour City Center Alexandria last night, Saturday, and the flames and thick smoke increased, and before the tragic accident at Abu Seven Church in Giza, which killed 41 people, Due to a short circuit due to a malfunction of the air conditioner after a power failure and then returned.

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To a large extent, household electrical appliances, especially air conditioners and generators, are damaged due to the intense weather during summer, which can cause devastating fires.

Al-Shorouk offers some tips for the maintenance of these devices to avoid fires and save lives, according to specialized experts, and recommended by the American University of Cleveland website.

1. Installation of a fire extinguisher system, emergency exit and fire extinguisher

It is indispensable to install a fire extinguisher system and assign an emergency exit, whether in public buildings or inside houses, because it is the only lifeline from death, and a fire extinguisher must be provided in the house and public buildings to reduce the chances of fire spread.

2. Generator

Annual or even semi-annual generator maintenance and inspection is very important to ensure that it will not cause problems in the future, and should be done at least twice a year, to prevent many potential problems.

Parts such as the brush, motor and commutator can start to ignite without proper maintenance, and these sparks can ignite any fumes or spill gasoline; This in turn could cause the generator to catch fire, and the gas tank could then explode.

When fueling diesel generators, make sure that the tank is not overfilled and no fuel is wasted during the process, the generators should only fill 80-85% of the fuel capacity because if the fuel expands, it will not expand and leak. not from the tank.

Before filling the alternator, turn off the alternator for at least ten minutes and allow it to cool before adding fuel, as fuel spilled on hot engine parts can ignite.

Regularly check the generator for any gas leaks, by smelling which is the easiest way to identify any leaks, and if you identify a leak, close the fuel valve until the leak is identified and fixed, and make sure the fuel regulator is set on the appropriate setting recommended by the The manufacturer in order not to give the generator excessive suspended fuel and not to be consumed, it is preferable to buy a generator from a known source and install it from a specialized technician.

3. Air conditioner

– Clean filters

The air filters in the air conditioner become dirty after prolonged use, which can become clogged with dust and dirt and cause many problems.

As a result, your air conditioner will make a loud noise and will not release the right amount of air. To fix this, clean the filters every 3 months, you can do it yourself or contact the specialists.

If you use disposable filters, change the filters every year for maximum performance.

– Close the room tightly

Closing the room tightly will prevent cold air from escaping to the outside, because as cold air escapes, the air conditioner works very hard to get more air into the room.

And if the air conditioner works too hard to get the cold air out, it can overheat and be damaged, so the room needs to be tightly sealed and hot air out.

Turn off the air conditioner when not needed

Some people like to keep their air conditioner on just to keep the room cool when they come back, but this is never an ideal solution because it makes the air conditioner overwork.

Keep your room in the shade

Close the windows and draw the curtains so that sunlight does not enter the room while the air conditioner is running, because the sun carries ultraviolet rays and can make the room very hot, especially in summer.

In the event that ultraviolet rays enter the room, the air conditioner will have to pump a large amount of cold air, which forces the air conditioner to work with great effort and thus increase the temperature of the device.

Use ceiling fans with the air conditioner

Using ceiling fans with air conditioners is an effective way to save energy and keep your room cool, as the fan circulates and distributes air throughout the room.

This method helps to cool the air faster, and the air conditioner does not need to spend a lot of energy, and it helps to extend the life of the air conditioner.

Place the air conditioner in a large area

Installing the air conditioner in a spacious area has many advantages, and the air will flow smoothly throughout the room.

Both the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner must be installed in a large area, so make sure that the two places are free of columns, walls or any other obstacles such as large furniture, as it must accommodate both indoor and outdoor air conditioners. parts comfortably, so installing it in a narrow place will not make it work efficiently.

Use a smart thermostat

A smart programmable thermostat can reduce your electric bills as it can understand the right temperature needed for your room and adjust the air conditioner accordingly.

In this way, the air conditioner will no longer have to pump out cold air and pressurize itself. If your air conditioner is not automatically programmable, set the thermostat temperature between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius, which is usually normal room temperature.

Cleaning the air conditioner vents

The room vents should be cleaned every 3 or 4 months so that dust does not accumulate inside the vent, because if there is dirt and dust in these vents, it not only obstructs the flow of air; Rather, dirt particles will be released into the room, and if you inhale them, they can cause an allergic reaction and other health problems, which are especially worrisome for children and the elderly.

– Make sure the outdoor unit is clean (compressor)

The importance of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is no less important than the importance of the indoor unit, because if the outdoor unit is somehow damaged, the indoor unit will not work efficiently.

To ensure this does not happen, keep the outdoor unit clean at all times, use a dust repellent device and wash it seasonally with water to improve the quality of work.

– Perform regular maintenance

Even after following all the above steps, there will be times when the air conditioner will malfunction or show signs of damage; In this case, you should repair this damage as soon as possible to make the air conditioner last longer.

Even if there are no signs of damage, a maintenance check should be done every 4-5 months to know the general condition of the air conditioner.

Failure to maintain will slowly reduce the performance and longevity of the air conditioner, and if the air conditioner is over 5 years old, the filters and vents should be cleaned and the gas changed every 3 months.

4. Gas heater

First, gas heaters should be purchased from certified companies to ensure safety factors to prevent leakage.

Install the gas heater by the manufacturer and do not hire a non-company technician to ensure that the heater is securely and tightly connected to avoid an explosion.

It is necessary to install the gas regulator and not connect the gas directly to the heater to prevent an explosion disaster.

Constant inspection of the connections to ensure there are no leaks.

Do not remove the safety assembly or rubber on the heater to use it directly, as leakage and explosion may occur.

It is necessary to turn off the gas flame before going to sleep and to close the gas valve, because most deaths occur during sleep.

5. Electric heater

An electric heater is more dangerous than a gas heater. If any technical fault occurs in it, it immediately causes electric shock, which leads to death. Therefore, the following steps must be taken to prevent technical malfunctions:

Installing a thermostat for the heater to separate the electricity when the temperature rises to avoid the explosion caused by steam pressure.

Ensure its effectiveness and the continuity of the thermostat’s work.

Ensure a strong thermal breaker that separates electricity from water by purchasing the heater from guaranteed companies.

The heater bowl must always be cleaned of deposits and rust to prevent steam build-up and therefore an explosion.

To prevent electrocution due to poor connections, the heater should be purchased from certified companies.

The need to install the heater from the company and not resort to a technician.

It is necessary to turn off the electricity to the heater before going to sleep.

6. Butane gas

Gas leakage can occur due to the poor connection of the gas in the stove, so it should be purchased from unidentified certified companies.

The gas connection to the gas cylinder must be constantly checked, and the connecting valve must be tightened on both sides and changed periodically.

Leaks can originate from the gas burner switches and should be checked regularly.

Make sure that all gas burners’ switches are closed after the end of use.

The necessity of closing the gas valve or cylinder before going to sleep.

7. Gas tube

Avoid shaking the gas cylinder to prevent damage to the valve and therefore gas leakage.

Test the cylinder when purchased to ensure valve integrity.

Make sure that the connection between the cylinder and the stove is installed correctly and firmly.

In the event of a fire, pull the cylinders out of the appliances and remove them from the house.

It is necessary to close the cylinder stop before going to sleep.

8. Misconduct

Do not leave the phone charger plugged in and go to sleep, as this can cause the battery to swell or the phone to heat up in a way you would not expect, and a short circuit and a fire in the whole house.

Also, avoid buying inferior bulbs that get very hot, and avoid sleeping while using the electric heater because of the disasters and deaths it caused in several homes in Egypt last winter.

Some electrical appliances should also be unplugged before going to bed, such as the kettle, blender, television, iron and vacuum cleaner, or an electrical outlet can be used that has the button designated for it, instead of repeatedly removing the plug of the electricity.

Also, do not leave lit candles or food on the fire before going to bed or leaving the house, and close the gas outlet of the stove and the other of the gas heater when you go to bed or leave the house.

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