Decorative additions to rejuvenate the modern home

Residential apartment owners desire to renew the interior decoration, but economic conditions or busy diaries with responsibilities may not allow waiting for the completion of interior design work, which can often take a long time. However, to deepen the sense of place, simple adjustments can suffice; Interior architects value every detail in the home, and the role it plays, whether the latter is functional or aesthetic. Interior decoration is a game of many details, as each, however small, ensures that a new scene is attractive to the eye.
According to the interior design engineer Cynthia Karam, the renovation of the house, and the radical change of its interior decoration, requires redistribution of the interior spaces, as well as painting the walls and making design changes to the floors and ceilings, a part of which is occupied by plasterboard carried out according to old methods.” On the other hand, there is another kind of apartment renovation, without the owners incurring many expenses, or waiting a long time for the work to be completed. In this context, there are many tips and ideas , according to the engineer, and focuses on changing furniture and buying a new one, ensuring that the appearance of the decor is changed, or even reupholstering the furniture and making modifications to its designs, especially sofas, cushions and tables (side and those for the coffee that is in the middle of the living room or area Reception). The engineer says that “simple updates can in turn make a difference, as when a selected corner designed in the house by spreading shade plants in it and choosing candles for it, while using an accessory that combines lighting and decoration, the floor as a place, and creates shadows.” And she expands on her idea, saying that ” any carefully chosen accessory for a corner in the room, regardless of its function, to create a certain atmosphere in the decor, will turn the eyes to it.”

Giorgia Mirror (Image via horchow’s website)

On the other hand, the engineer attaches importance to home lighting, pointing out that “the selection of new units from it achieves the desired desire for change.” She points out that “reworking the floors and covering them with new, popular materials, such as: “concrete” in the “modern” house, or thin ceramic or “vinyl”, is no longer a workshop that spans days not required.

Significant changes to the decor

Changes to the dining room include the addition of a chandelier above the table (Image via Interiors, in Dubai)
  • In the open reception area, its sections are stacked on top of each other, part of the budget is used to change the lighting units installed in the ceiling, and a large chandelier is added in a way that hangs over the dining table and approaches it bring to it And replace the carpet covering the floor, choosing the piece (or pieces) designed from a light material, simple in design, while keeping the carpet flat throughout the year, even in the warm months, in addition the exchange of the works of art that decorate the wall, with different innovations and art in the field The above (photos, paintings made of metal or mixed materials…) and the choice of different covers for cushions and wallpaper that can occupy one wall to “changing the mood” of the room or even all the walls.
    A pair of Cartier accessories

  • In the living room, the curtains or the covers of the moving cushions are replaced, in harmony with the prevailing identity of the decor. In addition, a straw basket is placed in the corner to hold the blanket, or even candles and shade plants are distributed.
  • In the kitchen, which includes old wooden cabinets, the engineer asks to replace the cupboard shelves with those made of a material that has recently been used. In the same space, and for the sake of renovation, it is correct to add an “island” for use in sitting or working, with the piece supported by two pairs of high chairs.
  • In the child’s bedroom, neon lighting, writing a specific phrase on the wall, makes a difference in the decor, as does the installation of the shelf on the wall, the provision of the shelf of embedded pictures, or even the application of wallpaper that is known for the decor finally. In this context, the engineer points out that “the wallpaper is enough to transform the decor of the bedroom or any other home space within one hour.”
  • In the bathroom, it is possible to paint over the walls with, for example, epoxy, or even to abandon the old sink and the small mirror above it, replace it with a lean-to sink in a cabinet, and let the mirror dissolve over The bathroom. entire wall area, representing the width of the space. In addition, the addition of attractive hooks draws designs to the walls for the purpose of hanging towels.

5 decorating tips

Fragrances from etro house

1 After conducting research on the Internet, the homeowner must determine the desired design identity for the interior spaces, which facilitates the search for decorative elements compatible with the chosen style.
2 Allocate a material budget for the renovation workshop, knowing that no matter how low the amount is, there are appropriate modifications, and the realization of new decorations.
3 Seek the opinion of an interior design engineer or seek advice in a “gallery” that sells furniture.
4 The fewer elements are added to the apartment, the more successful the interior decoration is, and the interior spaces are comfortable, because the attractiveness of the view of the house is closely related to simplicity, according to architect Cynthia Karam.

Sofa Cover from Hermes maison

5 Choosing furniture and accessories loaded with personal stories, or even being independent in renewing some furniture, deepens the sense of place.

Interior Design Engineer Cynthia Karam

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