National News Agency – Start the VR Frame project from Sidon to the world under the banner of Al-Bizri

NNA – Media Sarah Shehadeh and director Wael Al-Hallaq launched the VR Frame project, titled “A quantum leap in new media”, sponsored by LP Abdel Rahman Al-Bizri, and the project relies on techniques to bring real reality into ‘ transforming a virtual world through virtual tours of sites, companies and institutions, and establishing virtual centers as exhibitions Painting, photo galleries, product galleries and even cities as a whole.

The inauguration was held at the Ishbilia Theater and Cinema, in the presence of the sponsor of the ceremony, MP Osama Saad, represented by the journalist Suhail Zantout, President of the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Development, former MP Bahia Hariri, represented by the journalist Raafat Naim, the political official of the Islamic Group, Dr. Bassam Hammoud, the General Coordinator of the “Future Movement” in Sidon and the South Mazen Hashisho, Director of Iqlim al-Kharroub Complex for Welfare and Development, Muhammad Hamiya, General Coordinator of the NGO’s caucus in Sidon, Majid Hamto, Information Technology Expert , Dr. Personalities, trade unions, social, popular, media and civil institutions in Sidon and Iqlim al-Kharroub.

After the national anthem, the master of ceremonies, head of the secondary department at the Evangelical Arts School in Sidon, welcomed the writer Shadi Mishntaf to the audience and explained that “this project is an energy of hope created by two young believers in Lebanon and the power of its existence, and it is a space that reminds us that we are a nation that does not give up and continues to give and produce.”

He said: “Today we see with director Wael Al-Hallaq and media Sarah Shehadeh the opening of the VR Frame project, an advanced media, advertising and technological project that relies on new technologies in photography, marketing and advertising for customers in all fields and mainly depends on virtual tours within the virtual world vr, where the user will be able to: Visit any place and any country in the world without leaving home.

He added: “The project is a promising investment that challenges the conditions with two capable and motivated young people: Sarah, editor-in-chief of the Phenicia news website, a media and reporter who has worked in several television and news stations and has experience in the media field, while Wael Al-Hallaq is a TV director, university professor and trainer specializing in media management.Social Media.

After showing the promotional ad for the project, Shehadeh gave a detailed explanation of the vr frame, saying, “Today, August 20, 2022, we have chosen this day to launch a new media, commercial and advanced technology project, and when we talk about launching any new project in any sector, under economic conditions. Difficult means a big challenge, and we decided to take on this challenge for the others, so if our young people put our hope in lost this country and we all thought to emigrate to look for better living conditions, no one will stay in this country.

She added: “After years of effort and experience in the field of media, journalism, photography, directing and moving between the most important channels and TV stations from Future TV to Lebanon TV and many digital platforms, and one of the most important stations was with the launch of the Phenicia website in 2015, we decided that the VR Frame project would be a continuation of the phases that we specifically started with the Council of Ministers in 2017, where we proposed and implemented the idea to photographing archaeological sites in Lebanon using virtual reality vr, which we have implemented on a large number of archaeological sites.

And she continued: “We have turned these sites into virtual tours so that the tourist can learn more about the sites and visit them, and they have achieved millions of views in short months without any publicity. Let’s photograph everything that can be photographed with this technology.”

And she talked about “the world of metaverse and the sale of billions of dollars in virtual real estate by the meta company,” adding that “the headlines of metaverse are leading the news that this is a technology that will rule the future, and that the metaverse economy could reach between 8 trillion and 13 trillion dollars by 2030.” Noting that “Metaverse technology has made the world more like a three-dimensional environment that allows users to enter it, and this user is completely separate from the real world and becomes in a virtual digital world, for example, like the like virtual business meetings, electronic games and other daily activities.”

She stated that “entering the world of metavirs requires various technologies, including virtual reality glasses Oculus VR, and metavirs equipment also includes computers, smartphones and electronic gloves. All major companies are developing themselves according to this technology, such as Facebook, Microsoft and others.”

Shehadeh confirmed that “the vr frame project depends on the technology of virtual photography, and the establishment of virtual centers that may be able to draw galleries, photographic galleries, product displays and even cities with full details and others, and all large and small companies will benefit find. of them to market themselves and their products or the service provided by the company. VR Frame project they are numerous:
Marketing in a new way in the field of advertising, the approach of distances, marketing in a professional and sophisticated way
For all sectors, such as schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, land, villas or real estate for sale, small or large companies to introduce them, pointing out that “VR Frame has its own website, a smart application and all virtual tours will be integrated into the website and application and it is accessible to everyone, In addition to the basic services provided by the project that are indispensable in the media and promotion field, such as video production, social media marketing, graphic design, weddings, and photography.

Deputy Al-Bizri spoke about the famous science fiction novel “Snow Crash” published in 1992, that is, almost thirty years ago, by the American writer Neil Stevenson, which has come true today, and scientific development is in our hands .

He pointed out that “Corona has forced people to communicate by default, and even in Lebanon the high price of gasoline has encouraged people to use virtual spaces commercially, in tourism and scientifically, and companies and institutions are trying to make the virtual world enter.”

He added, “The VR Frame project integrates media and advanced technology to provide marketing services, through the use of virtual reality glasses, which will become an essential part of our daily lives.”

He thanked director Al-Hallaq and Shehadeh and said: “In addition to their experience and keeping up with events, they brought Lebanon and Sidon into the era of digital technology to confirm that we are a society that has the desire to develop and compete despite all challenges and circumstances.”

He added, “I am very happy that Sidon was a center for the launch of such a project to confirm that the Sidonian community has the ability to prepare for steadfastness and development.”

He concluded: “Sidon has been put on the map of technological challenges and will benefit from this project together with Wael and Sarah in the media, commercially, culturally and medically.”

At the end of the ceremony, a short film was shown about the services provided by the VR Frame project.

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