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The idea of ​​this article today is not to support the Palestinian President Abu Mazen, may God help him for his national and health conditions and the German attack …
But my intention of this intervention is directed at something else, which is the disparity in narratives, and it does not spoil the bitter taste of the Holocaust…

This is how life is, narratives that sometimes conflict, and sometimes support each other, and there’s no harm in considering what I’m going to write today as a human sport about the Holocaust narrative and it at vision angles or (vision) subject to. ) which suddenly came into use in light of the permanent historical tension between Palestinians and Jews….

Start with a few axioms
First: From the origin of the idea of ​​the Jewish question in contemporary European history to the moment when the punishment of (the German stoning of Abu Mazen) was inflicted, there was no such thing as the (Palestinian cause) European or American at a later time..

Second: I do not think that Ottoman political thought in the last century of his rule over the Levant had any specificity for the Palestinian issue. The truth is that the ugly and ugly of the settlement of Jews was carried out under the trial, sight and approval of the Ottomans (Betakh Tikva / Al-Amal.. The Palestinians call it (Malabs) the first city settlement established in 1876 , and Montefiore bought Tel Aviv in 19005, and the Arab Decentralization Party at the Baris Conference in 1913 condemned Jewish settlement Najib Nassar launched a fierce campaign against him in the Carmel newspaper.

Third: The Hashemites were the first to present Palestine as an issue, and the Hashemite position continued on this issue until the loss of the two parties came close. Rather, the Hashemites accepted the price of their position on the Arabism of Palestine at the holiest price known in history. They looked at profit and loss and did not look at small things (such as depriving them of specific jobs or to classify their citizenship (with zero and green cards). The leaders of Palestine pleaded and begged the Hashemite leadership in July 1931, that the Sharif, whose lineage honored him, and whose lineage honored the entire nation, in a shrine must rest Al-Aqsa because they realized that Al-Hashemi, when he was dead, was able to offer Palestine and Jerusalem a refuge and protection above all that the new rulers of the nation offer. To King Abdullah I and beseech His Majesty the Great himself to make his sanctuary in Jerusalem for it is a protection for Jerusalem The new rulers will not while they live extend a hand of support and kindness to Palestine from the extremes of Maro kko, who daily desecrate the extremes of their minds, even those who were the source of their sovereignty and superiority, is the store of energy that God has gifted to all Arabs, but the people of energy have monopolized it as a wealth for them to impose their dominance in the normalization With the Jews if they decide to do so, or in the alliance with Iran or its hostility, these are matters that affect the people of energy alone, and Palestine is out of the story

Fourth: The Jews, in their relationship with the Arabs, were never at any stage the subject of parity, competition or persecution. The origin of the Jewish question was caused by the historical tension that Europe exerted on the heads of the predominantly Jews. poured out, since 1492, with the (Advisory / Ferdinand, Isabeli) law that forbade Jews to drink water from the Christian’s house until the shameful massacre carried out by the Great Empire against peaceful individuals spreading in all parts of Europe is looking for a decent living and has wandered the country

Before that, and before the Holocaust, he was a noble Hashemite ruler and his country’s abilities on the Cod (the famous King Abdullah) offered the Jews in the thirties of the last century, giving them autonomy in their place in Palestine granted, and represent them in government and parliament without any pressure from anyone but the leaders of the Jews who have been whipped by Europe and are excited. Their souls are eager to establish an entity for themselves, and they roam the whole universe, and Palestine was the last claim
(Bahrain, Medina, Sinai, Uganda, Argentina) and finally Palestine

Fifth: In a parable among the Palestinians it says: “We are pleased with their anguish, and their anguish is not pleased with us.” Abu Ammar made a historical mistake to the point of criminalization, may God have mercy on him, by signing Abu Mazen 1993 on Great Monday on a hoax and not an agreement…

I criticized the late Abu Ammar and the ruling party of the PLO against the noble Palestinian delegation led by Haider Abdel Shafi in an article that became famous and angered Abu Ammar to the extent of the threat entitled (Leave her , because she is Palestinian). We are in a formula that replaced Menachem Melson’s project, in the poor village connections, with the Abu Ammar project, as if it were the links of the cities of Mahsour, and before all people east of the river and west of the river, and so the Arabs abdicated their responsibility for Palestine, and this was included in the speech of the late King Hussein at the Rabat Summit in 1974

And the Palestinians bitterly accepted to live under the letters of the alphabet (ABC) in a self-governing sphere in which the Jew would allow the bedrooms of civil organizations in the heart of Ramallah. The Palestinian was left with difficulty. Abu Mazen did not step in for the ink of his regressive pen, and the joint Jewish-German connection began to the extent they wanted (the deletion of Halkhyar at the end of his life to the German prosecutor) this step of the Germans can only be described as a continuation of the narrative of German arrogance, obscenity and ugliness of justification for a heinous act They committed it against the Jews, not Abu Mazen, who gave the Jews more than King Solomon, peace with him, desired. slaughtered and burned them into a sanctuary, a homeland, waters, borders, sanctification, security and protection for all that they appropriated under duress from the Palestinians…

It is the German narrative, the escape to the front, and the Palestinian narrative, according to Abu Mazen, which says that 50 or 100 Holocausts are nothing more than a wounded person. The result is meaningless and applies to it (it widened them) with insults and they won the camel). The Palestinian narrative is unable to promote the ugliest inhuman relationship in history between a usurper and usurper of his right and a word The Holocaust does not apply to the relationship with the Jews; The Palestinian concern became to obtain a residence permit in the area and the world, and with the exception of Jordan, every Arab nation treated the refugees of the Arab nation with humiliation, not only in Palestine.

There are questions for the judgments of judgment in the Jewish entity –

Why is this cruelty towards humanity from man to death with your spears? You are drumming in the ears of humanity with the Nazi gas oven, for God’s sake. The temperature between the oven and the refrigerator

Dalal Al-Mughrabi is more important to us than Joan of Arc as an image and expression, and you considered it a “saboteur”. Before the fashion of terrorism, you labeled your opponents as a saboteur, fine.
Ehud Barak’s hatred reached to kill her while she was being killed. Didn’t you stop that and put her in the graveyard of numbers decades ago?

And the Germans issue a special account on the website of the Berlin municipality for all the arrogance of Ukrainian Jews other than the Ukrainian refugees. This is a normal asylum, but the Ukrainian Jew is a distinguished asylum, and they have not once asked to cancel the cemeteries of numbers, nor what Hanan Ashrawi mentioned about the ordeal of losing Palestinian features
In the dirty unjust Jewish detention refrigerators

The three narratives are Palestinian, caused by Abu Mazen and his flexibility, and the Palestinians must end the deception of history that they have the project of a state.

The story of the hoax and the curse of the Holocaust must end. The Soviets paid the price of 25 million dead in the Nazi attack, and here you are, with all arrogance, all of Europe taking revenge and luring Russia to destruction, and the solution was in your hands, not in Putin’s hands

As for the narrative of the Jews, and what do you know about the Jews, I suggest one thing to them: Remember that you are not an empire, and remember that there is a long way to return.
So make your narrative according to your size, and leave a place for peace

Abu Mazen did not make a mistake when he compared the Jewish persecution of the Palestinians to what Europe had done to them before, but his mistake was on that September Monday.
When Zahia and Abu Omar stood up, pulled out his pen and signed a solution with Rabin and Peres, the result was that the Polish returned to his new homeland in Jerusalem, and Abu Ammar and Abu Mazen returned to Tunisia, the land of exile. From here began the wrong narrative of Palestine, may God protect it.

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