The end of the second phase of coordination of Egyptian universities tomorrow .. and a call from the University of Bahrain for high school graduates

The end of the second phase of coordination of Egyptian universities tomorrow

Yesterday, Saturday, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education announced the registration of 165,000 students on the electronic coordination website for universities and institutes, during the second phase of the enrollment process for high school graduates at the university level for the next year.

In a statement, the ministry called on students to write their wishes in a sane and correct manner, knowing the possibility of the wishes to join the available faculties until tomorrow (Monday) seven o’clock in the evening to modify, as registration will be on the coordination website. closed, marking the end of the second phase, in preparation for the publication of its results.

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The University of Jordan discusses biased work in academic institutions

Yesterday (Saturday), the University of Jordan announced the opening of the retreat sessions for university presidents and officials, which came with the aim of discussing and defining a road map for partisan work in public and private Jordanian universities.

A statement from the university states that this step comes in the implementation of royal directives in this regard. The statement states that school and university curricula will be modified and developed in accordance with the new approach, including the completion of the preparation of a system that frames partisan work in Jordanian universities, in a way that breaks the barriers between students and parties and encourage them to get involved in political life on the one hand, and ensure the professionalism of the educational process and keep it away from partisan, political and ideological polarizations on the other.

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Issuing a guide on sustainability for Arab youth

The Arab Youth Council on Climate Change, affiliated with the Arab Youth Center in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with HSBC Bank, announced the release of the “Arab Youth Guide: A Sustainable Life in Steps”.

According to the Emirates News Agency on Thursday, the guide offers talents and young cadres in the Arab region the best practical practices, mechanisms and successful experiences to achieve sustainability in vital areas. The guide, which is the first of its kind, focuses on 6 areas that enable individuals and Arab societies to improve their consumption patterns in water use, food, shopping, waste management, travel and housing.

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Today.. an induction program for new students at King Saud University

Today (Sunday) the activities of an induction program organized by the Joint First Year Dean will be launched for students admitted to King Saud University for this year.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the dean of the joint first year at the university, Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Jeriwi, yesterday (Saturday) explained that the program is offered by the university in two phases; The first, which is a fully electronic remote stage, has the signing of the general freshman charter, the filling of the health form, the talent form, registration with student clubs, the introduction of the university position, the booking of an appointment for the interactive including induction program activities, and taking an English language placement test. And he indicated that students in the second phase of the interactive induction program, which starts today, will include attending the interactive meeting, being issued a university card and receiving textbooks.

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A University of Bahrain scholarship for high school graduates

The Dean of Admission and Registration at the University of Bahrain, Dr. Amal Zayed Al-Zayed, yesterday (Friday) called on high school graduates who want to enroll in the university to go through the admission confirmation process.

She explained that this step is necessary so that they do not miss the opportunity to get a seat, noting that today (Sunday) is the last day to confirm admission. According to a statement from the university, the Dean of Admission and Registration said that the available vacancies will be determined after the end of the admission confirmation period, in preparation for opening the door for students to pursue their desires in academic programs according to the absorbing programs to change. capacity. She said the failure to confirm acceptance by some students means they have turned their attention to joining the university.

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Hamad Bin Khalifa University is participating in an international study on tuberculosis treatment

Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar announced on Thursday the participation of the College of Science and Engineering at the university in carrying out an international study that has achieved important results that could help to face the challenge of increasing drug resistance of tuberculosis.

According to a statement from the university, this infectious disease is currently the biggest cause of death due to infectious diseases worldwide. The statement indicated that Dr. Tanweer Alam, assistant professor in the Department of Information Technology and Computing at the college, and collaborators from infectious disease research centers in South Africa, Cameroon, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan the results of their influential research in the field of DNA -therapy, classified in scientific journals as One of the best journals specialized in drug discovery in the “Scopus” database.

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