Daily Bulletin: University of Dubai organizes summer camp for young prospects.. Scholarships in Tunisia for Palestinian students

Damascus University discusses academic cooperation with Malaysia

The President of Damascus University, Muhammad Osama Al-Jabban, yesterday (Sunday) discussed with the Consul of Malaysia in Syria, Samir Al-Kur, ways to improve scientific, cultural and academic cooperation between the two sides.

According to a statement from the university, the two parties discussed the possibility of the University of Damascus receiving Malaysian students to study Arabic language sciences and Islamic law, and sending Syrian students to study in Malaysian universities in various scientific disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. level to study. discussion also touched on the cooperation agreements previously signed between Damascus University and some Malaysian universities, and the possibility of renewing and activating them, or concluding new agreements with other universities, as well as the possibility of excluding short visits for professors exchange, cooperation in the field of scientific research, and joint scholarships.

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Yarmouk University opens a technical support center for students

The President of Yarmouk University of Jordan, Islam Massad, yesterday (Sunday) inaugurated the Technical Support Center for Students, to provide solutions to the technical and technical problems faced by university students.

According to the university’s website, the center was established in collaboration between the Computing and Information Center, the E-Learning Center and Open Education Resources, the College of Information Technology and Computer Science, and the Hijjawi College of Engineering Technology. The president of the university said that these activities will improve the skills of students from the faculties of information technology and computer sciences, and Hijjawi for technological engineering, and will enable them to apply the knowledge and science they have acquired during their university studies on the ground to apply.

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Introductory meeting for new students at Northern Border University

The Northern Frontier University in Saudi Arabia yesterday (Sunday) organized an induction program for new students at the university’s branches in Arar – and Rafha, in both male and female sections.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the induction program aims to help new students obtain information about student rights and responsibilities, and to familiarize them with the study system at the university, and what the departments and units of the Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies provided, as well as introducing the procedures for completing student admission to the university, such as issuing a university card, And registering for the monthly bonus, and determining the level of the English language. This program is one of the important activities that help prepare new students to adapt to the requirements of university studies, and learn about the services provided to them at the university.

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Demand to launch a test to measure the level of linguistics for Kuwaiti students

Professors at Kuwait University have called for the introduction of a national test to measure the level of linguistics for students in the country.

This comes in a report published today (Monday) by the Kuwaiti newspaper “Al Jarida”. The newspaper quoted specialized professors at Kuwait University as saying that there is a low level of university students. Some of them explained that the level of some graduates of secondary education students in the English language is equivalent to below the “primary” stage, and that the level of some English language teachers in general education is “poor”, as they put it.

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Application for financial aid services for Qatar University students is open

Yesterday (Sunday), Qatar University announced the opening of applications for financial aid services for students for the Fall 2022 semester. This aid is aimed at undergraduate students who are experiencing financial difficulties in meeting their educational expenses.

According to a statement from the university, students who meet the conditions for obtaining monthly assistance, exemption from transportation fees, emergency assistance and financial aid programs supported by external institutions can apply until early September. As for the external institutions involved, they are: Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation, which offers a reward program and a university student support program, Namaa Social Center, which offers a university student empowerment program, Afif Charitable Foundation, which offers the Siraj. program, and the Seashore Group, which provides an educational financial aid program for the group.

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The American University of Baghdad discusses scientific cooperation with Australia

The Australian ambassador to Iraq, Paula Ganley, visited the American University of Baghdad, where she was greeted by the president of the university, dr. Michael Molenix, and a number of members of the teaching and administrative staff were received.

According to a statement from the university, “Molenics” yesterday (Saturday) expressed its hope that the Australian Embassy in Iraq will play a role in the support and development of educational projects, and the sharing of research and academic articles by professors in Australian universities, and also expressed the ambition of the American University in Baghdad to establish joint research conferences, with the aim of scientific exchange, and the exchange of experiences in various scientific, academic and cultural fields.

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