Electric luxury in Saudi Arabia.. Find out the price and specifications of the Huanshi EHS9

The dealer of Honchi cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia published on its official page in the social network sites “Twitter” and said: “This is a car that carries the future of technology.”

This car comes with a very advanced four-wheel drive system that enables it to compete strongly among the adults in its class.

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The Honchi EHS 9 is characterized by its elegant design, which combines a smart design that simulates all the requirements of its owners. Since its announcement, it has caught the attention of all luxury car lovers. The first thing that is noticed in the design is the light that separates the headlights and the car grille, which gives the car an attractive and distinctive look among the rest of the cars, which is the iconic design of Honshi.

The company’s logo, which comes with a design that extends along the hood and even the main grill of the car, can be seen, and this logo is gradually illuminated from the front, and this innovative and new lighting of the company also extends to the rear of the car, in addition to the light strip that extends the width of the car to the sides. Extensive and beautiful design from the company.

The front and rear lights of the car are all LED technology in addition to the car’s integrated daytime running lights.

The car’s side mirrors work with memory technology to store all the previously set positions.

Honshi also relies on a system of hidden door handles in its design.

The car’s wheels are sporty and come in a size of 21 inches.

The car is equipped with a large panoramic sunroof that spans the length of the car, and the roof is connected to the windshield, which came out of two layers to improve the level of safety for front seat passengers

The length of the car is 1,713 millimeters, while its width is 1,201 millimeters, and the height of the car is 5,209 millimeters, and it comes with a wheelbase of 3,110 millimeters.

car interior design

The car relies on the highest levels of smart technology to offer permanent comfort to the driver and passengers. The entire interior is fitted with luxurious Nappa leather.

The car has a fully massaged, heated and ventilated seat feature, to create a unique and exceptional experience for all car occupants

The front seats can be controlled electrically

The driver’s seat incorporates memory technology to store all seat positions.

Steering is completely electrically controlled.

The car has a 16.2-inch digital instrument cluster.

The entertainment screen comes with a 16.2-inch scale that displays the advanced 360-degree camera system.

The car is equipped with 12 speakers with noise isolation technology.

It also has a GPS navigation system with advanced technology and also supports a wireless charging system. The car is equipped with automatic air conditioning that covers four zones.

The car is powered by a fully electric motor built into a 99 kW battery, which gives the car the ability to travel 600 km on a single charge. The engine comes with a power of 245 kW + 160 kW, which gives 300 + 450 Nm. of torque, and the engine is connected to an electric transmission.

Safety and security

The car is equipped with the latest security and safety technology that the driver and passengers may need, including the following:

It includes vehicle direction control systems, such as lane departure warning.

Pedestrian Crossing Warning System.

A warning system that enables the driver to monitor blind spots.

The car also includes systems to control when descending from heights and when the car is low or high off the ground.

The air suspension system and the anti-lock braking system are very advanced.

The car is equipped with sensors front and rear.

It also has a smart cruise control.

Advanced front, rear and side airbag system.

The price of the car starts from 530,000 Saudi Riyal, equivalent to 141,000 US dollars, to 600,000 Saudi Riyal, equivalent to 160,000 US dollars, and these prices include value added tax.

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