Foo and Paymentology partner to improve the digital experience of businesses around the world through innovative payment solutions

This partnership provides the “Digital First” platform for virtual cards, established by adopting the latest financial technology solutions

Dubai United Arab Emirates: Voo, a leading provider of software solutions and financial services for institutions and award-winning technology solution innovator, has partnered with Payment Technology, the global provider of payment technology services. This combination of pioneering technology and unique business expertise resulted in an integrated system for the first virtual digital card.

The First Digital Card Platform helps improve the digital offering of businesses across industries, ultimately improving the customer experience. This innovative platform offers instant and easy-to-use virtual cards that can be used to carry out e-commerce transactions or pay via smart applications, in collaboration with the unprecedented and growing demand by customers around the world, for secure and convenient digital solutions in the post-repercussion stage of the Covid 19 pandemic.

This partnership helps organizations adapt to the current market and meet consumer demands, with a seamless buying experience that includes smooth and seamless procedures, instant digital card issuance, real-time account management and secure online and in-store payments.

In this context, Ghadi Al Rayes, Managing Partner of Foo, said: “Through our partnership with Paymentology, we are able to take an important step to expand globally and more effectively beyond the Middle East region and into more spread across diverse global markets. , like Africa At Foo, we strive for a world that ensures companies give their customers a seamless digital journey, and we are ready to make this a reality, through our partnership with Paymentology.

Foo’s role is to provide the financial technology that the platform requires, as the company specializes in digital solutions that it has built entirely, using a modular platform that aims to provide precisely tailored products, which digital will drive transformation forward. Pamentology, which has an unparalleled global presence, is in charge of the card issuing process, using its unique cloud-based system and AI-powered technology. Through this partnership, both companies can offer integrated solutions to enable virtual card issuing services in any sector, with the added benefit of doing so in a very quick time.

Rowan Brewer, CEO of Paymentology, said: “We believe in making things easier, making them a reality, and in the right way. It is in this sense that it has always been easy to spend and received for anyone, anywhere in the world. was our main focus. We have field teams Its people have hands-on experience in 49 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, which fits well with Foo’s ambitions to create digital enabling payments in diverse markets. With our high-tech capability and massive data, we create customer-centric ecosystems. With our “plug and play” solutions in any region, with innovative cards that can be used all over the world, we see out to be part of the real positive impact this partnership will have.”


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Notes to editors:

“Voo” is a software solutions provider providing services to various organizations and companies and winning several awards in innovation and technology. Foo specializes in empowering businesses through digital transformation. Voo offers innovative FinTech solutions, fully programmed and developed in-house, that enhance the digital capabilities of customers in various businesses to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Foo works with major banks, fintech companies and retailers across the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, Europe and the US, including Mastercard, Visa, Benfites, Zain Group, PwC and Majid Al Futtaim. Foo’s innovative software is modular, digitally based microservices that can be assembled to meet the specific requirements of each customer. With this approach, combined with extensive regional experience, Foo was able to quickly and efficiently create niche digital products. Foo’s main products include remittance solutions, digital wallets, token transactions, fully automated microloans and buy now pay later services.

Payment Technology is the global provider of payment technology services, giving banks and financial firms the technology and team expertise to issue and process MasterCard, Visa and UnionPay cards across 48 countries (and counting). With more than 24 years of experience, the advanced, cloud-based platform that offers shared and dedicated processing, a large global presence and massive real-time data sets them apart as a leader in payments.

Pimentology works with companies of any scale and in both mature and emerging markets. They have payment experts with deep local market knowledge in 49 countries and across 14 time zones, ensuring 24/7 global support.

For more than 20 years, Pimentology has shared its successes with others through its life-enhancing initiative that does good to the communities in which they operate as an essential part of what makes them who they are.

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