Golf News | Ahlia University Receives Global Academic Accreditation in “Information Technology”

In a brilliant achievement for the Faculty of Information Technology at Ahlia University, the Bachelor of Information Technology program in the faculty has been accredited with academic accreditation International Accreditation Commission of the American International Accreditation Commission (ABET), one of the world’s leading accrediting institutions for college and university programs in applied and natural sciences, computer and engineering and engineering technology.

On this occasion, the founding president and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Ahlia University, Professor Abdullah Al-Hawaj, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the team, professors and students of the college, led by the Dean of the College of Information Technology, Dr. Wasan Awad, who proudly emphasizes Excellence provided by the college at all levels.

Al-Hawaj conveyed his congratulations and blessings to the Board of Trustees, the University Council, the Dean of the College, Dr. Wasan Awad, its professors, students and all its graduates and its affiliates, emphasizing that this achievement is a qualitative leap for the bachelor’s program in information technology and the general college programs that She has received the full confidence of the Education and Training Quality Authority.

In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Ahlia University, dr. Wassan Awwad is keen that Al-Ahlia University meets international standards in the quality of education and offers the best for its students from different countries Al-Nahia, and expresses her gratitude and pride for the excellence achieved by the college, professors and students achieved. , which, fortunately, led to the achievement of the Bachelor of Information Technology program on international accreditation by theABET, which is an international certificate of the quality and effectiveness of the program, and it is a certificate that distinguishes the graduates of this program, as well as It increases their competitive chances in the labor market. Awwad noted the role played by the Ahlia University Board of Trustees and the University Council in supporting the college’s efforts and its aspirations and plans for the continuous development of the educational process.

Awwad explained that the international accreditation is a new recognition of a world authority that specializes in the quality of the programs and curricula offered in the Faculty of Information Technology at Ahlia University, where compliance with international standards is one of the most important determinants of programs and curricula are. in The university’s faculties, by meeting quality standards in the various curricula, technologies and advanced laboratories of the university.

She added: During the evaluation process of engineering and technology programs and specializations, the International Academic Accreditation Commission (ABET) by forming working teams consisting of specialists from academic, governmental and private bodies.

And she added and explained: These teams base their work on a number of vital criteria, the most important of which are: curricula, effectiveness Faculty members, student level, material and human capabilities, and support provided by the university to programs and faculties, in addition to To other elements concerned with the quality and efficiency of the educational process.

The evaluation team for the Bachelor of Information Technology program expressed their admiration for the quality of the program and the content of the curriculum, in addition to Continuous evaluation and development processes carried out by the Faculty of Information Technology at Ahlia University. Team noticedABETThe competence and experience of the members of the academic staff, which expresses its praise for the support the college enjoys from the university administration By making available the various required resources and the suitable environment for students’ personal development and the refinement of their personal and Professional skills.

In its continuous pursuit of excellence, Ahlia University is committed to strengthening its position as a beacon of science and a beacon of enlightenment, with the aim of creating Knowledge and its dissemination in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the entire region , by graduating skills that are a qualitative addition in the labor market It contributes positively to the achievement of sustainable development.

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