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Is there a place for the public library in the age of digital transformation? A number of writers and academics claim that the public library is the main reserve for students of different sciences, making the process of digital transformation easy and facilitation. The Smart Library, a library that focuses on the “spirit of the library” using the latest technologies. The library is a place to learn, document and verify information. It is a community center and a place for rest, relaxation, gathering and relaxation. It is the spirit of the public library that we must focus on.

And if the public library is the first source for all digital libraries, and they come together to have the same basic purpose, which is to provide information, news or resources necessary for the reader, it means that there is no great difference between them not. in principle, and the library will remain the place of social and cultural meeting, provided there is an eminent administration, since man knew the first library in history, and his view of it has not changed.. Behind its walls lies knowledge and nations’ wealth of knowledge, and between its corridors calmness will continue to dominate the sanctuaries in its corners, turning over books and drawing in knowledge.

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Dr. Muhammad Al-Hourani, a critic and academic, says: “As a result of the digital transformation in various aspects of life, it has become necessary to harmonize educational technology and the digital transformation it requires, which at the beginning bears fruit started shedding. of the rise of the “Corona” pandemic, and the digital transformation in public libraries; This is because the public library is the main reserve for students of different sciences, which makes the process of transformation easy and facilitation. Computer connectivity and information technology. Public libraries were born with the beginning of digital transformation, including the World Digital Library, which was established with the support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, in collaboration with the Library of the American Congress. Among the most prominent digital libraries in the world is the Harvard Digital Library, which has occupied a remarkable place among libraries.

He adds, in the Arab context, the emergence of such libraries has been delayed due to the delay in educational technology and the delay in the content industry. However, many parties have been alerted to the need for automation and computerization of libraries, and to make books available to people, and some countries have made a remarkable contribution in this area, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, such as the digital library that established by the King Abdul Aziz Public Library, which is of great importance because of what it provides to readers, and includes a large number of heritage books. Abu Dhabi, as well as the electronic village project, which at the end of the last century in Abu Dhabi was founded, which focused on heritage and its dissemination through multimedia. There is what can be called the digital library provided by the Google search engine, containing thousands of books, some of which are available for download.

Dr. Al-Hourani explains that Arabic content in PDF format is still puzzling to find a comprehensive Arabic library in this format that re-uploads its holdings from paper books to electronic books in the required format, and this is what we strive for, despite , is there a real revolution in the content industry and re-downloading of books, especially heritage books, and making them freely available to the public and specialists.


Dr. Wissam Musleh, a librarian and information specialist, says: “There is absolutely no doubt that technology, like a flood, has left no aspect of life without affecting it. When talking about the public library, the issue a matter of survival or extinction. The comparison is between technology and the services and facilities it provides, and between the public library. And its services, like those that distinguish between a pyramid and a piece of stone in it, and to to resolve this connection, it is necessary to distinguish between two important matters, namely: “the manifestations of the public library” and “the spirit of the public library.” As for its manifestations, that the public library is a building has certain specifications, and books fill its walls. Silence permeates its halls, and it offers its services only to visitors from its headquarters, and is divided into corners related to its content, such as “magazine corner”, “universi teat test corner”, etc. The location of the public library must be in the city center, and other manifestations, and the criteria for these manifestations It has changed and developed with time, and this is an inevitable matter in this life. As for the “spirit of the public library”, the matter here relates to the real reasons for its existence, starting with the fact that the library is for everyone without discrimination, or racism, anywhere, anytime, and the library has a social responsibility like other institutions (She plays important roles in denying The state’s strategic plans, such as literacy, digital education, support for medical services, etc.), and the library is not limited to books (books such as clay tablets or papyrus can evolve with the days and can disappear), but it is a place to preserve all sources of information, regardless of their type and form, is considered the “memory of the nation,” and also the library is a place to store information learn, document and verify. It is a community center and a place for rest, relaxation, play, gathering, and filling free time. It is the spirit of the public library that should be focused on, and technology should be used as a tool. To achieve this, and this is what is called today the “smart library”, which is a library that focuses on the “spirit of the library” using the latest technologies.

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The author Iman Al-Hashemi explains that each of the traditional public library filled with books and paper resources, as well as the digital library concerned with information systems and electronic documents, has its own atmosphere, beauty, elegance and positivity, and at the same time each of them its negative that repels, or alienates, the reader and recalculates as he makes His decisions in choosing the desired means to obtain the desired reading, although the public library is the first source for all digital, but together they combine to serves the main purpose of providing information, news or resources necessary for the reader, and therefore I do not see a great difference between them in terms of principle, but there is of course a great and indisputable difference in terms of spatial capacity and storage capacity, as well as ease of access, speed of selection, ease of indexing and greater depth when formulating research to obtaining a greater amount of information in less time, as well as the superior absorption capacity and the infinite precision of the analytical study, or when we compare between two elements, or more, and we do not forget the tremendous ability to organize errors with great ease and discover, and perhaps even correct before it sometimes occurs, and from here I see a Every era has its time and time, which is full of its own characteristics, which are characterized by an overwhelming way, for example, in the past references were written on stone, and then the matter evolved and was written on leather, and then on paper, as well as physical movement from one place to another to obtain information One, but today the digital transformation of the web a common feature in our time, with other negatives such as the possibility of losing material, removing it, erasing it, or being damaged and exposed to electronic damage, as well as the smell and texture of paper in the hands, as many liked it. Limits positive addiction, and becomes an integral part of increasing the fun, excitement and tension during reading.

Author and publisher Mohamed Abdel Aziz El-Sakka says: “The library is an entity and a soul before it is a place, and it is a cornerstone in the formation of human consciousness, and we should not look at it so much as a source of information. since it is a component of human memory and human awareness, it is the grain silo that must remain in every city, even if the entire city is automated, those civilizations are beacons that must remain as a beacon in the harbor of modern civilization , so that a lost ship can find its light on the horizon and guide it to the right path. The library is therefore a business and not just a place that exports knowledge A pen, a notebook, a book, a chair, a table, shelves, a librarian and complete silence are carefully designed to transport you to a time and space capsule with high-end specifications that the digital machine has yet to provide.

He adds, the public library will remain an important meeting place for young people, and the paper book is still, and will continue to have its place among the professional reader. It is almost free in the sense of the word, if its cost is less , reading a book in a public library will only cost you to go there, and the operating bill is paid by the state on your behalf. The lowest in digital libraries, some of which may require a financial subscription.


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