The main used furniture companies in Saudi Arabia

The Future Company has been working on buying used furniture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2001, which means we are one of the oldest companies working in the trade of used furniture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dammam).

If you have the desire to renew your home furniture, it is natural that one of the most important steps that may concern you is how to get rid of your old home furniture, but also with the financial benefit of the old furniture, so you should contact and communicate with the purchase of used furniture in Riyadh, so that you can get rid of The old furniture in your home with satisfactory financial gain through it We are the future company We buy used furniture in Riyadh at the highest possible prices. Contact us ​​Our company representative will come to you immediately to inspect and label the household items they want to sell and give them the highest prices that are appropriate for the condition of your furniture, and then we will pay the agreed amount With the customer, then we bring our cars dedicated to transporting furniture with technicians for disassembly and installation, and they disassemble the furniture and pack it in the right way, pack it and load it with cars, so that you get the greatest benefit managed to get rid of the old furniture in your house

Two rights to buy used furniture in Riyadh

There are many rights to buy used furniture in Riyadh in the markets spread throughout the famous Riyadh neighborhoods, the most important of which are the shops in the Bin Jassim Haraj, as well as the second-hand furniture shops in the Al-Ha’ir neighborhood.

And also the shops in the used furniture market in the breeze. In all these markets, our second-hand furniture shops belong to the Future Company, but there are many used furniture shops that differ according to the purposes offered in them, which are divided into:

– Shops for buying and selling all types of air conditioners (split – window – and cassette).

– Shops for antiques, paintings and antiques.

– Shops for mattresses, boards and sofas of all kinds.

– Shops for kitchens and their items.

– Shops for furniture for palaces and villas.

Bedrooms of all sizes and types (children and adults).

– Shops for buying, selling and exchanging sports equipment of all kinds.

– Shops for buying and selling electrical appliances (TV – fridge – washing machine – broom – and kitchen items).

And we also have much, much more. I have our company, what distinguishes it from others working in the field of used furniture is that the company of the future has its own workshops, which is one of the most important steps and stages that our used furniture goes through before it reaches the shops that will be offered for sale because we work in these workshops, as well as technicians who specialize in furniture, restore and rehabilitate their used furniture before they put it back on the market for sale. , through which wooden furniture goes, as the used furniture most and most of the times have some defects in wood, which are completely repaired in these workshops by the best carpenters specialized in home furniture carpentry. Again, the furniture needs new paint. and decorations and the latest modern designs and new colors that make the furniture The used furniture is completely new, and then we pack the used home furniture with the latest packing methods and then transfer it to our company’s showrooms in the markets.

Numbers buying used furniture in Riyadh

If you do a search on the internet, you will find many people who buy used furniture in Riyadh, so you have to make good guesses with those you are dealing with and also do a lot of comparisons between them so that you end up with the best for you and the most suitable and today we are here to save you even a small percentage of the effort of these contacts and a lot of effort To find the best company to buy used furniture in Riyadh.

The most important feature of the company that buys used furniture in Riyadh is the company of the future

There are many points that must be observed by those you deal with regarding the sale or purchase of used furniture in Riyadh, the most important of which are:

First of all – it is necessary to know whether this company has a fixed address or not, and where exactly is the address of their stores.

Second – After that, what is the experience of this company in this field and how long have they been working with used furniture in Riyadh.

Third – the ease and speed of the company’s communication with you and their arrival to you without delay in appointments.

Fourth – and most importantly, their prices for your home’s used furniture, will they be satisfactory to you or not.

Buy used furniture north of Riyadh

Future Company for buying used furniture in Riyadh has many and many branches and stores and even places and neighborhoods in which we do not have branches.

Two rights to buy used furniture in Riyadh

The future company has many areas of home services in which it operates in Riyadh, the most important of which are cleaning services, as well as furniture transportation services, as well as detection and repair services for water and gas leaks, as well as pest control services, the most important of which is an insect control company, but the most important areas in which our company operates is the purchase of used furniture in Jeddah, because used furniture is of crucial importance to our company and we are very specialized in trading, buying and selling all types of used furniture.

The most important stages through which the used furniture of the future company goes

The stages of used furniture at the Future Company start from the beginning of the customer’s contact with the company and inform that he has used furniture that he wants to sell, and then we send a representative of ours to the customer’s home or to the head office where the used furniture that the customer wants to sell, whether it is a home or office furniture in a company To inspect the furniture and give the customer the appropriate prices, and in the event that an agreement with the customer reached about the appropriate price, we send the technicians for disassembly, installation and packing, and then the stages of our company to handle the used furniture start from when it is loaded by cars from the customer’s position until it arrives at our showrooms delivered to show it again For sale and between this and that used furniture goes through many stages, the most important of which we will explain to you in the following points:

First – we carefully disassemble the used furniture at the hands of technicians and carpenters who specialize in this process, and then we pack the used furniture in an appropriate manner for the condition of the furniture until it is loaded into the cars and being cautious and cautious. transported to our used furniture warehouses, and then the used furniture is sorted into (rooms). – kitchens and kitchen utensils).

Second – used furniture enters the maintenance, repair and recycling operations with wooden furniture, such as bedrooms and boards, which go through carpentry workshops. There are painting workshops that remove all decorations, old paint and used furniture, and paint it in a new way with the latest paint and modern designs to suit every modern home.

Third – Regarding electrical appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners, they are enrolled in the workshops for the maintenance of our electrical appliances, in which all necessary tests are carried out on all electrical appliances to ensure that they work with high efficiency, and appliances that appear to have malfunctions or require some simple maintenance to become operational. To the fullest extent possible, the necessary maintenance is done for it, which is mostly that most air conditioners and refrigerators require a simple recharge to the Freon for cooling in them, and this never represents any defect in it, but rather the opposite, that when the necessary maintenance is done for them, these devices have become operational as perfectly as possible as if they were brand new.

Fourth – Regarding electrical appliances, after they have passed through the aforementioned stages, they also go through a very important stage, which is the stage of washing and completely cleaning them before they are packed, transported and offered for sale in our showroom.

Fifth – Kitchen furniture has been exposed to some problems that need to be repaired in our workshops before being cleaned and offered for sale again. Used furniture purchase shops in Jeddah, the most important of which is the disruption of one of the kitchen frames as a result of a broken kitchen hinge, which is immediately changed until it is ready for use again.

Number of used furniture in Riyadh

The trade in used furniture in Riyadh and also in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general is very popular as the vast majority of residents of the city of Riyadh and also the Kingdom almost constantly tend to be in home furniture and decorations for their homes. to change. Therefore, it is a very popular trade in the Kingdom. The company of the future is interested in it, which is the human aspect, since most of the customers and clients who buy used household items are residents and workers in the Kingdom, as well as as citizens who do not have enough money to buy luxury and new home furniture. Hands for everyone who needs home furniture. We also have many different times throughout the year when we have many discounts. We have all our stores to buy used furniture in Riyadh, the most important of which is the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our valued customers can use any of these many terms to help them get a new comparison between used furniture companies in Riyadh that enables them to make a good choice of the best used furniture buying company to deal with.

We buy used furniture in Riyadh

We buy used furniture in Riyadh All types of used home furniture in Riyadh We buy all wooden furniture and home furniture such as (used bedrooms – used living rooms and corners – small children’s bedrooms – modern living rooms and salons).

We also buy all kinds of used electrical appliances such as (TV screens, air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, electric ovens, and washing machines of all brands).

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