Aldar Sustainability Report 2021 highlights its most prominent achievements in the field of environmental, social and corporate governance

· a report home forSustainability 2021 highlights progress in the Group’s four sustainability pillars of environment, economy, society and people

· Environmental pillar: identification An ecological footprint reference point to measure progress in reducing carbon emissions

· The pillar of the economy: re-injection of 8.8 billion dirhams into the local economy

· Community Pillar: Forging strategic partnerships in the area of ​​social responsibility with Sandooq Al Watan, the Ma’an Community Contribution Authority, and the Emirates Cycling Team, The UAE Special Olympics

· Staff Pillar: Increase the percentage of citizens to 35% of the workforce

· Improvements to management and data collection practices in 2021 pave the way for Aldar to launch a net-zero action plan later this year.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Aldar Properties PJSC (“Aldar”) today released its 2021 Sustainability Report, in which it reviews the ongoing development of its sustainability strategy in line with international best practices and supported by its ongoing efforts to improve its management practices and data collection process. The report also highlights the progress the company has made across its four pillars of sustainability: environment, economy, society and employees.

Through its focus on improving the quality of data related to sustainability, Aldar was able to fill existing gaps in the data collection process and improve its capabilities and related procedures, paving the way to make its sustainability metrics disclosure mechanism more detailed and robust . This included the introduction of a new data management system to simplify reporting at group level and the tracking of more than 500 non-financial performance indicators across the ESG level. The system is aligned with international standards for sustainability reporting, including the most prominent global indicators for tracking companies’ sustainability performance, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Index (GRESB) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Aldar will soon expand its non-financial data management system to include other sustainability standards and ratings such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

In line with international best practices and Aldar’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, the Group has fully integrated sustainability practices into its management framework in 2021. This ensures clear accountability at all levels, and appropriately high importance is given to sustainability in Aldar’s strategic decision-making process. The ultimate responsibility for sustainability strategy and performance rests with the Group’s Executive Management Committee, which is supported by sustainability councils and experts within each respective business unit.

On this occasion, Talal Al Dhiyebi, CEO of Aldar Properties Group, said: “In 2021, we have taken several steps to increase our environmental practices, give them greater importance and improve our levels of accountability and transparency, and these steps are fully aligned with the ambitious sustainability agenda of the UAE and international standards for environmental, social and management practices. As we continue to support the vision of the rational leadership of the country and reduce the carbon emissions of our assets and development operations, we are proud of our pioneering role in establishing new standards for property sustainability in the Middle East and moving forward on the right track to achieve leadership in our sector.”

Greg Fewer, Chief Financial Officer and Sustainability at Aldar Properties Group, said: “Our commitment to sustainability is a long-term one, so of course there is always a need to periodically review and improve our strategy. During 2021, we sought to accelerate. strengthening our sustainability capabilities. and providing the necessary infrastructure to measure the degree of progress in achieving our ambitions in this area. We have succeeded in achieving our goals by improving the data collection process , improve management practices and increase the number of sustainability experts in. Today we have the ability to move at a faster pace to achieve our goals and improve our disclosure capabilities on progress made in areas of most interest to stakeholders .

environment pillar

Furthering its commitment to the environment, Aldar has made remarkable progress in aligning its sustainability practices with the UAE’s goals of achieving climate neutrality. It is also developing a comprehensive action plan to achieve net zero emissions, full details of which are scheduled to be announced later this year.

The house followed a set of developed methodologies to improve the quality of its carbon footprint indicators, which set the baseline for achieving the group’s journey to reach net zero emissions. The partial carbon footprint of the company during the year 2021, including the emissions of the first, second and third domains, amounted to 1,932,952 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, and about 73.7% of the total emissions of the first and second domains from Aldar Company was the result of electricity consumption, while cooling accounted for 323% of those emissions. Group-wide third-band emissions accounted for 87.3% of the company’s carbon footprint.

During 2021, Aldar has taken an important package of measures that will enable it to reduce energy consumption across its portfolio by 20%. The new energy management project, the largest of its kind at the state level, is expected to contribute to improving energy efficiency by reducing carbon emissions by 80,000 tons annually across 80 diverse assets, including hotels, schools, commercial and recreational assets and residential units. This large-scale project will save Aldar about 40 million dirhams annually in energy consumption costs, and will also demonstrate the owners’ acquisition of economically viable projects with a direct positive impact on the financial and environmental levels. In addition, during the year 2021, the company completed the construction of the first plant to produce hybrid solar energy within one of the construction sites and signed an agreement with the Emirates Water and Electricity Company to supply its assets with clean energy sources during the next five years .

pillar of the economy

Aldar continues to be a strategic partner for the government’s In-Country Value Program, which is implemented in the UAE under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology and aims to improve economic performance and support local industries through increased amounts spending in the national economy. As part of its active participation in the program, Aldar prioritizes dealing with local contractors, consultants and suppliers (including small and medium-sized companies) to reinvest in the local economy. During 2021, Aldar managed to re-inject AED 8.8 billion into the local economy through the In-Country Value Program. In addition, Aldar Enterprises signed contracts to develop projects worth 8.5 billion dirhams, which include the conclusion of 16 agreements with various companies in the country.

pillar of society

Aldar continues its commitment to bring about positive environmental and social changes that will benefit communities in the UAE and abroad. The house has supported various initiatives over the past year as part of its social responsibility efforts, in partnership with entities and initiatives such as Sandooq Al Watan, Ma’an, the Emirates Cycling Team and the UAE Special Olympics. In 2021, the home signed a memorandum of understanding with the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination with the aim of providing better opportunities and possibilities for this important community group and activating their participation and integrating them into society.

Staff pillar

The Home strengthened its commitment to support Emiratization efforts as the percentage of its nationals increased to 35% of the total workforce, compared to 29% in 2020. At the same time, the percentage of women at the Home increased to 42. % during 2021, compared to 31% in 2020. .

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About Aldar Company

Aldar is a pioneer in the field of property development and management in the UAE as it adopts a diversified and sustainable operating model supported by two main companies, Aldar Development and Aldar Investments.

Aldar Development Company continues its leadership role in developing integrated communities that enrich the lives of residents across the most sought-after destinations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, Al Raha Beach and Al Reem Island . It also owns a land portfolio of 69 million square meters, comprising three business units: Al Dar Enterprises, and will be responsible for managing the fee-based project management business unit, including a portfolio that includes civic housing and key infrastructure projects; Al Dar for Entrepreneurship, which is in charge of seizing new business opportunities and developing areas of innovation; and Aldar Misr, a platform focusing on the promising and profitable Egyptian real estate market, as a key market for the development of integrated mixed-use communities.

Aldar Investments comprises the Asset Management Unit of the Aldar Group, which includes a portfolio of AED 30 billion of recurring income producing real estate assets in the retail, residential, commercial and hotel communities. It also manages the three main platforms: Aldar for Education, Aldar Properties and Aldar Hospitality and Leisure. Aldar Education’s platform includes a portfolio of educational assets, including Aldar Academies, a leading educational group in Abu Dhabi with a portfolio of 21 schools and over 27,000 students in addition to a growing network of 3,000 teachers who more than 100 nationalities belong, which adopt a wide variety of the educational curricula and additional services such as the Teacher Training Academy.

While Aldar Properties integrates commercial and residential property operations into the portfolio of “Provis”, a property management company, it also includes community management through an integrated property management platform. Aldar Hospitality and Leisure Company is responsible for overseeing the Aldar’s hotel and leisure asset portfolio, which is primarily located on Yas Island and Saadiyat Island, in addition to Ras Al Khaimah. Aldar’s hotel portfolio includes 13 hotels, with a total of 4,250 hotel rooms, in addition to managing operations across golf courses, beach clubs and marinas.

Aldar shares are listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (trading code ALDAR: UHThe company’s business achieves stable recurring profits and revenues, and has a broad and diversified shareholder base. Aldar accepts the best standards of corporate governance, and is committed to managing sustainable operations over the long term, in order to continuously add value to its shareholders.

Aldar adopts an ambitious vision as it aims to be the most trusted property developer and manager in the region, playing a pivotal role in developing high-quality, comfortable destinations that meet the needs of community members and the ingredients and capabilities which is necessary. for work, life and leisure.

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