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WhatsApp is a chat program of American origin, which was founded 14 years ago, that is, in 2009, by two former Yahoo employees, Jan Koum, who has Ukrainian citizenship, and Brian Acton, who has American citizenship.

WhatsApp is free and only requires VoIP internet. This application allows its users to send text and voice messages to each other, and they can also communicate with each other through voice calls and video calls provided by the application, and they can share photos, videos, Internet links, documents and various files , and publish stories for 24 hours like the “Facebook” and “Facebook” application. Instagram”.

The WhatsApp application is designed to work on all smart mobile devices and can be downloaded on computers.

What is the most popular messaging app in the world?

The WhatsApp application is the most popular messaging and chatting application around the world because it has become the primary means of communication in many countries, as the number of WhatsApp users reached 2 billion users around the world at the beginning of 2020, and the number of users is still on the rise, even today.

Is it possible to run the WhatsApp app on more than one device?

The user’s account on the WhatsApp application can only be verified by only one phone number, so it is not possible to run WhatsApp on more than one device, and if the user tries to continuously switch between multiple devices with the same phone number, the number will be blocked to confirm the account, but in the “WhatsApp Business” application we can use the phone number on more than one device.

The “WhatsApp” application can be run on more than one device with the same phone number in a specific way, as this feature allows the “WhatsApp” account to be opened simultaneously on 4 other devices, if this account from ‘ another phone or is opened from another phone. computer, and in all cases we must follow these steps if we want:

Go to “WhatsApp Web” from the mobile browser and you want to open the application on it.

Open the WhatsApp application on the phone, whether it is an iPhone or an Android system.

Click on the More menu on the Android phone (three dots on top of each other and located in the corner of the application from the top) and on the Settings icon on the iPhone.

Go to the “Connected devices” option in the options menu.

Click on the “Connect device” option on the screen that will appear before us, then click on the “Done” option, and after this option the device’s camera will work.

Point the mobile device’s camera over the QR code found in the computer’s browser under the tab we opened earlier “WhatsApp Web”.

After scanning the QR code, the “WhatsApp” account will be imported from the browser, and then we will be able to run the “WhatsApp” application with the same number on two devices.

How to ‘WhatsApp’ Account on Mobile or Computer?

Install WhatsApp on your mobile phone or computer

Installing “WhatsApp” on a mobile phone or computer requires an internet connection and a mobile phone number for the user to register in the program’s service.

What are the versions of whatsapp?

There are two official versions of WhatsApp released by the company responsible for the application, the original green WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, which are available in their original versions in the Google Play Store and on the official WhatsApp website.

whatsapp business

It is a free to download application and the developers of the application have considered the needs of small businesses during its design, so the application offers the ability to create a list to display products and services, and easy to provide communication with customers through the function of quick response to their messages and the ability to automatically sort them, and send them important notifications, Considering the safety between the two parties.

WhatsApp Business was first released in January 2018.

Non-original versions Several modified versions of “WhatsApp” have appeared, but they are not original and not designed by “WhatsApp”, such as “WhatsApp Blue”, “WhatsApp Gold”, “WhatsApp Plus”, “WhatsApp GB” and “WhatsApp” Aero” and “WhatsApp OG”, these modified versions of “WhatsApp” were designed by third-party developers who used the framework of the official “WhatsApp” application, although these versions are not original, but they are well received by a number of A large number of users before it was banned due to the additional features that are not available in the official WhatsApp application.

What are the features added to the modified and unofficial versions of WhatsApp? Various features have been added to the modified and unofficial versions of WhatsApp, and these features are not present in the original version to enable users to have a great experience while chatting and to have greater and better control over offer the application. Among the features offered by these modified versions are the following:

The ability to upload photos and videos for the private status of others.

The ability of the group administrator to add an unlimited number of members to the WhatsApp groups.

The ability to send attachments, files, videos or photos up to 1 gigabyte in size.

With the function to set “always online” or hide the appearance or install it at a certain time.

Possibility to enjoy multiple themes or create special themes.

User receives notification of message deletion and the ability to recover messages after they have been deleted by someone else.

Schedule messages at the time specified by the user.

Merger of WhatsApp and Facebook

WhatsApp merger with Facebook

On February 19, 2014, Facebook announced its merger of WhatsApp and its acquisition of the program, through a deal of $19 billion, and the amount was divided into two parts, one in the form of shares in Facebook and the other in the form of cash..

After Facebook changed its brand to “Meta” and added this brand to all its various products, including the “WhatsApp” app, the “From Meta” brand appears when the app is opened.

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