Golf News | “Suitability”: We expect an increase in students coming to study information technology

With the launch of his induction exhibition today

This morning, Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Al-Ahly University opens its induction pavilion at the City Center Complex for introduction The university and its academic programs and services provided to students, with a variety of academic programs, including two PhD programs in partnership with the UK’s Brunel University, and 6 master’s degree programs, two of which are being offered for the first time, namely the .program Master of Science in Forensic Accounting and Master of Science in Financial Technology (Fintech) program, plus 11 A bachelor’s degree programs spread over four faculties , all of which are programs close to the needs and requirements of the labor market.

On this occasion, the Assistant to the President for Media, Marketing and Public Relations explained that the university has achieved many academic achievements and research, the latest of which was the university’s announcement yesterday that it had obtained international academic accreditation for the Bachelor of Technology programme. Information by the Accreditation Committee of the International Commission for Academic Accreditation (ABETOne of the most prominent global accreditation institutions.

Al-Shirawi emphasized that the introductory exhibition will be a favorable opportunity to introduce the university’s programs and their novelty at the academic and research level, especially And that the university receives the new academic year and two new academic programs at the level of Bahrain and the region, namely: Masters in Forensic Accounting, and Masters in Financial Technology (Fintech).

In turn, the Dean of the College of Information Technology, dr. Wassan Awwad said that the college expects an expansion in admissions to its bachelor’s and master’s degree programs after the impressive performance achieved.ABET), which is not the first or last achievement of the college that has gained complete confidence in all its programs from the Commission Quality Education and Training.

Awad said that previous college surveys showed that 85%of its college graduates find suitable jobs in the labor market once they graduate, and those 90%Of the graduates who achieve the degree of satisfaction required by employers, institutions and companies they join, according to the survey conducted by her college in this field, which highlights the pride of college professors and affiliates in the prestige enjoyed by graduates Information Technology at Ahlia University in the labor market.

She explained that the college encourages its students to enroll in a number of certificates and professional qualifications that support their academic studies in the fields of education Database Administration, System Administration and Server Infrastructure »Windows4″, security services, and cloud applications, which will improve their competitive opportunities in the market. Work after graduating from university.

Awad said that the college strives to find technical solutions to various challenges through the use of technology and artificial intelligence, noting the reputation The goodness that the College of Information Technology enjoys at the local and regional level, being the college that has the highest achieved results of the program evaluation of the Education and Training Quality Authority, like other colleges of the university, and the university offers to all undergraduate students Partial scholarships for high school students up to 50%This provides the opportunity for other students to benefit from partial scholarships if they prove their excellence during their university studies. The door for admission for the first semester of the academic year 2022-2023 is still open for new students or transfers from other universities.

The introductory pavilion at Ahlia University will continue until next Saturday evening in the downtown complex, corresponding to 27:00 August 2022, as it is an essential platform for university professors and employees to interact with high school graduates who are attending the university and their parents want to enroll. .

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