Learn more about the conditions to apply for the international competition for start-ups in the field of climate technology

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Posted on: Tuesday 23 August 2022 – 14:41 | Last update: Tuesday 23 August 2022 – 14:41

• The competition closes on 22 September

The Ministry of International Cooperation, in partnership with the Ministries of Environment, Communication and Information Technology, has launched the International Climatech Run 2022 competition for start-ups working in the field of climate action technology, which within the framework of preparations for the COP27 climate summit is coming, hosted and chaired by Egypt next November, in Sharm El-Sheikh. for startups.

What is Climatech Run 2022?

Climatech Run is a competition aimed at start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators and specialists in digital art from around the world, with the aim of encouraging them to participate in innovative ideas, solutions and art in the face of climate change and the negative its effect on efforts to achieve development, and to motivate them to raise awareness of the seriousness of these changes and research On sustainable solutions to overcome them, through ideas emerging in various fields such as sustainable energy, smart transport and food security be brought, in addition to strengthening the efforts of the circular economy, especially in Africa, which is the region most affected by climate change and one of the least funded regions. The initiative also comes in light of Egypt’s preparations for the COP27 climate summit.

Who are the partners in the initiative?

The initiative is a model for constructive partnerships between relevant government stakeholders (Ministry of International Cooperation, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Ministry of Environment), and of multilateral and bilateral development partners (USAID, African Export-Inport Bank, World Food Program , UNFPA, WHO United Nations Industrial Development, United Nations Development Programme), from the global private sector and technology companies (Google, General Motors, Mansour Group and Microsoft), and from accelerators (Falak Startups, Young Entrepreneur Network, AfriLabs and Glocha Foundation) .

What are the working areas of the initiative?

The initiative works on two main tracks, targeting start-ups working in the field of climate technology, as well as professionals in digital art.

What are the phases of the initiative?

The first phase of the initiative lasts for a month, which is the phase of receiving ideas and submission by start-ups, and the second phase of the competition will be held during the COP27 climate summit, where the qualified companies will have the opportunity to their ideas and participate in the activities that will be implemented during the climate conference in front of the various participating parties from governments and the private sector and development partners.

As the third and final phase begins after the COP27 climate summit, working to support and guide participating startups and digital artists through a high-level group of consultants, arbitrators and international experts, to improve their ability to reach the markets . and implement their ideas on the ground.

What are the conditions that advanced start-up companies must meet?

Climatech Run 2022 sets a number of conditions for beginners willing to apply:
Have a real action plan for more than two years.
A work team consisting of two or more members.
The idea must be sustainable, innovative and apply one or more emerging technologies.
Not being a subsidiary of an existing company.
The company must have a prototype or initial product.
The applicant team must also have the ability to communicate, present and present the project in English.

The winning teams will have a chance to win a number of prizes, the grand prize of up to $100,000, the second prize of $50,000, and the third prize of $25,000.

What does the International Competition offer for Africa?

The International Climatech Run competition draws special attention to the African continent, given the importance of climate action in the African continent and its role in stimulating the transition to a green economy, and the lack of technological startups on the continent that receive the necessary funding and investments receive only 0.2% compared to 94% of investments for companies in the United States, Canada, China and Europe.

With this in mind, Climatech Run 2022 will award two startups from Africa, and the top 5 African startups will be invited to present their ideas during the global event within the COP27 climate summit. The best African start-up will receive a prize of $50,000, while the company in second place will receive a prize of $25,000.

Regarding the digital art track, what are the conditions for application?

As for the digital art track, the competition sets several conditions:-
The applicant must be over 18 years of age at the time of application for the competition.
The maximum number of pieces he participates in will be 3 pieces of art.
Only the original work must be submitted.

First place in the digital art competition receives a grand prize of $5,000, second prize of $3,000 and third prize of $2,000.

When does the competition open and how do the target groups apply?

Applications open on August 22 and will continue for a month until September 22, through the competition website https://climatechrun.com/.

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