The Minister of the Environment is participating in the launch of a competition for start-ups in climate action technology

Fouad: Sharm El-Sheikh climate conference COP27, the implementation conference, including raising ambition through viable youth ideas

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, participated in Egypt’s launch of the International Climatech Run 2022 competition for climate action technology start-ups to stimulate and encourage innovative and sustainable digital and technological solutions to advance climate action, and the economic and social repercussions The resulting event, in the presence of dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Nicole Champagne, Chargé d’Affairs of the US Ambassador in Cairo, and a group of representatives of international institutions, United Nations programs and development partners, as part of Egypt’s preparations to host the COP27 climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh next November.

Fouad said that the launch of this competition, which targets young entrepreneurs and emerging companies from around the world in the application of communication technology to face the challenge of climate change, confirms the role that this sector can play, with young people’s visions and innovations, in driving climate action.

She added that the phenomenon of the climate challenge has become a reality recognized throughout the world after the clear consecutive effects on the planet, which require quick action from all, and on the way to the upcoming COP27 climate conference, which Egypt will host will present an implementation conference and the Egyptian presidency’s vision of it as a path to a just ambitious transition, meaning the translation of this path to ambitious implementation, through the implementation of urgent measures on the ground and how to implement them, and ambition , which means raising the level of our aspirations, which cannot be done without the power of voices asking to address climate change, and in the Sharm El-Sheikh climate conference, the voices of young entrepreneurs and owners of companies. a driving force.

She presented some examples of the Egyptian way of taking executive measures to confront the effects of climate change in cooperation with the telecommunications sector in the context of encouraging this sector to take the environment and climate into account. A participatory bicycle experience in Fayoum offers the opportunity to use the bicycle through the application and return it again, pointing to another example in the field of e-waste collection through an electronic application in collaboration with a group of young people to start collecting e-waste for recycling and safe disposal, which the E Tadweer application, which offers citizens the opportunity to get rid of their unused electronic devices and present them to parties who can recycle them.

The minister added that the Egyptian minds have many ideas that can be presented to models of electronic applications that make the citizens’ way of life closer to technology and climate-friendly, so that they serve different areas such as the carbon footprint and the application of early warning to farmers in ‘ n year issued by the issue of food security, and the determination of the amount of energy consumed in buildings otherwise for the possibility of rationalization of their consumption and efficiency of consumption.

She pointed out that the competition, which was launched as part of the preparations for hosting the COP27 climate conference, provides a clear message that it is a comprehensive conference that offers an opportunity for everyone to participate, and the turning youth voices into operational measures. helping humanity address the effects of climate change, listens to the ideas of young people in a number of applications related to confronting the effects of climate change. Climate, such as applications related to early warning for farmers and fish farms, and commented on a set of proposals, including the development of the inclusion of temperature measurement and forecasts within the axes of applications to help weather conditions and their impact on crops and fish forecast, and the possibility of developing new types of crops and selecting fish species capable of adapting to climate change and its consequences.

The International Climatech Run 2022 competition is an example of constructive partnerships between the government, development partners, the private sector and large technology companies, to open prospects for climate action for start-ups, as the competition is implemented in partnership with the United States agency . for International Development, the World Food Programme, the United Nations Development Program and the Bank Africa Export Import “Afrixim Bank”, Google, United Nations Population Fund, General Motors Corporation, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Microsoft Corporation, and among the accelerators Falak StartApps , Entrepreneur Network, AfriLabs and many other partners.

After the first phase of the competition for the reception of ideas and advanced companies and the selection of the qualified companies for the final stages, the second phase of the competition will start during the COP27 climate summit, where the qualified companies will have the opportunity will be to present their ideas and participate in the activities that will be implemented during the climate conference in front of the various participating parties from governments The private sector and development partners, while the third and final phase begins after the conference, through which the partners work to support and guide startups and digital art specialists, through a high-level group of consultants, arbitrators and international experts, to improve their ability to access markets and implement their ideas on the ground.

In light of the importance of climate action in Africa and its role in stimulating the transition to a green economy, the Climatech Run 2022 competition awards a prize to two startups from Africa, and the top 5 African startups will be invited to present their ideas during the global event within the COP27 climate summit. The best African start-up will receive a prize of $50,000, while the company in second place will receive a prize of $25,000.

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