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Public Relations: The modern Israeli house building and architectural design has undergone many changes. The most prominent of these changes is to make the kitchen and salon an open space (Open Space),

So that the kitchen, living room and dining area merge with each other. The open space building requires us to design an appropriate, correct and intelligent kitchen that also takes into account the interior design that helps to create a unified design language in the main space of the house. Effective and practical kitchen design emphasizes the external appearance: the type and color of the facades, the style and color of the handles, the type and color of worktops, the correct lighting and more, which is no less important than the appearance of the kitchen . from the inside.

Kitchen drawers – the next generation
Kitchen drawers have undergone many changes in appearance and quality, and today it is possible to order drawers of the new generation from the carpenter or from the kitchen company. The new tracks on which the new generation of drawers are installed, such as the Domicil Vision drawers, allow for free and easy movement and high quality, quiet closing, high load carrying capacity, as well as high quality in opening and closing. The sides of the drawers are particularly thin and make full use of the storage space. Properly designed, we adapt each tractor according to its future use, taking into account the number and height of pots, plates, kitchen utensils and the like, and everything according to the usage habits of the family – a kitchen that is supposed to give a response too to young children so that it must give them an answer that is easy for them To get to where the parents want to give them autonomy of behavior, for example to mix morning cereal themselves: for this the place for cereal, milk containers and the like must be designed become This is only a small sample of the thought process that must take place in the design phase.
In addition to the practical response, the design of the drawers has also undergone many changes. The use of full-height veiled glass edges gives a luxurious look that is very prominent in the view, as well as the use of long graphite (grey) and white, and since the kitchen is an integral part of the salon, we want to enjoy its interior design .

VISION drawers from the house of Domicil. Courtesy of: Nofridor Kitchens. Photographer: Avi Kablo

store dormitory
Today, it is recommended that the design of the residence consists of “new generation” drawers that are fully extended, with full glass edges as well as a full height glass front. The advantage of using new generation drawers is the possibility of obtaining a particularly thin drawer that allows maximum storage as well as easy and quick access to all products in the storage yard. Such a design makes it possible to see what is happening in the depth of the storage dormitory, speed up the phases of work in the kitchen, and even save on purchases of unnecessary food needs, so that everything is easily accessible and visible to the eye . Success tip: When it comes to the task of designing a kitchen, it is important to understand and mitigate the consumer nature of homeowners. Families who buy necessities in large quantities and need a large storage space – the storage residence must be adapted to their needs (width dimensions, drawer height, distribution within the compartments, etc.), and so we have created a kitchen that matches the character. of the house.

Domicil’s House of Domicil’s VISION Pots Fixed Storage Amber

Loft cupboards – Spring cupboards
The trend in recent years, due to the planning of quite small kitchens, is to use all the ceiling heights to create tall storage cabinets, most of which combine storage with springs to “break” the design and give depth to the design . Even in this regard, there have been changes, especially in the size of the system – and today it is possible to order minimal systems that are beautiful to the eye and do not “steal” expensive storage space.

EXPARO Spring Door System from the house of Domicil

Kitchen fronts – what does this “nano” that everyone is talking about mean
Recently, a frequent question is asked: “What does nano mean?” To answer this question, we ask you to remember one thing: Not every anti-fingerprint material is nano. This concept has been developed in Israel over the past few years to create a contrast in a market saturated with competition. The poet’s original “intentions” for nanoproduction were kitchen worktops, as nano has a significant advantage as it is defined as a “living” material with the ability to repair small scratches. Nanoboard can be repaired by heating the scratched area (wet towel + iron) so that the particles of the material disperse and the scratches disappear. Nano has other advantages such as being an anti-bacterial material, repels water and dust, can be used at all food temperatures (high or low), etc. Design-wise, the nanopanels have a rich and deep versatility in a wide and luxurious color spectrum. The disadvantages of nanopanels: a high price compared to alternatives with the same advantages, but without the ability to repair the material itself.

“Nano” facades in matte black from the ZERO collection of the house of Domicil

UNICOLOR sheets in artificial green color by ALVIC from the house of Domicil

And we must not forget: kitchen design and planning are two different processes that take place in parallel. While you are about to renovate a kitchen, replace a kitchen or build a new one, prepare a list in which you separate each use you have in the kitchen, store products according to the method you buy, the number of pots and pans, how often you use products such as spices, sauces, oils, etc. After you understand the practical part that the kitchen is supposed to meet your needs, you move to the design part and there you can soar with your imagination. Understanding in design can be broken, especially in the kitchen. Close your eyes and think. What do you want to see – not only when you are in the kitchen, but also when you open the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen drawers and the storage room with the springs.
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